A DMB Summer 1997

A DMB Summer 1997

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World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, IL

Ah, the first big show of the summer. (Well, for me.) I hadn't seen the whole band since NYE and I was looking forward to my mini-run, and what better place to start than in Chicago in the 6th row, with a handful of great friends? Christine and Matt and Marc and Heather and I were all sitting together down front and Erin was hangin' out in the lawn with some psycho chick named Deb. :-) (One of Erin's friends that was supposed to go cancelled at the last minute! Ack!) If I woulda planned ahead of time, Erin woulda been down there with us :-) Ah... 'Twas a great show, though. Got my first Granny. Aww yeah. Love, baby.

Chrissy took this pic of that psycho-crazy-nutzo Deb, Erin, and I in the lawn after the show!

Erin took this photo of the sunset... *sigh* ...what a beautiful night. Too bad I didn't take any pictures myself. Erin provided all of these, she's a bad-ass. Hehe.

It was a helluva show...Jendy (jb!) was in the house but we never got the hookup before the show so we missed each other. Damn! Ah well, next time. Right before the encore, I happen to throw up on stage a lizard for Stefan (he likes 'em a bit) that Christine had bought for him. It landed right by his feet and he put it on his amp by the others! We were stoked! Woooooo! Ah, memories.

Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN

Awww yeah. Here's to good friends, tonight is kinda special...
It just so happened to be my birthday on this evening. No better place to be than at a DMB show, right? Sure! So away we went... I was meeting the Chicago crew (who was late as hell!) in our seats, and I went with Erin again - but for this show, Shawn (DJ extraordinaire and former college roommate) and his honey Shannon plus Erin's (now ex) boyfriend Zak and best bud Jen from back home all came along, too! Wheee! Again, all these pictures were not taken by me, and are courtesy of Erin. She rocks. :-)

We arrive! Here's me with my hat (cuz I lost my shades in Chicago! doh!) and Shawn chillin', waiting for the women to get ready to enter the ampitheatre. :-) Check out the cool as ice cream t-shirt I was wearing. Hehehe... That's Erin's lil' red Rent-A-Car in the background. That baby can fly, yo!

Ok, basically the same shot, only this time Erin appears! Apparently she is fishing for tickets. They come in handy. Especially if she is holding yours!

While we were en route to the show, Shawn was in the car directly behind us. During a routine stop at a stoplight, Shawn comes blastin' up to our car and knocks on the window... he shouts "Can I wash yo windah fo' a dollah?!?" and proceeds to spit on the windshield and then wipe it with his shirt. Probably the funniest thing I have ever witnessed at a stoplight. :-)

Here's Zak on the left. He's a cool cat. I met him and Jen on the day of the show, and they were both groovy. But then again, if you are a friend of Erin's, you are by definition as cool as the other side of the pillow. Erin is to the right and I'm not sure who was doing the "rabbit ears" thang.

Here's Jen! She's a friend of Erin's from way back. She goes to school in Illinois somewhere, as does Zak. She's neat-o. Although I'm a bit unsure of what pose she was going for in this picture, hehehe :-)

A blurry night, indeed. This is a photo of Shawn, Erin and Zak up on the lawn. I don't know what happened to Shan and Jen (although one of them is taking the photo...) I was down in my seat being not-part-of-the-festivities. Doh!

This is the Shanner! She's Shawn's permanent honey, since a long-ass time ago. She's very kick-ass. She's from Chicago and a firey 5 feet tall :-) Here she is proving how much better she is at whooping Shawn's butt than anyone. Check out those triceps!

The show rocked hard, but because we were a whole helluva lot farther back than Chicago, it was a minor let down. No worries, though...Dave played Recently for me on my birthday :-) The ride home was fun, too. We stopped at an all-night donut shop and got wasted on crullers and mountain dew. Woohoo!

This is Erin and I gettin' chummy! Erin's nifty auto-camera snapped this one. Wheee! This is the day after the Indy show, right before I hopped in my car and drove 3 hours to go to WORK. Heh. Thanks for the pictures Erin, you're the best! :-)

Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Morrison, CO

I took a few days to hang out at home and then I was off on a plane to Denver, CO! A certain individual convinced me to make the trek out west to hang out and catch a couple DMB shows. She's quite convincing...and we all had a blast. The shows were incredible, we had phenomenal seats, and John Popper even showed up and jammed. May, Soo, Myself and Gretchen were all meeting together (um, and Deb). Check out some of the fun:

The night after the first show we finally got to hang out a bit and chill out. (We only arrived in town that morning). May broke out her guitar (she brought it on the plane! She's hardcore!) and we all jammed out to some nifty DMB covers. Love, baby.

I wanted to make sure I got everybody's picture, but some of them were a little uncooperative, hehe. I caught Gretchen here a bit by surprise, can you tell? Love them shades, girl!

I got Soo, too... she was somewhat more difficult. Soo doesn't take any shit. :-) You can drive me to Burger King anytime, Soo!

I took a few amazing shots of the Red Rocks area, in a moving car no less!
They turned out pretty good. Enjoy :-)

Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Morrison, CO

The second night was THE show. We were all front and center, a whole shitload of other nancies were there, John Popper jammed, Dave even took May's gift right out her hand. It was a good night! The next day before we all had to unfortunately say goodbye, I took some pictures at the hotel before we went to the airport...

This is me and May.

Gretchen & May! How cute is this picture? Gretchen rocks the casbah! I only first met her the day we arrived in CO, but she's phab!

Here's Gretchen, showing me what she thinks of Chris Hall (hehehe...)

Here's a pic I jacked from Elihu (aka Nate) of Red Rocks as viewed from above... damn fine shot.

Wow. What a run, eh? 4 shows in 6 days, 3 states, a couple plane rides, too much fast food, TWO Grannys! Unbelievable...a trip I will never forget. Nice drumhead, Deb! Bwahahahahahahaha!

Peace - Chris

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