I zookeep, therefore I am.
OB at work.

Photo by Erin Price, circa June 2002. In the middle of a spec dayroom disinfect. Not my best day.

This and the following two pictures were all taken around the same time, and I guess that it was summer of 2001. But it's just a guess. It was definitely early in my zoo career, so it could have been the summer of 2000. But I don't think it was as late as 2002. Who knows. I don't recall who actually took them, either, but they were taken by an intern in the education department doing a project for a class or something. He apparently took a ton of pictures of keepers doing day-to-day stuff, and they were all taken early in the day before the zoo opened. Here, I am in the gorilla yard picking up old food and poo.

Gorilla yard again, same day. I'm pretty sure I didn't know these were even being taken.

This is probably a day or two later, and I'm in the spectacled langur dayroom now. In my usual khaki shirt, and well aware of the photograph this time around.

Maybe the same day as the previous, and in the gorilla yard again. Not sure when and if at all connected to the other pics. Maybe not, because that's a "birthday cake" of some kind on the ground, there. Likely a gorilla BD celebration.