OB's Got Skills: 2Dope Pics!

2Dope in the House!

This is 2Dope in full effect, May 9, 1992, live at Dekalb High School's Junior-Senior Prom.
Check us out, gettin' our rhyme on...

That's Stan, da G.O.B on the left, and yours truly on the right. I'm pointing at Stan to remind him he's the one who's gonna ryhme first. Notice the pure power being flexed in the leg muscles.

This time its OB on the left, licking his fingers getting ready to rip shit. 'da G.O.B is explaining to the hype crowd just how dope, in fact, OB is...

Two solo shots in one! OB on the left, G.O.B on the right... Two Dope gonna get down tonight! ;-) OB grips the mic tightly, Stan hypes the crowd... "6 foot 5..." (Photos by Melissa Van Allen)

The song we performed that night was called simply "RaProm", which was written specifically for that night. It was a collage of rhymes we were working on at the time. Topics included: Stan's height and weight, my girlfriend, how dope we were, "chumps", and probably more stuff I don't remember... I do, however, remember how the DJ working the dance cut me off in mid-verse, just to add his own little smart ass comment. Gifted as I am, though, I took it in stride and came on beat with the next line. Still in time. You can't tell from the pics, but the crowd was literally just steps away from us, and we didn't know they were that close until we came out from back stage... damn that made us nervous! I'm shaking right now thinking about it. That was our first, last, and only live gig. But we rocked the place! More info is in the history section.

Part of my RaProm verse:

OPP's not for me, I got a girl, G
Not too dizzy or prissy, her name is Missy V
Straight fly, a little shy, but she's mine
And this is my time, so stand in line
Take a seat, then take a break
Battle with a rattlesnake? big mistake
The speaker smokes as the chump chokes
You think this is a hoax, but it's no joke
They call me OB, the one and only
Taking out punk MC's 'cause they can't seem to hold me
As I excel
In Auburn Indiana, the place that I dwell
I give 'em rhythm, the best way that I can
And next up is the man, kick it Stan...

Believe it or not, I remembered this lyric and typed it out nearly 10 years after the fact!

After the big show, we all headed over to Cedar Point the next day, where these ingenious pictures were taken in one of those photo booths.

And then, in early 2007 (nearly 15 years after the fact...) Stan made this. Hell yeah.

peace - 2 Dope!

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