Christmas 2007

Our Christmas cheer was spread out over several days, thanks to an early visit from my folks for a couple days during the week before Xmas. We also spent most of Christmas Eve day at Steph's mom's house, with Uncle Joey even! Here are some photos from all three celebrations!

Moms took these group of 4 from her visit; here we are in all our glory on the porch, though apparently I wasn't too thrilled. First published photo of the '07-08 beard!

At our table at the Macaroni Grill, where you can draw on the tablecloth!

Awwww. Yeah.

Thanks for the pics, ma.

We went to the mall and Tristan swore he was gonna sit on Santa's lap this time. (He never has). This was as close as he got. Santa waved; Tristan said that was good enough.

At mom-mom's, Tristan got his very own Spider Man luggage!

He was also the official gift-passer-outer, and almost popped a hernia delivering this one to Uncle Joey.

Clapping, probably because he got his very own laptop computer (5-year old version).

What's wrong, Joe?

Nothing a big, fat nephew hug couldn't cure! (Zack & Cece represent).

There's my baby. Not enjoying having her picture taken. Can't help it. (Roscoe represents).

Rock it out, Joe. What's that, G major?

Tristan's modest haul.

Diggin' in the stocking.

Runnin' the racetrack.

Emptying the stocking.

Hot wheels!

I finally broke out the flash on the camera, which I normally don't like to do if I can help it. It's really, really bright white and natural light is usually much better looking. But the first few were a little dark. Here's a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or something.

A very big book and a very fake smile.

He *just* noticed there was a present he missed, sticking in the branches of the tree.

Then he totally destroyed it.

Readying the track for another run.