Team Zoo 2006 - Philadelphia Zoo Softball

The Statistics

These are final team statistics through July 17, 2006 (12 games played).
For individual team member stats, go to the players page.

Team Totals :

250 .529 201 34 8 7 275 .581
5 95
4/18/06 vs Academy 1
20 .541 17 3 0 0 23 .622
0 6 W, 1-0
4/24/06 @ Franklin 1
25 .595 21 2 1 1 25 .595
0 8 L, 1-1
5/2/06 @ XComm 1
27 .587 24 2 0 1 30 .652
1 9 L, 1-2
5/8/06 vs NCC 1
23 .575 18 3 2 0 24 .600
0 9 L, 1-3
5/23/06 vs PBJ 1
18 .500 14 3 0 1 20 .555
0 8 L, 1-4
5/30/06 @ Art Museum 1
27 .600 21 2 3 1 29 .644
0 9 W, 2-4
6/6/06 @ Academy 1
21 .538 16 2 1 2 24 .615
0 8 L, 2-5
6/12/06 vs Franklin 1
9 .310 8 1 0 0 11 .378
0 7 L, 2-6
6/13/06 @ Daily News 1
23 .561 17 5 1 0 26 .634
1 7 L, 2-7
6/19/06 vs XComm
loses by for-
6/20/06 vs Art Museum 1
24 .545 19 4 0 1 27 .614
1 9 L, 2-9
7/10/06 vs Daily News 1
15 .441 12 3 0 0 18 .529
2 6 L, 2-10
7/17/06 @ PBJ 1
9-8 (8)
18 .450 14 4 0 0 18 .450
0 9 W, 3-10
7/24/06 @ NCC
wins by for-
W, 4-10

Team Per Game Averages and Single Game Extremes :

Per Game
Team Game High
Team Game Low
Runs For
14 ~ 4/24/06 & 5/30/06
1 ~ 6/12/06 vs FI
Runs Against
25 ~ 6/12/06 vs FI
6 ~ 4/18/06 vs ANS
At Bats
46 ~ 5/2/06 @ XC
29 ~ 6/12/06 vs FI
27 ~ 5/2/06 & 5/30/06
9 ~ 6/12/06 vs FI
Batting Average
.600 ~ 5/30/06 @ ART
.310 ~ 6/12/06 vs FI
24 ~ 5/2/06 @ XC
8 ~ 6/12/06 vs FI
5 ~ 6/13/06 @ DN
1 ~ 6/12/06 vs FI
3 ~ 5/30/06 @ ART
0 ~ 7 games
Home Runs
2 ~ 6/6/06 @ ANS
0 ~ 6 games
On Base
30 ~ 5/2/06 @ XC
11 ~ 6/12/06 vs FI
On Base %
.652 ~ 5/2/06 @ XC
.378 ~ 6/12/06 vs FI
2 ~ 5 games
0 ~ 5 games
2 ~ 7/10/06 vs DN
0 ~ 8 games
Left On Base
9 ~ 5 games
6 ~ 4/18/06 & 7/10/06

Team Zoo Fun Facts:
Team Zoo turned 2 double plays.
[1] In the 3rd inning of game 1 vs Academy, Elise Winterberger fielded a sharply hit grounder at first, raced to the bag to get the first out, then threw to 2nd where shortstop Jen Robertson was able to catch and then tag out the baserunner who overran 2nd base.
[2] Chris Oberlin caught a short fly on the run in the 3rd of game 6 @ Art Museum and somewhat easily doubled-up a baserunner who was 3/4 of the way to 3rd, throwing to Amy Ivins at 2nd base for a head-scratching double play.
In game 1 vs Academy, we gave up 3 runs in the 1st but buckled down to only give up 3 more, including shutouts in 4 of the last 5 innings.
An all-around stellar defensive effort occurred in game 13 @ PBJ over the course of 8 innings, where we held them to 8 total runs, keeping them scoreless for 3 innings and never allowing more than 3 runs in any of the others, all the while playing with 9 players in the field (and only 8 in inning 1!)
Short stop Jen Robertson made a superb catch on a sharp line drive in 5th inning of game 2 @ Franklin, severely leaning to her left and ending up partially on the ground.
Also in the 5th @ Franklin in game 2, pitcher Ken Pelletier fielded a high line drive above his head by first gloving, tipping and then finally catching the ball for a very nice save.
