Sesame Place - August 2007

We rolled up to Sesame Place in late August, on a Friday before school started in September... it was mad hot, and mad packed. It's relatively close by, but it's also mad expensive; Steph had 3 tickets that were basically free because her mom paid for their tickets last time they were there (without me) and got essentially an extra set of passes by paying $5 extra per ticket at the first trip. Or something like that... anyway, so we had these tickets to use, and away we went. I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I got some goodies.

Nice little melange of muppet tree sculptures. I'm not entirely sure why Tristan brought the binoculars. He shore is happy, though!

Hey, it's Super Grover! But he got mobbed, and we didn't have time to wait! There is water to run through!

When he's not fake-smiling for the camera, Tristan makes some great happy faces.

Or, slightly not-so-happy faces.

Sometimes he's so excited, he looks a little TOO happy, but not that there's anything wrong with that. Steph's arm is there in the gray, on the left.

And then there's the occasional slip and fall. I don't know how I got blessed with this picture, but I'll take it. This is one of my most favorite pictures, ever. A one in a million lucky shot. He probably made himself fall over, though I don't remember... but he likes to do that.

We dried off for a bit and hit the big-bouncy-thing. No adults or shoes allowed.

I kept trying to get a picture of him in mid-air, but all I kept getting was one foot on the ground, on the way up - or down.

And he went down a lot. On purpose. Notice the big smile on his face. He enjoys the prat fall.

There's also this big teepee-looking tarp thing that kids can climb up, and then slide down. I've never seen anything like it at any amusement park, but it's very popular. He spent a lot of time in there. He doesn't look all that sure of himself here, though.

Keepin' the grip, next to a kid with a kickass mohawk, still not looking too confident.

Second time up, he used the handles. Good idea.

Don't look down!

I tried to get him full frame, but there's something nice about only the top half of him being in the picture... makes it seem like he's moving.

Tristan was all up in the middle of this big rope climbing thing, and I plopped down, hammock-style, to chill. I didn't notice that Steph was taking my picture. She didn't notice that the camera was on he wrong setting, hence the darkness.

It's tough to see, but this is a sweet picture of Tristan and me. Awwww.