Team Zoo 2012 Team Statisticals


Final Team Statistics through July 23, 2012 (14 games).
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Team Totals :

313 .548 251 33 10 19 .741 346 .606
4/17/12 @ Art 1
30 .600 25 1 2 2 .820 32 .640
L, 0-1
4/24/12 vs PTM 1
22 .564 18 3 0 1 .718 26 .667
W, 1-1
5/1/12 @ BC 1
20 .500 20 0 0 0 .500 21 .525
L, 1-2
5/8/12 vs P&P 1
10 .345 8 1 0 1 .483 11 .379
L, 1-3
5/15/12 vs Cat 1
20 .513 16 2 1 1 .692 22 .564
L, 1-4
5/22/12 vs FI 1
13 .433 10 0 1 2 .700 17 .567
W, 2-4
5/29/12 vs FAM 1
21 .512 20 1 0 0 .537 22 .537
L, 2-5
6/4/12 @ OC 1
33 .660 20 9 2 2 1.040 34 .680
W, 3-5
6/11/12 vs Art 1
26 .605 17 6 2 1 .907 29 .674
W, 4-5
6/19/12 @ FI 1
30 .652 22 3 2 3 1.000 32 .696
W, 5-5
6/25/12 @ PTM 1
32 .627 26 3 0 3 .863 34 .667
L, 5-6
7/2/12 @ Cat 1
25 .556 23 1 0 1 .644 29 .644
L, 5-7
7/10/12 @ SPTR 1
13 .406 11 1 0 1 .531 18 .563
L, 5-8
7/23/12 @ Art* 1
18 .500 15 2 0 1 .639 19 .528
l, 5-9
* indicates a 1st round playoff game

Team Per Game Averages & Single Game Extremes :

Runs For
21 - 6/25/12 @ PTM
3 - 5/8/12 & 7/10/12
Runs Against
31 - 7/23/12 @ Art
4 - 4/24/12 & 6/4/12
At Bats
51 - 6/25/12 @ PTM
29 - 5/8/12 vs P&P
33 - 6/4/12 @ OC
10 - 5/8/12 vs P&P
Batting Average
.660 - 6/4/12 @ OC
.345 - 5/8/12 vs P&P
26 - 6/25/12 @ PTM
8 - 5/8/12 vs P&P
9 - 6/4/12 @ OC
0 - 5/1/12 & 5/22/12
2 - 4 games
0 - 8 games
Home Runs
3 - 6/19/12 & 6/25/12
0 - 5/1/12 & 5/29/12
Slugging %
1.040 - 6/4/12 @ OC
.483 - 5/8/12 vs P&P
On Base
34 - 6/4/12 & 6/25/12
11 - 5/8/12 vs P&P
On Base %
.696 - 6/19/12 @ FI
.379 - 5/8/12 vs P&P
2 - 6/19/12 & 7/23/12
0 - 6 games
1 - 3 games
0 - 11 games
Left On Base
13 - 5/1/12 @ BC
5 - 5/22/12 vs FI

Team Zoo Fun Facts:

