Who is the Philadelphia Zoo Softball Team 2001?

Softball - Team Zoo 2001 / The Team

Team Zoo Team Photo @ Veterans Stadium - 7/31/01

[top, l-r: Dave Johnston, Greg O'Neill, Sheri Rothermel, Chris Oberlin, Pete Hoskins (Zoo CEO), Sal DiStefano, Ken Pelletier, Greg Dearing; bottom, l-r: Betsy Karkowski, Donna Ialeggio-Pelletier, Amy Ivins, Tara Brody, Todd Sinander, Dana Borgstrom, Becky Wolf, Kristen Lewis]

The Philadelphia Zoo softball team is comprised of Zoo staff, family and friends. We have representatives from the animal department, education, promotions, animal health, children's zoo, development; plus a handful of husbands and wives. We're basically an amalgamation of colleagues, co-workers, friends and family who wanted to get off our collective asses a couple nights a week. Not that we're good or anything. But we don't suck, either, pal.

After several years of playing in our own raggamuffin "league", we were asked to join our current league when an opening occurred. It meant better competition, a guarenteed field to play on, and a game every week for 3 months straight. We decided to go for it... even though we knew we'd probably end up in the cellar of the division. But not without a fight! And even if we do lose... or lose big, we usually have more fun than the other team, anyway.

We practice (usually once a week) and play in Fairmount park in Philadelphia, PA - just a few short miles from the zoo. In recent years, participation hasn't always met the required number of players to field a team. When that happened, we would just pitch to ourselves, or play short. In our new league, rules are much more stringent about forfieting if you can't field a proper team. Luckily, we've had a really good turnout this year. Unfortunately, this means that if everyone shows up for a game, not everyone gets to start and play the whole game. Coach Ivins has had to implement an "if you want to play, you have to come to practice" kinda thing. So far, so good.

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