A DMB Summer 1998

A DMB Summer 1998

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Even more shows than last summer!
Warning : Many Pictures Ahead!
From 7/22/98 -> 8/23/98, I was blessed with 5 Dave Matthews Band shows. Not only did I hear some great shows, I had the priviledge of hanging with some amazing people who amplified my positive experiences even more. It's hard to put into words... so here are some pictures to help. :-)

Virginia Beach! 7/22/98
My first gig of the summer was originally to be Deer Creek in August... but one fateful day in July I got an urgent email from my kickass pal Robiiiiiin. She was supposed to go to the Va Beach show but wasn't able to go through with it... and she offered the ticket to me as a late birthday present. Aww, shit. I thought about it for about 20 minutes and accepted it with open arms... made sure I could get the time off work... told Shep, who in turn told Kelly who in turn asked me if I wanted a ride from DC to the beach... and hot damn, it was all set. Kel and I arrived at Shep's hotel room around 4 p.m. (after much perspiration) and there were all these crazy kids there.

On the bed on the left: Kelly, then me (hat) - Back row: Kat, Carly, Jeanne-Marie, Heather, Ryan, Faye, Bobo (sitting in chair) - Middle row: Chris, Christian, Stacy - Front row: Jennifer, Colleen, and Shep doing his thang.

Christian also took this one of Shep apparently relieving himself on the bed while Kelly and I chill on the air conditioner and replenish fluids in the background.
Photos ganked from Christian Groves

I actually took a couple shots myself, and Shep happened to be in both of them. In the top, he chills with Carrie in Kel's car while we prepare to ride to 'da show. Below, he chills in the parking lot as he prepares to get in Kel's car to prepare to ride to 'da show.

The Va Beach show was great, and it was even my very first lawn seat experience. No horror stories to tell, the crowd was pretty laid back. Always a plus. Kel and I had a blast up in the grass. I also got to hear One Sweet World and The Dreaming Tree - both for the first time - (and Greg Howard jammed on 4 tunes) so it was all good. Robin rocks my world. Thanks, hon.

Deer Creek! 8/8, 8/9/98
Originally, this was an Erin-OB Production, but when DMB *didn't* announce any Michigan shows this summer, I persuaded fellow DMB pals and Michiganites Jendy and Joe to come along with us. They agreed! Joe drove over to Jendy's and Jendy drove to my place and Jendy drove down to Purdue to Erin's place. We all stayed there for the weekend and had a verifiable blast! The weekend was full of veggie bread, sparkling water (not intentionally), pringles, Jendy NOT climbing fences, interesting drive-through conversations, poorly read signs and license plates, mad runs to Marsh, darts, darts, & darts, and mucho gee-tar playin'! And since JB was so kind to do all that driving, let's begin with her!

Jendy shows off her marvelous expression of joy. Take note she is wearing an Everything shirt in every single picture. Watch out, don't get any pita sauce on it!

Did I mention the darts? Oh, I didn't? Erin's roommates had a swell dartboard set up in their living room, so we took full advantage. Jendy and Joe both show off their superb dart-throwing techniques. (Some silly people thing they look like they're "dancing"!? - hahaha!) Jendy obviously needs help, while Joe needs none. He whooped my ass virtually every time. Although, the only bullseye of the weekend was had by yours truly! Check it!

Aww yeah. No need for OB action shots. Just the final result.

Erin books our VIP seating. Uh, I mean lawn seats.

Chelsea Clinton & a Monkey (aka Joe and I) brought our guitars and we rocked the house. Although, more often than not, we played two totally different songs simultaneously. Not that that's a bad thing. Joe rocks out on the left. OB on the right. Shawn, previous OB roommate and Purdue alumnus (he gradutated the day after this picture was taken) came over and rocked out on my guitar, as well. Jendy also laughs at Joe gettin' his jam on. How rude.

Here's the moon-roof view of the line of cars going to the "ampitheatre of dreams" (notice the corn fields on the right!) on the first night. Many interesting things can be seen while driving into the Creek - i.e. men peeing on trees and running great lengths to catch up to long-lost cars, people stopping ahead of you unexpectedly and then you crashing into them but causing no damage, ya know - things like that.

Also things like this - on the first night, there was this guy sitting on the side of the road by a house. He was just sitting there, staring at nothing. He wasn't all there. I took a photo. Enjoy.

Remember Shawn? Well, here's a shot of me, Joe (examining the concrete sculpture) and Jendy - chillin' by the fountain as Shawn's graduation procession is about to come through... (photo by EP)

At the Creek, Erin so lovingly goes into the trunk to pull out her bevy of camera equipment. Nothing was confiscated at these shows, imagine that! ;-)

Erin took this cheesy photo of Jendy, me (and my pimpdaddy lean) and Joe chillin' in the parkin' lot.

Jendy took this (I think!) with Erin's camera... :-)
Thanks to Erin (baybay!) for the photos! She snapped all the black and white ones, too.