Chris Oberlin in left field ran full stride to make a nice play and catch a pop fly in deep foul territory in the 4th inning of game 3 @ XCommerce.
Outfielder Joe Stevenson made a nice force out at 2nd base from right field, fielding a base hit and getting a slow runner from first in the 6th inning of game 3 @ XCommerce.
Jen Robertson made another gold glove play at short stop in the 6th inning of game 3 @ XCommerce, diving full out to her left and hitting the dirt hard to stop a hard grounder and getting a force at 2nd to end the inning.
Bridget Haines at 2nd base made a couple of tough catches in game 3 @ XCommerce, drifting back into shallow right field to catch bloopers almost over her head and save possible extra base hits.
Pitcher Todd Sinander caught more than a couple of bullet line drive shots on the mound, made all 3 outs (2 catches, throw out at 1st) in the 2nd inning, and had 3 strikeouts, all in game 4 vs NCC.
Greg O'Neill at 3rd base made an excellent over-the-head catch in the 4th inning of game 4 vs NCC.
Jen Robertson at short stop was able to pick off an eager baserunner when she fielded a cut-off throw from the outfield and threw to Greg O'Neill at 3rd base, who tagged out the overzealous PBJ runner who overran the bag in the 2nd inning of game 5.
Chris Law tracked down a monstrous shot into left field, relayed to fellow outfielder Chris Oberlin, who threw as best he could straight to home plate where catcher Tara Brody scooped up the one-hopper and tagged out the would-be home run hitter from PBJ who thought he could score on our outfield. NOT THIS TIME. Thank you. Inning 4 of game 5.
Outfielder Jim Ronemus made a super catch whilst backpedaling and reaching up well over his head to save a sure-fire triple in inning 5 of game 5 vs PBJ.
Chris Oberlin didn't quite catch the shallow pop single that landed in short center field, but he was able to quick-throw (and then subsequently land on his face) to 2nd base where Amy Ivins caught the sharp throw to get the force out on the PBJ runner from first; game 5/inning 6.
Amy Ivins at 2nd base made a couple of sweet catches on hard line drives in game 6 @ Art Musuem.
Chris Waldron made all 3 outs in inning 1 of game 7 @ Academy by himself by catching 3 fly balls in left field.
Left fielder Chris Oberlin made a sweet sliding catch in game 7 @ Academy going down on his knees and making the grab in the 4th inning.
Academy had the bases loaded with nobody out in the 6th inning of game 7 when pitcher Todd Sinander fielded 2 straight ground balls on the mound and threw right back to catcher Kristen Lewis, who made a tough, close force play for the first out and then said screw the plate and went for the tag on the second out.
Chris Oberlin made a routine force out at 1st base - from center field - on a short fly ball and a slow runner in inning 6 of game 8 vs Franklin.
Later in the 6th vs Franklin (game 8), Amy Ivins fielded a tough ground ball to her right at short stop and tossed the ball (no look, behind her back!) to Kristen Lewis at 2nd base to get a force out and end the inning. We call it the Penguin Shuffle.
Chris Waldron in left field ran full out to catch a very long, very foul ball in stride in inning 6 of game 9 @ Daily News.
Bridget Haines at short stop and Greg O'Neill at 3rd both made classic, textbook ground outs at 1st in game 11 vs Art Musuem, making difficult "routine" plays look very easy.
Chris Oberlin made force outs at 2nd & 3rd in the first inning - both from left field, on singles, in game 12 vs Daily News.
Sal DiStefano and Mark Waldron both made sweet running catches on foul balls, from 1st in the 7th inning and at catcher in the 5th inning, respectively, vs Daily News in game 12.
Chris Waldron played short stop for the first time in some time in game 12 vs Daily News and made a couple of really nice plays for ground outs at 1st.
Joe Stevenson made a super sweet sliding catch in right field in game 13 @ PBJ in the 3rd inning.
Chris Law made a couple of great plays in game 13 @ PBJ, where he made a great running catch on a hard hit ball in left field in the last inning of regulation, saving possible winning runs, and earlier had made a force out at 2nd base (via Amy Ivins) from right in the 4th inning.
Chris Oberlin also made a great catch in center field in the 7th inning to keep the game going to extra innings in game 13 @ PBJ.
The same guy on NCC had back-to-back 3-run homers in his first two at-bats (innings 1 & 3) in game 4.
