Team Zoo 2011 - Philadelphia Zoo Softball

Team Zoo

Team Zoo has normally been a team of mostly zoo staffers - primarily keepers, with some education, maintenance and management once in a while. We also welcome family and friends (and former employees!) to the team if they want to play and have come to rely on them in recent years. 2011 is a transition year as we've had to replace a number of outgoing veteran team members. To solidify our bunch, we recruited heavily in-house and gladly grabbed a few remaining die-hards from the Academy team that kind of imploded this year. There are a lot of unknowns but we have the potential to be just fine after a couple of down years. We've been in this league (CCSL) since 2001 and have yet to make it to the finals, but we finished in 3rd in 2005 and lost to the eventual champion by 1 measly run in the semi-finals. We love the spirit of battle, the camaraderie and the challenge, and we need the exercise. We're competitive, but we keep it loose - I'm proud to say none of us are remotely obnoxious. We certainly don't like to lose but the world will not end if we do. It's supposed to be fun so we keep it that way, and we usually have a good time. Let's rock.