Team Zoo 2006 - Philadelphia Zoo Softball

The Photos

Amy Ivins snapped some great photos on opening day, an 11-6 victory over Academy on 4/18/06. Enjoy!

Most of the gang is looking at the plate, but for some reason Simrak is watching another game. L-R : Chris Simrak, Jen Robertson, Chris Waldron, Anna Angemi, Bridget Haines.

Pitcher Anna Angemi in zen-mode, awaiting the next batter.

Bridget Haines at 2nd base, ready to rock.

Anna with the pitch. Bridget with the watch.

Elise Winterberger waiting patiently for the pitch at 1st base.

Anna makes the play at first! Bridget was ready at 2nd!

Chris Simrak, batting the only way he knows how.

Simrak is a blur on his way to a double.

Anna keeps her eyes on the ball.

Chris Oberlin's patended thumb-grip is about to reap rewards. Simrak is in awe.

Greg O'Neill rips it to right field.


Photos by Chris Oberlin - @ Academy 6/6/06. We lost by 1 in their last at-bat.

Warm-up, Greg with some Law in the back.

Greg at the ready. Waldron with the back-up.

Jen, Greg, Ryan, Bridget.

Bridget (+ some Waldron).

Todd tests out his splitfinger during warm-ups, with Simrak's back and 1/3 of Bridget.

Todd in action with a runner on 1st.

Same story, different angle.

Waldron in left, slightly itchy.

Simrak prowls the outfield.

Jen glares towards second; Law is watching grass grow.

Jen breaks to her left! Ryan breaks to his right!

Ryan breaks a smile.

The Law, layin' it down. Times two:

Kristen calling the pitches - Amy & Tara hold things down on the bench.


Lovely action photos by Emily Mikus on 6/12/06 vs Franklin. We got clobbered.

Tara holding it down behind the plate.

Tara with the pitch return (while Phil oversees the action as only he can).

Tara waits for hers.

Joe (along with Amy, Kristen [1st base coach] & Sal) watches his single...

...and he rounds 2nd on Amy's subsequent double.

Amy can't believe she got a double.

Joe & Amy anchor the left side of the infield. Very excitedly.

Amy watches while Kristen ducks to avoid Chris O's rocket to 1st from center field on a short bloop single. Out at 1st! You better run faster next time, beyotch!

Chris O. ready for another pop out. 0-for-3. Sal and Joe admire his non-skills.

Chris stalks fly balls.

He gathers...


...and throws home. Tara says he was out.

Law took a shot, too. Another run for Franklin.

Sometimes, it takes two Chrises to make one play.

The Law can't be focused upon while running to first.

And neither can The Kristen.

Ryan and Kristen await the play.

That inning musta been a blur as Chris, Ry and Kristen bring it in.

Elise is about to unleash her slider. Or was it the sinker? Sal scratches his head.

Ah! The forkball!

There's nothing going on in the middle of this picture, but Elise and Sal got the ends covered!

Elise digs in.

Elise bats, apparently with no arms.

Sal rips it (well, not really. also 0-for-3). Joe stretches.

The bench gives support (wait, someone actually got a hit?) - Sal, Kristen (knees up on bench), Tara, Amy, Chris O.


Chris Waldron's leg, post-slide (called out) @ Daily News 6/13/06. We lost by 10.


At the non-game against NCC on 7/24/06; a make-up from 6/26 and they barely had 2/3 of a team. We played a mini-scrimmage and took a picture of our dedicated nine:

You figure out the order : Chris O, Jen, Amy, Tara, Sal, Joe, Chris W, Mark, Kristen.

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