West Coast Baseball 2009

Los Angeles [Part One]

If you've been playing along, you probably know about our East Coast Baseball trip back in 2004, when my main man Mike D flew over to Philly from Phoenix and we went to Phillies, Orioles, Yankees & Red Sox games - 4 games in 5 days. Tons o' fun and too many awesome memories. Five years later, Mike is living in San Diego and my wife and I are working on creating another human, so we decided I should get my ass to California before I'm knee deep in poopy diapers. We worked out an insane 5-games-in-5-days California-baseball-loop schedule, including all the Cali teams - LA Dodgers, LA Angels, San Francisco, Oakland and San Diego. It was gonna be brutal, but it was gonna be epic. I rolled into SD on a Tuesday night, chilled for a bit Wed AM and then we rolled up to LA for the Dodger game in early afternoon.

On the 4-0-5! (Eve 6 song reference!) up to Santa Monica... with my big black boots and an old suitcase! (Everclear song reference!)

Left my wallet in El Segundo... (Tribe Called Quest song reference!)

I'd never been to California, and I'm East Coast to the bone, but we did take a minute to see a couple spots on the way to Dodger Stadium. Didn't make too much of an effort, really. But we hit Venice Beach! This is where they filmed the first LA Real World season (with Dominic, Jon, et al.)! AKA Muscle Beach. Right on.

OB on the beach! Thanks, Mike.

Hotties on the boardwalk... which technically isn't a boardwalk...

This is not tennis, but rather Paddle Tennis, which is basically just a poor substitute when you don't have enough room for real tennis courts. But those dudes were serious about it! And there were shit-tons of courts. Mike is not impressed.

Muscle Beach! No roof! Only in California.

Street performers!

Go Boilers!!

What Rodeo Drive actually looks like.

Sunset Strip!

Took a picture of this random movie theater that had railings and a red carpet set up (but nothing actually happening) and found out later that my friend Jena later attended a movie premiere here!! Her husband produces movie soundtracks. No shit! That's Hollywood, baby!

And then we finally got to the stadium. Whew.

On to The Dodger game...

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