Team Zoo turned 7 double plays:
[1] Amy Ivins at 1st base fielded the ball, stepped on the bag and threw to home to catch a runner trying to sneak in on the grounder, with a sweet catch and tag applied by Andrea Rodgers at the plate - game 5 vs Catahoula.
[2] The classis 6-4-3 late in game 5 vs Catahoula, courtesy of John Keklak (SS), Karl Fritz (2B) & Amy Ivins (1B), who was pulled off the bag by the throw but tagged the runner who never touched the bag anyway.
[3] In game 6 vs Franklin, Joe Stevenson in center field telegraphed a liner for a great catch and then immediately rifled to John Keklak covering 2nd to double-up the non-tagging runner.
[4] Chris Oberlin caught a looping fly ball in left field and threw gently to John Keklak covering 2nd, forcing out a mentally-lapsed runner who was almost on 3rd and didn't tag, in game 8 @ Old City.
[5] John Keklak repeated the last double play, this time all by his bad self, by catching a liner to 2nd and then simply running to the bag at 1st to double-up yet another non-tagging-up Old City runner in game 8 who didn't know there weren't 2 outs.
[6] Karl Fritz picked up a grounder at short, stepped on the bag at 2nd and threw to Andrea Rodgers covering 1st for a solid DP in game 9 vs Art Museum.
[7] Karl Fritz scooped up a grounder at short, tossed to Joe Stevenson covering 2nd (from short center field) who got it to Andrea Rodgers at 1st, for just your average 6-10-3 double play.
Chris Law had a sweet, running-back-and-reaching-out catch in the outfield in game 1 @ Art Museum.
Mike Young had a ridiculous catch of a ridiculously hard-hit line drive on the mound in game 2 vs PTM.
Mac Buffamonte in RF ran down a severely foul pop-up at a full sprint for about 1/4 mile and snagged it cleanly in game 2 vs PTM.
The Dirt People (infielders, pitchers & catchers) made an incredible amount of ground ball outs in game 2 vs PTM.
Chris Law made two pretty sweet catches in the outfield during the first couple innings of game 3 @ Collar, one sliding and one sprinting.
John Keklak made a great scooping grab of a liner almost in the dirt at short in game 3 @ Collar.
Joe Stevenson made a nice running grab in the late innings of game 3 @ Collar.
Pitcher Kyle Luckenbill saved his own life with a great stab of a line drive on the mound in game 4 vs P&P.
Mark Sabaj Perez made a full-out diving-rumbling-tumbling-rolling catch in left field vs P&P in game 4.
Chris Oberlin in the outfield and Karl Fritz at 2nd connected for two sweet outs at 2nd base in game 4 vs P&P - one on a force from a single with a runner on, and one on a tag from a runner trying to stretch a single into a double.
Andrea Rodgers at 1st recovered an overthrow and got the rock to Karl Fritz quickly at 2nd to get a tag and nail the runner trying to snag an extra base in game 4 vs P&P.
Chris Oberlin in left center picked up a single quickly and threw a shot to Karl Fritz covering 2nd (who somewhat blindly stabbed for the ball facing the sun) to force out a runner on a nice play in game 5 vs Catahoula.
Amanda Farley-Rambo on the hot corner made some lovely forces in game 6 vs Franklin, including fielding a grounder and racing a dude to the bag, and winning.
We teamed up for a sweet-ass tag-out at the plate: The Law fielded a base hit, got it to cut-off man Karl Fritz, who turned and rifled to Matt Corcoran at the plate, who applied the tag in time for one awesome out - game 7 vs Fleisher.
In game 9 vs Art, Mark Sabaj Perez & Joe Stevenson each tracked down some wicked fly balls for killer outs in the outfield.
Amy Ivins also sno-coned a ripped liner at 2nd base in game 9 vs Art.
Matt Corcoran made a couple of really nice catches, running down some long fly balls in right field, in game 10 @ Franklin.
Joe Stevenson in the outfield and John Keklak in the infield each made some nice catches on hard-hit liners; game 10 @ Franklin.
Chris Oberlin got a force out from the outfield with a quick throw to 2nd with Mike Young covering after a shallow single to center and a runner on 1st, game 11 @ Touch.
Mac Buffamonte, Amy Ivins, Mike Young, Andrea Rodgers each made extra nice catches in game 12 @ Catahoula.
Chris Oberlin made a ridiculously sweet, over the shoulder, running catch in game 12 @ Catahoula, tracking down a severely long fly ball.
Mike Young made a life-saving catch on the mound in game 13 @ Tap Room, making sure he was not decapitated.
Joe Stevenson had a sweet sliding catch in the outfield in game 13 @ Tap Room.
Pitcher Kyle Luckenbill had 3 strikeouts.
Pitcher Mike Young had 1 strikeout.
We held teams scoreless in 26 innings out of 92 in the field.
We shut teams down with one 3-up/3-down inning.
We gave up more than 4 runs in any given inning 16 times in 14 games.
Our worst defensive inning was giving up 13 big ones in the 6th inning of our playoff game @ Art.

