Halloween 2007
Ninja Time!

Steph went to Tristan's kindergarten Halloween parade/party... dig it. A ninja and a doctor.

Not sure what that thing is on his forehead. Some kinda sticker.

There's Woody, a couple cheerleaders, Raggedy Anne... that big kitty in the middle is Tristan's teacher, Mrs. Spitale.

There were a few other parents there.

Not exactly a great idea to have them line up with the sun directly behind them, but here's the whole Spitale crew.

So Tristan picked out his costume... and he wanted the ninja because it had the biggest weapon that Steph would allow him to have (that wasn't a gun). Bonus that ninjas aren't name brands and thus are cheaper.

Awesome ninja pose. Notice in the earlier pictures that he wasn't allowed to take the sword to school.

The mask only stayed on for about 15 minutes. Not exactly comfortable... MAN, he got a lot of candy, though. We ate 80% of it... over the course of 2 months.

He pretty much drew and carved this pumpkin by himself, and he was WAY proud of it. Can you tell?