OB's Cable TV Debut!

OB on Talk Soup?!

Yes, the rumors are true!

On February 9th, 1999 - an original OB-written rap was performed by OB (via a recorded voice mail message) on E!'s Talk Soup, a national cable television show.

Say what?
The show (was) hosted by John Henson. It airs daily on the E! channel (now with host Hal Sparks). They play "highlights" of the previous day's talk shows (Springer, Letterman, Rosie, etc.) and the host adds in some humor and a few skits. Once in awhile they will play voice mail messages from fans on the show. OB called in and left a rapped message on the voice mail, and the show played the message in its entirety on 2/9/99.

The lyrics were written by OB sometime in late '98, and he called in the message around the same time, but it was not played (sometime in November). Then, OB tried again in late January - and actually had to call it in twice, because he screwed up the first time! But a couple weeks later, they played it!

Here's the original lyric sheet with the finished product (and some not-used alternative lyrics):

In case ya can't read, it says:

Tick tick tock, Talk Soup is on the dial
With the super duper host to make it worth your while
Who got the juice? He can executive produce at the same time
With the funk skunk spot in his hairline
He ain't on Jerry Springer, so you know he's not pimpin'
The Talk Soup show host with the most, John Henson

All the while it was being played, John Henson was bobbin' his head to the rhythm of the rhyme! OB added a "peace" at the end, which can be heard right as John begins talking.

He said:
"Ohhh yeaaah, baby!!! (applause) That's the first time I've ever heard my name rhymed with the word "pimpin'" - I didn't even know you could do that. Gives me a very 'Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo'-kinda feel, Tom. Makes me wanna go down and gather some kids and start a car wash and save the community center."

Finally, Real Audio is available of the performance!
Check it out for yourself:

OB's Rap on Talk Soup and John Henson's Remarks

Sadly, audio is currently unavailable because GeoCities licks ass.

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