Our best offensive inning saw us score 11 runs on 12 hits (including 2 HR), sending 15 batters to the plate in the 7th inning of game 1 @ Art, somewhat cloaked in darkness.
Every single batter in game 1 @ Art Museum hit safely, with 11 of the 12 also having at least an RBI or a run scored and 9 of 12 having at least 2 hits each.
All TZers hit safely in game 5 vs Catahoula, with 9 of 10 having at least an RBI or a run scored.
Everyone in our 13-player lineup hit safely in game 8 @ Old City, all 13 had at least an RBI or scored a run, 11 of 13 scored, 10 of 13 had an RBI, while 9 of 13 had at least 2 hits each, 5 of whom had 4 hits each.
Out of our 13 batters in game 9 vs Art, 12 had hits (and the 13th only had 1 at-bat) and 8 had at least 2 hits; 8 players also totaled at least one RBI AND one run scored
All of us got base hits in game 10 @ Franklin; 3 of us just had 1 or 2 hits, the other 8 all had at least 3, and 4 of those players had 4 or more. Everybody had at least an RBI or RS.
All 12 TZ batters hit safely in game 11 @ Touch, with 7 of 12 having at least 3 or more and everyone having at least one RBI or RS.
Everybody hit in game 12 @ Catahoula, with 11 of 12 having 2 or more, and 7 of us having at least 1 RBI AND run scored. Matt Corcoran, Chris Law, Chris Oberlin, Mike Young, Amanda Farley-Rambo, Andrea Rodgers & Amy Ivins combined to go 21-for-26 in game 1 @ Art, racking up 18 singles, 1 double, 1 triple & 1 home run, plus 11 RBI & 9 runs scored.
Mike Young, Amanda Farley-Rambo, Matt Corcoran & Mark Sabaj Perez combined to go 12-for-15 in game 2 vs PTM with 10 singles, a double & a homer plus 6 RBI & 5 runs scored.
Mark Sabaj Perez, Mac Buffamonte & Karl Fritz each batted 1.000 in game 3 @ Collar, combining for 10 singles, 3 RBI & 1 run scored.
Chris Oberlin, Matt Corcoran & Mac Buffamonte went a combined 7-for-8 in game 4 vs P&P, with 6 singles & a double plus 2 runs scored and an RBI. The entire rest of the team (9 batters) totaled 3 hits.
Mike Young was lights out at the plate in game 5 vs Catahoula, going 4-for-4, scoring every time he got up, and racking up 2 RBI on 2 singles, a triple and a homer, narrowly missing the cycle.
Also in game 5, Mark Sabaj Perez, Chris Oberlin & John Keklak each went 3-for-4 and combined for 7 singles, 2 doubles, 4 RBI & 3 runs scored.
Mark Sabaj Perez, Kyle Luckenbill & Chris Law combined to go 7-for-7 in game 6 vs Franklin, totalling 5 singles & 2 homers, plus a sac fly with 5 RBI & 3 runs scored.
Chris Oberlin, Mike Young, Mark Sabaj Perez, Chris Law & Matt Corcoran combined for a line of 15-for-19 with 14 singles, a double, 8 RBI & 9 runs scored in game 7 vs Fleisher.
Karl Fritz, Chris Oberlin, Mike Young, Mac Buffamonte & Mark Sabaj Perez each had 4 hits in game 8 @ Old City (all also recording an out, except for Karl who was perfect), combining for (get ready for this) - 9 singles, 7 doubles, 2 triples & 2 home runs, with a whopping 13 RBI & 12 runs scored.
Mac Buffamonte, Mike Young, Mark Sabaj Perez, Kyle Luckenbill & Joe Stevenson combined to go 16-for-20 in game 9 vs Art, with 12 singles, 2 doubles, 2 triples, plus 9 RBI & RS.
Chris Oberlin went 5-for-5 in game 10 @ Franklin with 2 HR (one grand slam), a double and 2 singles, racking up 8 RBI and scoring 5 runs.
Mike Young, Mark Sabaj Perez & Joe Stevenson each went 4-for-5 in game 10 @ Franklin, totaling 9 singles, 2 triples & a homer, with 5 RBI and 6 runs.
Chris Oberlin and Mark Sabaj Perez hit back-to-back home runs in the 7th inning of game 10 @ Franklin.
Mike Young, Chris Oberlin & Andrea Rodgers went 12-for-12 in game 11 @ Touch, with 10 singles, a double and home run, plus 5 RBI and 10 runs scored.
Mike Young, Chris Oberlin & Amy Ivins went a combined 11-for-14 in game 12 @ Catahoula, racking up 10 singles & a homer with 5 RBI & 7 runs scored.
Chris Oberlin, Kyle Luckenbill & Mac Buffamonte combined to go 10-for-10 in our playoff game @ Art, with 7 singles, 2 doubles & a home run plus 2 sacrifices, plus 5 RBI & 5 runs scored.
Amanda Farley-Rambo had the game-winning RBI & run scored in one fell swoop in game 2 with a blistering solo HR in the 5th inning.
Kyle Luckenbill also scored the game-winner on his own RBI with a 2-run blast in the 3rd inning of the game 6 win vs Franklin.
Amy Ivins knocked in the game-winning RBI in the 2nd inning of game 8 @ Old City with a sac-fly that scored Karl Fritz.
Amanda Farley-Rambo brought home the game-winning RBI with a double in the 6th inning, scoring Mark Sabaj Perez from 2nd base (after he'd just knocked in the tying run), in game 9 vs Art Museum.
Chris Oberlin's grand slam in the 5th inning of game 10 @ Franklin was the game-winning RBI, plating Mike Young just ahead of himself for the winning run.
Six of 12 batters in game 4 vs P&P went 0-fer.
Team Zoo was held scoreless in 38 innings out of 95 at the plate.
We hit into 8 double plays.
We batted into ten 3-up/3-down innings.