We gave up back-to-back solo home runs in inning 6 of game 1 vs Academy.
Franklin hit several monster shots for at least 5 or 6 home runs in game 2.
With a 6-run lead, we gave up 7 runs in the bottom of the 7th inning of game 3 @ XCommerce (while only recording 1 out; game over). Deja Vu in game 6 @ Art Museum when we had a 7-run lead and gave up 6 runs in the bottom of the 7th, but we finally recorded the last out with the game-winning run on 1st and secured the victory.
In game 3 @ XC while trying to protect our 6 run lead in the last inning, several TZ outfielders made repeated attempts to gun down lead runners (at 3rd or home) instead of holding batters to singles; the result was most batters advancing to 2nd base, thus limiting our ability to get force outs and keep runners on base to prevent them from scoring on future base hits. It's a recurring problem.
Team Zoo held teams scoreless 25 innings out of 83 in the field.
We gave up more than 4 runs in any given inning only 12 times.
Our worst defensive effort was giving up 9 runs (three separate times) - in the 4th inning of game 8 vs Franklin; in the 1st inning of game 9 @ Daily News; inning 4 vs Art Musuem in game 10 (all three times us playing with only 9 players).
Pitcher Todd Sinander had 3 strikeouts (all in game 4 vs NCC).
Pitcher Anna Angemi had 2 strikeouts (both in game 1 vs Academy, including 1 to end the game).
Pitcher Elise Winterberger had 1 strikeout.
Ten of 11 batters in game 1 vs Academy had at least 1 base hit, and 9 of 11 had at least 1 run scored or 1 RBI.
Ten of 11 batters in game 2 @ Franklin also had at least 1 hit, and 9 of 11 had at least 2 hits while 8 had at least 1 RBI or run scored.
Ten of 11 batters in game 3 @ XCommerce had at least 2 hits (the first 4 batters each had 3 hits) and 10 of 11 (a different 10) also had at least 1 RBI or run scored.
All 11 batters TZ put to the plate in game 4 vs NCC had at least 1 base hit, and the first 4 batters in the lineup combined to go 12-for-15 with 8 singles, 3 doubles and a triple, racking up 5 RBI and 7 runs scored.
Every batter in our 11-player lineup had at least one base hit in game 6 @ Art Museum and 10 of 11 had at least 2 hits.
Nine of ten players had at least 1 base hit in game 9 @ Daily News; 8 of 10 had at least 2 hits each.
Every player in the 9-batter lineup in game 11 vs Art Musuem had at least 1 hit and 9 of 10 had at least 2.
All 9 players in game 13 @ PBJ had at least one base hit.
Our best offensive innings saw TZ put 11 players to the plate in the 1st inning of game 1 vs Academy, racking up 6 runs on 8 hits; we also had 6 runs on 9 hits, plating 11 batters in inning 2 of game 3 @ XCommerce.
Joe Stevenson had the game-winning RBI in the 5th inning of game 1 vs Academy, ripping a double that scored Chris Simrak from second with the eventual game-winner.
Chris Oberlin knocked in the game-winning run in game 6 @ Art Museum with an RBI double that scored Greg O'Neill (after he had just hit a 2-run triple) with our 14th, final, and winning run in the top of the 7th inning, with 2 outs.
Ken Pelletier's game-winning, two-out RBI single @ PBJ in game 13 scored Chris Oberlin from second in the top of the 8th inning.
Semi-retired Team Zoo'er Ken Pelletier was persuaded to come back for game 2 @ Franklin when it appeared TZ would be short a full team and supplied 1/3 of the team's offense, going 3-for-3 with a single, triple, home run, RBI sac fly and driving in 5 runs and scoring 3 himself.
Somehow, we managed to bring Ken back AGAIN for game 13 @ PBJ, which we actually won - in large part, thanks to Ken. He was our 9th player, pitched a fantastic complete game, went 3-for-5 with 3 singles, knocked in 2 RBI (including the game winner in extra innings) and scored 1 run.
Greg O'Neill led off in game 6 @ Art Museum and went 4-for-5, had 2 singles and 2 triples (team season high), reached base every time (team season high), racked up 6 RBI (team season high) and scored 4 runs (tied team season high), including the eventual game-winner.
Chris Oberlin had 7-straight-hits spanning games 1-3 and 8-straight in games 4-6.
