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Behold! We have our first photos! Well, pre-game, dying in the massive heat, waiting for the other team to show up photos. One magically with Ken and one without. The others are: Greg, Chris L, Jim, Amy & Jen, left-to-right. The night of our massive 9-6 victory over Academy of Natural Sciences on June 14, 2005.

Here are some at-bats, 6/21/05 vs Franklin Institute, which we won by a nose 8-7. We rock. In order, Jen, Jen, Amy, Ryan, Ryan, Jim, Sal. Jim has a bat, I swear.

At the 6/28 game vs X-Commerce, Greg slid into home ahead of a throw that ended up not happening, but he threw himself into the slide and ended up completely airborn and *landed* on the base, basically with no slide. This is what his shin looked like, post-flight. That lump is not his patella.

More at-bats, 7/11/05 @ Daily News (we lost 11-6). Ken, Ken (homerun shot!), Tara, Will.

Stephanie Ellis took the following photos of Team Zoo in action in the field, 7/11/05:

Ryan awaits the ball in right field.

Chris O. makes the throw from left to Amy at 2nd while Jen at short & Chris L in center watch.

L-R, Chris L, Amy, Sal ready to react.

Jen & Chris O good to go.

Jim tracks it down in right.

Totally awesome action-photo, Jen making the play at short and Chris O in left with the back-up. George from Daily News runs the bases.

Amy waits for the knuckleheads in the outfield to figure out how to pick up the ball and throw to 2nd base. Chris O & Chris L both eventually ended up on the ground during this play.

Sal makes the play at 1st after a throw from Jen at short (Chris O again with the watch).

Chris L & Jim charge the ball.

During that game, Jim made a very un-natural-looking slide at home plate, but who cares because he beat the tag and scored the run. His elbow felt the brunt, though - and here's the 24-hours-later damage.

The Warmup. Pre-game, vs Art Musuem (loss by 1) 7/26/05. Can you tell who's throwing to whom?

At that game on 7/26, there was a digger wasp making a nice little house in the dirt just in front of our bench, so I took a picture of him. Or her.

More at-bats, this time from our savage defeat of NCC on 7/28/05 (Todd, Chris L, Chris L, Chris O, Chris O - photos of Chris O by Tara)

The last of the at-bats - Greg & Kristen, taken at the last (playoff) game 8/2/05...


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