Nancies in DC!

Nancies in DC!

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Ok, here's the deal. There's this thing called Nancies. It's a DMB email discussion group type thang. A lot of us have met over the last couple of years and over the 'net have formed friendships. We like to meet up at shows and hang out. However, with DMB not touring much lately due to their break and all, we all thought it would be a cool idea to meet up sometime in the fall. Enter John, aka Bobo, nancie and gee-tar player/singer/songwriter... He's in a band. Tilae Linden, they call themselves. Turns out they got a gig at The Bayou in D.C. where everyone who is anyone has played (if they are cool.) So, it's a big deal for Bobo and the boys. Some of us nancies decided we should migrate en force to D.C. to support and hang out in absence of DMB excuses to congregate. What you see here is a short synapsis of our lil' trip and the people that made it so friggin' phab.
Photos are shown with permission and mucho thanks to Tana (she be the bomb!) and the new photos are courtesy of Jay-T! What up, yo? No pics of the rice-crispie treats? :-)

l-r : Kelly (standing), OB on the drums!, Ron Diaz's head, Bobo and Flip on the gee-tars.

It's the night before the show... we're all at the HoJo on Virginia Avenue (coincidence? You make the call.) Yeah, the one right across the street from the infamous Watergate Hotel. Some of us are staying at the HoJo and we meet up in Tana and Tom's room. Flip brought his gee-tar and so did Bobo - I broke down and bought a set of bongos two days before, so I brought 'em with.
The result : NanciesJam!
We played a whole slew o' DMB songs, from Warehouse, to Nancies, to #41, and maybe even part of Jimi Thing. Flip broke out the fLiPjAm, too. Rok rok rok. I won't even mention the HoJo security who broke up the festivities once or twice or 12 times. "Fuck the neighbors..."

Another shot of some of the jammy jam. This was actually after we changed venues, when security kept on a' knockin'... we had the ingenious idea that if we went next door, the sound would miraculously be quieter! Yeah, that's it!

We did manage to get it on video...

Uncle Tom's head is in the background, Chrissy poses nicely with the camera, Jamie's got the lil' flute/recorder thang, and I think that's Jay-T's back.

I got the camcorder tapes, so if you want the shiznit and all the crazy mad happenings, get wit me and I'll hook you up. Tom (with helpful relocation from Ron D.) got most of the jam on DAT, too. Some of it ended up as filler on the tape of the show that was tree-ed. After we got busted and busted and busted, and then saved by Tana, we finally settled in for the night. The next evening we all made it to the big show at the Bayou...

Aww yeah. The place to be on 9/27/97. Pace showed up, so we were all set. We patiently waited as the first band came and went. Then Bobo and the Tilae boys came on and rocked the funky joint. Most of us were front row center, while others were up by the board getting a great overhead view. Nevertheless, nancies were in full effect and Tilae got a helluva good ovation. (Imagine we had a photo of them on stage, and imagine us gettin' our boogie on.)

Then, River came on (the "headlining" band)...

This is Flip and OB is right behind him (that's my hand with the stamp, clapping.)

This is what pretty much happened when River was on: Flip and I trying to figure out what the hell they were saying. (I don't speak River, do you?) We thought about a mushroom, pepperoni and mushroom pizza, but it's a good thing we didn't 'cuz we probably couldn't have handled the extra 'shrooms. Most of the rest of the crew was in the green room gettin' their booze on.

A few of us got caught in the same place at the same time and were forced to pose!

Me, Jay-T (watch the hand, bro!), Jamie and Kel (who makes a mean turkey sandwhich)

Jay-T snapped a number of photos during breakfast, and as you can see, all were happy to be in the midst of various photo-ops. Or not.

Another lovely picture of Christine, in yet another one of her many moods. And Bobo *trying* to calculate the bill. I think our waitress received a full-ride scholarship as a tip. And a lil' bit of Pace.

Not quite sure, but I think Pace just put his finger up my nostril prior to this picture... and then there's Flip with his "fake-ass* smile, Kelly (mildly amused), and Chrissy doing God knows what.

Here's a whole slew o' people. RonD - just finished taping his 1,039,782nd show, so he's a bit tired. Mike is chillin' like Bob Dylan. Tom and Tana are looking a lot more chipper than the rest of us, and Laura looks ready to say something really, really, really funny!

Pace has just confessed his love for short, chain-smoking Filipinos named Ron. Joy is looking... *lovely* (wow) and Fenter is being blinded by the flash! Turn it off, man! Have you no dignity!?

This is back in the hotel room, where we were kinda sorta waiting for Julia to show, so we could all exchange hugz. I don't know why I was showing Chrissy my ass, or why she was looking at it, or what sexual deviances she was imagining... but I liked it.

One thing most of us managed to accomplish was finishing the infamous Shady D trilogy as written by a certain Ms. Baginski. Interesting reading to say the least. And I'll leave it at that.

Happy, happy nancies. :-)

Here we are, the morning after, in all our glory!

The waitress at the All-American Grill (in the HoJo lobby) was coerced into taking our group photo... Lemme see if I can get the names in order...

Seated : Tana, Jamie, Kelly
Back : Tom, Laura, Mike, Ron V., Bobo (with glasses), Ron D. (with Ping hat),
OB, Joy, Chrissy, Jason, Jay-T, and Pace.

Awwww yeah. Julia (Littlebaby!) finally showed up after breakfast and gave us all hugz. :-)

Basically, an amazingly good time with an amazing group of people. Never mind the fact that a few of us happened to get lost on the way. (Hey, isn't that the Washington Monument - AGAIN?) Ya just can't beat 16 nancies in one place simultaneously, from all over the US of A - Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, not to mention the fact that some flew in from Texas! Woohoo!

Peace - Chris

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