Todd Sinander had a home-run in 4 consecutive games (5,6,7,11).
Chris Oberlin (cheap, long fly ball that dropped in right field) and Todd Sinander (monstrous shot to center) had back-to-back solo home runs in the 5th inning of game 7 @ Academy.
Ryan Hodge played his first league game in almost 10 months and went 4-for-4 and scored 3 runs in game 6 - finally admitting later that he'd been playing intramural softball in college whilst away from Team Zoo. He also went 4-for-4 in the next game, scoring 2 runs. In total, he hit safely in his first 10 at-bats.
Sal DiStefano, Amy Ivins & Chris Law each smacked over-their-heads doubles that scored a total of 5 runs (and all of those were with 2 outs; Sal's and Amy's were back-to-back) in game 13 @ PBJ.
Joe Stevenson saved the game with some luck and tenacity in the 8th inning of game 13 @ PBJ when advancing on Chris Oberlin's double from 1st after his own single. Somewhere around 3rd base, Joe lost his footing and went down hard, but managed to scamper his way back to the base and avoid the throw from PBJ's second baseman (who for some reason was running with the ball in hand for a long time before throwing it to 3rd). It was very surreal but he scored on the next play and tied the game, allowing Chris Oberlin to score the eventual winning run two plays later.
Team Zoo suffered from many baserunning errors in judgement in the 2nd inning of game 3 @ XC, when somehow we managed to have multiple baserunners at the same base on TWO separate plays, and because the opposing team suffered from many fielding errors in judgement, they only recorded 1 out (when it could have easily been 3 or 4).
Chris Waldron hauled ass from 1st base to try & score on Joe Stevenson's double in the 5th inning of game 1 vs Academy but was tagged out at the plate (in full stride) by a fantastic relay and throw to the plate by Academy fielders.
Chris Waldron again ran the bases with full force but was gunned down by excellent throws in the 4th inning of game 2 @ Franklin, sliding hard at 3rd but getting tagged just prior to hitting the base, trying to advance on Greg O'Neill's double.
The rubber match for Mr. Waldron occurred in game 9 @ Daily News when he tried to advance to 3rd (again) on Amy Ivins' single and was beaten by a good throw and a close tag. The picture of his war wound is in the photo section.
Amy Ivins on 2nd couldn't quite make it to 3rd before Jen Robertson's clean single was fielded & thrown, getting herself forced out on a base hit to end the inning (4th, @ Daily News, game 9), which would have given us the bases loaded.
Amy Ivins left the bases loaded with a ground out in the top of the 8th inning @ PBJ in game 13, but thankfully we had already scored enough runs to allow us the win in extra innings. Incidentally, Joe Stevenson had left the bases loaded in the 5th inning of that same game.
Team Zoo was held scoreless in 41 innings out of 84 at the plate.
TZ hit into 5 double plays.
We batted into twelve 3-up/3-down innings (3 in game 13 @ PBJ; 2 each in game 8 vs Franklin & game 11 vs Art Musuem).
Ryan Hodge, Chris Law, Todd Sinander, Elise Winterberger & Kristen Lewis each struck out 1 time.
[Team Zoo Brings It]
We gave up 3-runs in the top half of game 1 vs Academy but roared back with 6 of our own in the bottom and never relinquished the lead, giving up only 3 more runs the rest of the game.
Afer a tight first 5 innings (2-0, 2-1, 2-2, 6-5, 6-7) in game 6 @ Art Museum, we woke up and broke it open with a 5-run 6th to take the lead for good and added 3 more in the 7th for a 14-7 advantage going into the opposing team's last at-bat. Those 3 runs in the top came in very handy as we needed them all after giving up 6 to escape with the one-run victory. After our season-worst batting performance the week prior, Team Zoo set season records at the time for average (.600) and extra-base hits (6) and tied for total hits (27).
Team Zoo beat Business Journal (PBJ) for the first time in our CCSL history (after 11 straight losses, most of them blowouts) in game 13. It was a tight, defensive, 9-vs-9 game throughout, but we pulled through with key defensive stops, including 2 big catches in the last inning of regulation, to win in extra innings 9-8 (8). Everyone contributed in a true team effort, our most impressive win in some time. It actually could have been a much larger victory for us, had we not left the bases loaded on two separate occasions.