Wow, we had a fantabulous time. The shows were GREAT, as we got a Seek Up, a Granny, a #36, a Recently (all in ONE show) and also a Stone, Crush, Last Stop, #41, Ants, etc... No complaints whatsoever. Probably the best back to back shows DMB have put on. Well... ok. They *were* really cool. I was also psyched to see all my peoples and be back on campus again. Woo yeah! Kickass! Yeah, baby! Very goos!

Nissan! 8/22, 8/23/98
Way back when these dates were announced, Erin and I *immediately* began talking about going. There were bound to be bountiful nancies to hang with and you can't beat a DMB show in their home state. Erin got some extra days off, so she came out to PA a few days early and we hung out until Saturday when we left for Manassas.

Frolicking in downtown Lewisburg, PA before we left for VA - Erin and I happened upon the most interesting sign. Lo and behold, Boyd Tinsleys were on sale. We each bought a dozen.

Erin and I are about to jet - yet she insists on taking a photo. And I implore you, WHY!? :-)

Erin has mad artistical skillz. She made this. :-)

Ah, the beloved Nancies Hotel of Choice, the Days Inn (Manassas, VA). Notice the cascading image of the Days Inn logo glistening off of the water in their lovely 2 foot by 3 foot "swimming" pool... ahhh....
Room 110 in the house!
Room 108 in the place to be!

John, Mike, Erin, Pace and I chilled in 110...
while right next door, Jo Ann and Julo maxed and relaxed in 108.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any good solo shots of Jo Ann but I did snag this fully-cute, semi-blurry Erin and Julo pose.

Julo and Kel show off their lovely teeth! (Kel lived nearby so she didn't need to stay at the hotel. Yet, she came to hang anyway. What a trooper.)

What do you know - Pace is making a face in a picture. Most peole don't know this, but he's actually NOT making a face when he's not getting his picture taken. On the contrary, he's usually licking his own ass...
And shortly thereafter, Pace shows off his newly discovered gem - the Days Inn Nap-Sack (for your convenient disposal of sanitary napkins...)

Then Pace busted out his Goat wine (deja vu!), and we were worried.
But you knew everything was gonna be alright when Mike pulled out the Kiwi-Lime Kool-Aid. Aww yeah.

img src=kel-bw.jpg
Pace in deep thought. Kel in deeper thought (photo accidentally deleted!).

Dig Kel's cute lil' car and even cuter plate. That's Kel's old roommie in the car with her (she's Canadian, ay!)
We're on the way to the show!
You can't tell, but Julo is smiling her ass off as she heads off to the show in her car!

This is what I look like in a side-rearview mirror. Interesting angle, hmm?

Put your mouse on me!

It's Jewelz!

"Now Jules, you know you shouldn't stick your tongue out at the camera like that."
We were all shocked and chagrined when Julia stopped by - and eventually (with some prodding), she spoke. Didn't touch the pringles, though.

Johnny T. Simp and Pace marvel at the wonderful advancements made in rear bumper technology.

Here's an actual pic of me, taken by Mike (I think). I didn't even know this picture existed until about 14 months after the fact! (thanks, lil' bro!)

I tried to take a pic of the sign I made that designated our room - it's easier to see me in the reflection than it is to see the sign. But here it is.

And now... The Complete and Total Denny's Experience...

Meet your server, William! Say hi, Billy Boy!
"Ohhhhhhhh, ya gotta be."
William gets my vote for "Most Inspired Service By A Denny's Employee With A Lisp On A Sunday Night at 2 a.m. When You're The Only Waiter Who's On The Clock" Award. Man, he got a big-ass tip.

Mike, John and Kel "vogue".

Erin "tongues".

Jewelz and her wacked-out 'boyfriend' attempt to act civilized. Doesn't she look so innocent?
Wow, that must be one amazing glass of water.

This is a biker dude who walked into the Denny's at 2 in the morning. Man, anybody who can ride a hog and wear those shorts deserves a picture on a web site. Unfortunately, it's this one.

'Da Crew!
John, Erin, Pace (who put him in front?!), Julo, Jo Ann and Mike, with me in the very back with my tall and lanky self. Kel and Jewelz missed out!

All the black and white photos were snapped by Erin and mad props go to her!

Nissan... Nissan... where to begin? Probably my favorite Nancies experience - we had an amazing time just chillin' and hanging out. Jendy even was there for the second show with her brother (who lives near DC), and we got to chill for a few minutes. All the people I got to hang with I would gladly spend time with again and again. You can't beat Shoney's, Denny's, Pina Coladas, Kiwi-Lime, Nap-Sacks, dead phone lines, megatraffic, bi-polar car ignitions, the pool, and just a little booty-dancin'. The shows were great, too - especially when Herbie Hancock and his band came out and jammed - although it was hard to live up to the Deer Creek setlists. We had much better seats, though. :-) What can I say? To Erin, Julo, Jo Ann, Julia, Pace, Kel, MikeP, John, Jendy and MikeB - thanks for helping make my weekend that much better. I love y'all, man!
Stir It Up, Darlin'.

Peace - Chris

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