[Team Zoo Brings It]
It took us a few innings to really get going offensively, but the defense held its ground early & often to keep it close until we broke it open late in game #2 vs PTM. After leading for 3 innings, they briefly tied it up at 4-4 after the top of the 5th, but the first batter up for us in the bottom promptly hit a solo HR to reclaim the lead and we never gave up another run. It could have been worse - we left more runners on base in less innings compared to the previous game - but this one belonged to The Dirt People as the infield simply shut them down when anything was hit on the ground.
We got off to a bruising start in game 6 vs Franklin, with four straight hits and 5 total runs in the first; we calmed down a bit at the plate but managed to eek out the win with solid pitching, clutch hitting (5 of our runs scored with 2 outs) and timely fielding, including our 3rd double play of the year. We tallied two home runs for the game as well, equalling the same amount of homers so far this year in 6 games that we had all of last year.
We simply put the pedal down and didn't let up in game 8 @ Old City, where it was nice to be on the right lopside for once. We shot out to a 7-0 lead after 2 and cruised to the victory with everyone nailing the ball against an overmatched team, setting the team record for doubles in the process. We got out of some jams with clutch defense, including 2 rally-killing double plays that could have made it look less like a thrashing.
We played probably our best complete game in game 9 vs Art Museum. We set the tone, putting them down 1-2-3 in the 1st - our first such inning of the year - and put it to them at the plate with 9 extra-base hits, including two separate innings with back-to-back-to-back doubles. It was back and forth until we reclaimed the lead with 6 runs in the 6th and shut them down in their last inning, giving us our only victory versus the other 5 playoff teams.
Our rematch with Franklin in game 10 was bound to not be a repeat of our squeaker victory in game 6. They were playing better, but so were we, and frankly I hoped we could prove unequivocally we were the superior team. That's pretty much what we were able to do, with some powerful hitting (3 HR) and solid fielding - until the last couple innings. Thankfully, our huge lead (13 runs at one point) was able to provide the buffer for a 9-run defensive goof the last couple of innings, while we kept scoring runs of our own, bringing our record to .500 late in the season with our 3rd straight win.