The 2006 CCSL All-Star game on 8/8/06 pitted Zoo team members Chris Law, Todd Sinander, Bridget Haines, Chris Oberlin & Sal DiStefano (because he was there and available) - along with other players from Daily News & X-Commerce - against the other half of the league (Franklin/Academy/PBJ) for 8 innings of spirited softball. Our side, of course, prevailed by a hearty 10 run margin, approximately (no official stats were kept). We combined to go 12-for-17 (.706), including 11 singles, 1 double, 5 RBI and 5 runs scored. We made several great plays in the field, including a tag out at home plate, a couple of force outs at 2nd from the outfield, a catch and put-out in the infield, and 6 catches in the outfield. See individual players' pages for their stats.
[Things That Could Have Been...]
Against Franklin in game 2, we led 8-1 after 2 innings, 12-9 after 4 innings, but gave up 6 more while only scoring 2 of our own to finally go down 14-15 (after briefly reclaiming the lead 14-13 going into the bottom of the 6th). The tying run was at the plate with no outs in the last inning, but we proceeded to hit into 3 straight fly outs.
After a superbly played 6 innings, we were up 13-6 against XCommerce in game 3 (a team we've never beaten and only once lost to by less than 7). They actually thought the game was over and began to shake hands, but we had to remind them to play the 7th inning. Of course, they then handed us 7 runs while we could only manage just one recorded out to beat us like we didn't even know what happened. They had only scored 1 run the previous 4 innings.
In game 4 vs NCC, we started slowly and gave up four 3-run innings in the first 5 innings while only scoring 3 runs in the first 4 innings ourselves (at points down 2-6, 3-9 and 7-12) before mounting a decent rally in the bottom of the last inning, scoring 4 runs with 2 outs on 6 hits - but we stranded the tying run at 1st and lost yet another game by 1 run.
After a solid first inning effort with the score tied 2-2, PBJ overwhelmed us with precise hitting and solid defense, hitting a couple big home runs and keeping us to only 2 runs when we had 3 cracks at the bases loaded. We allowed 12 runs in 2nd-4th innings (scoring only 5), buckled down to only allow 2 in the last 3 but could only manage 1 ourselves in the same stretch.
With the score knotted 2-all after 2, we gave up a big 5-run inning to Academy in game 7 and even though we scored at least 1 run in every inning except the 2nd, we never scored more than 2 runs in any inning. We clawed back into it with some decent defense but could only ever tie the score up in the TOP of the 6th & 7th innings. They had the meat of their lineup up in the bottom of the 7th and their 1st up led off with a double. Todd was able to get the next 2 guys to pop up in the infield but they finally got a solid base hit with 2 outs and their guy still on 2nd, who scored without much of a play at the plate to end the game. With a one-run loss. Again.
A very bad day for players who couldn't make it, we played game 8 vs Franklin with only 9 (3 in the outfield) and started off well, scoring 1 and giving up only 3 runs to a potent line-up after 3 full innings. Then they got 9,4,5&4 runs the last 4 innings while we forgot how to hit and got zero for a 25-1 final and our worst defeat in team history. The only other time we only scored 1 run was in 2001, against the same team.
If you don't count the 9-run 1st inning Daily News had against us in game 9, then we only lost by 1. Of course, they were home and also didn't bat in the 7th, but otherwise we played them well, holding them to 7 total runs in 4 other innings (not counting the previously mentioned 9 or 6 more in the 5th inning). We began the game with 9 players until Ryan Hodge decided to bless us with his presence in the 3rd inning, giving us 4 in the outfield for the rest of the game.
After a very full day of trying to recruit non-roster players to help fill in for a depleted team (which we thought we did), we had to eventually forfeit one-player short of being legal in game 10 vs X-Commerce.
We had 6 runs in the first 2 innings (6-3 lead) and 7 runs in the last 2 innings but were blanked in the middle 3 and gave up a crucial 9-run inning in the 4th vs Art Museum in game 11 (an inning Todd would most likely like to forget) to lose 17-13. We were down 9 going into the bottom of the 7th and mounted a nice 5-run rally before bowing out with the tying run on deck.
We were never really in game 12 vs Daily News, giving up 5 runs in the top of the 1st, but we did hold them to 2 runs in the last three innings and scored 6 of our own to cut the final margin to 12 after they were up 17-1, which might account for their lack of offense over the latter part of the game.

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