West Coast Baseball 2009

Los Angeles [Part Two]

I have very little recollection of the game itself, but also keep in mind I'm only writing this 4 years after the fact. I know we moved seats a lot, after the late-arriving, early-leaving LA crowd got tired of the game. The stadium is old-school, retro and cool. After box-score research, we saw future steroid cheater Ryan Braun hit 2 doubles, and Prince Fielder hit his 95th RBI. Manny Ramirez, recent Dodger acquisition, did not start but came into the game late and went 0-for-1. Brewers won 4-1.

Mike's shot.

Another Mike.

Hollywood Mikey!

Don Mattingly #8, former Yankee superstar, future Dodger manager!

Bruce Jenner! And Gold Medal sprinter Maurice Green! First-pitch throwers. Which totally means Kim Kardashian was in the house.

Mike's pic.

YES, this is Dodger Stadium. WHAT?!

Manny being Manny...

On to Oakland...

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