[Team Zoo Forgot It At Home]
Game 1 @ Art Museum was a sloppy affair in more ways than one, but mostly it was our defense. Blessed with absolutely perfect weather, we still had trouble seeing, catching, picking up, throwing, or calling the ball, which led to many runs given up. Not to mention that they had to actually give back 7 runs (from a 16-run inning) after they were caught on an illegal substitution. We scored more than half of our runs in the last inning, when it was basically dark as shit and they put in a bunch of scrubs. Not that I mind.
We held our own for most of game 3 @ Collar, keeping it close with some solid D, but also leaving a ton of runners on base. We rallied for a big 4-run inning in the 6th to tied it up at 6-6 (briefly) before we let them break through with 5 in the bottom to cap the scoring and we barely threatened in the top of the 7th.
Kind of a rocky start in the 4th game vs P&P, giving up 7 in the first before we even got to bat. We settled down (some), giving up only 2 runs per inning the rest of the way, but it was every inning, and we simply couldn't hit the ball, totaling less hits in the entire game than we had in the 7th inning of our first game. They also had pretty much at least one bomb of a home run in every inning. Bleh.
It's hard to stay positive when the team you're getting crushed by pretty much starts taking it easy on you in the first inning. So it goes, and went, against Catahoula in game 5 vs the split-supergroup. It has its benefits, though, as we kept plugging away at the plate and they kept not really trying, and we only lost by 4. Throw in a couple of lackadaisically-aided double plays on our part and it doesn't seem that bad when it could have been much, much worse.

Game 7 was a humdinger of a weird game. There were multiple shady/controversial safe/fair calls on both sides. There was thunder and lightning. There was a 13-day rain delay. There was a put-out at the plate, in our favor. We led basically the whole game until the last inning, where we gave up 8 big ones and had trouble getting any outs. Three of our best hitters went down 1-2-3 in our half of that inning. We hit reasonably well, though with only 1 extra-base hit (our leadoff hit!), but we didn't field all that great and were a couple folks short of our best team. But they played well and took advantage and that was that.
We had one stolen from us in game 11, though we certainly didn't help ourselves in the field. We missed a BUNCH of easy outs, but they were also hitting the ball pretty hard. Our offense was really killing it, too. But due to some lax knowledge of obscure rules, they took a bit of an advantage with some courtesy runners (not maliciously, however) and though who knows how it actually affected the game, we only lost by 3. This is one we definitely wanted to do over.
The Catahoula Revenge sounds like it should be a thing, but it wasn't really happening in our 2nd game with them (game 12). We did hit the ball reasonably well, scoring 14 and tying for most runs given up by them all year - but they're really good and we didn't make the outs we usually can when we're on. So we did lose but it was never quite a blow out, which is always nice.
Lucky game #13 wasn't so kind to us, offensively. Over our last 6 games we'd averaged over 16 runs per contest, and we put up a measly 3-spot against the undefeated and defending Tap Roomin' league champs. I'd hoped for a more respectful showing. Defensively, we were about as decent as we could be against the likes of them. Woulda been a totally different story had we remembered how to swing the bat.
We finally clinched a playoff spot again, our first since 2005. It took a league and playoff expansion to do it, but we still earned it on the field. Against our now-arch nemesis the Fart Shitseum, we started off pretty solid. It was close for the first half of the game, and we were only down by 1 going into the bottom of the 4th. Then the shit blew the fuck up. We gave up 9 runs - all on two outs - only to be followed by a whopping 13 more, two innings later. We only managed 4 total in the same span, and the final score was laughable, though halfway through it was a tight-ass game. We were missing a few key players, which certainly didn't help, but they really out hit us. Not how we wanted to go out, but we surely were happy to at least be in the hunt.