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"Come On Baby, Don't You Wanna Boogie?" - #36 12/31/94

Listen to my little spiel on DMB Obsession ~ Check out my DMB CD's - you might be surprised.


All of my DMB shows (except for a few that I had in my car)
on CD, tape and video were destroyed by a fire on 3/29/01.

Here are the ones I still have. I'm also getting some re-done from friends, but by and large I haven't traded since mid-'99, with no plans to do any more anytime soon. I'm keeping the rest of the site up as a sort of cyber-memorial.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Before inquiring about a trade, please check my Want List. I *might* accept offers for trades for shows not on my want list, as long as I don't already have them. Please include the source and generation (i.e. DSBD/4) and your own quality assesment. Chances are if you don't know the generation (if you don't know it, find out!) and you don't know me, I probably won't be interested in the trade. If I don't get back to you then I'm either swamped or have no blanks at this time, so don't be offended. All apologies. I can't burn CD's or copy videos and whatever you do, don't offer to trade me MP3's.
Dave Matthews Band Shows :
Various Mix ~ Videos

For complete setlists of these shows, try theTour Archive. Or ask me.

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Check out my list of Good Traders! ~ And unfortunately, I have a BAD Traders list.
Please check my Trading Rules to make sure we're on the same page...
If you would like to trade for any of these shows, please do not e-mail me because I don't have them anymore.

I am not in this for profit. If anyone asks you to send an extra tape as payment for spinning, do *NOT* send them blanks. That is against what most of us traders are trying to do, spread the music (love, baby) of DAVE MATTHEWS BAND. If you yourself require payment like this, you are no better than a bootlegger who sells CD's at outrageous prices. This music is free, courtesy of the band. So show some respect and keep it that way. Aiight?

Also, please note that an A quality SBD does not equate with an A quality AUD. AUD's are (usually) by definition of a lesser sound quality (some feel no crowd noise sounds 'flat', but most SBD's do have a little crowd noise). And, a higher generation copy may have great sound, but more hiss. My ratings usually reflect the sound and not as much the hiss, but I usually mention if there is a high amount of hiss.

* I'll gladly answer any ?'s about any show that I have before we trade. *
It's all about communication, yo.

...SBD/x = x indicates generation is unknown
...SBD/3x = 3x indicates that 3rd generation is my best estimate

Last 5/22/99
And ALWAYS still growing...
Most Recent Addition : 8/13/98 @ Starplex Ampitheatr - Dallas, TX
Current DMB Tape/CD/Video Collection = 520+ hours

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