Roanoke VA 4/18/98 DMB Pictures

DMB 4/18/98 : Roanoke, VA

Nancies Rock The Days Inn
DMB Rocks Victory Stadium

Woo! That's what it's all about... DMB in the star city. The big tour opener. Their first show since July '97. Since I had moved further East to go to Bucknell, I had always wanted to go to the first VA show of DMB's tour. Hopefully to begin a tradition. When I first found out about the show, the first thing I did was e-mail Erin and tell her she was going to drive out and we were going to Roanoke. Hehe. I didn't know if she would be up for it, but I sure didn't need to ask twice! She was all for it, and the trip was as good as done. We got a room at the Days Inn, procured some tickets, and made the plans to get a shitload of Nancies together and have a blast. The whole, sordid story is here:

[Most of these pictures here are courtesy of my coolest grooviest pal Erin. :-) Some of them were stolen blatantly from the Roanoke City page's article on the DMB show. And some of them I actually took.]
Check out the festivities!

This is a shot of Erin on her way to PA at a random rest stop. It doesn't have anything to do with the show, but it has a whole lot to do with our trip. And I think it's just too damn cute.

Erin snapped this one of me in our hotel room and surprisingly it didn't turn out too terribly. Jewelz - thanks for noticing my hairy legs.

I also took one of Erin, chillin' in the hotel room the night before the show. And you thought the one before was too damn cute!

Shep, Pace, Kelly, Bobo, Kate and Joe were all staying at the Days Inn with us (not all in the same room!) Here's Shep's head and Pace - working on the 10+ bottles of wine they brought along to sample heavily and enjoy. Speaking of...

Here's what was left of the wine when the rest of the crew were finished. I, of course, did not partake. From what I hear though, the Goat shit was pretty good!

Huh? Where's more wine? (Kel, Pace, Jeff)

Here's Erin admiring Shep's head and goatee in all it's glory.

Here's Bobo being... well, Bobo. I don't know if this was pre-wine or not. heh.

Pace shows his true colors - on the left, he moons whomever wants to watch. On the right, he dances a jig with Ryen Swindells, as the crowd approves.

Here's some Nancies in full effect in the "Days Inn Quad". Ryan Swindells with the can in the middle, his girl Heather on the left in white, Rob Potanovich in between them with the hat and the bottle, Clay Hinson grinning his ass off, and Mike Petrillo on the far right.

Cool pic of the marquee of the Civic Center, where those busses were shuttling us folks to and fro' the show. It would be horrible to let us park AT the stadium, wouldn't it? Of course.

Erin and I wait... and wait... and wait... for the shuttle bus.
Photo by (and ganked from) Shep

Dave groovin'! Unfortunately, we weren't up this close... it's a cool shot, though. He was happy as hell to be on stage, jumpin' his ass off and all kindsa crazy shtuff.

Boyd was being his usual exhuberant self :-) Watch for flying dreads!

Here's a schmoove-ass shot of what the stage looked like up close.

This is about where we were sitting... not too far away, but unfortunately the sound system didn't hold up as well as it should have. Not bad at all, but oh well. Next time :-) We had to stay back so as to not be trampled by the masses. GA, ya know. You can see the massive mountain-hill thing right behind the stadium. It was really cool.

Random shot of Kelly biting her nails :-) and Pace being a nut. Kate Matula has her head turned for the moment...

Yo Joe! (Stevens)

Nancies rokkin' the house. On the steps of the Civic Center 'quietly' awaiting our shuttle.
Shep is in the very back, then from l-r it's Kirk Willingham, Erin Price, Jeff from GW, me (green jacket), Christian Groves, three of Christian's friends. front row - Mark Endicott, Trish, Brian Pace and Kelly Bolton. Bobo took the photo...

There were a shitload of other Nancies in the house, but this was the group that happened to be at the same place at the same time for the picture.

The show was amazing... it was damn nice to hear the new tunes for the first time and to see so many people in the same place at the same time. Unfortunately, some of them got a little rowdy... Silly kids :-) We all had a blast, and I think it's safe to say I'll be back next time.

I just wanted to thank Erin for being the grooviest friend in the world, for putting up with all that driving and the major mileage on her car, and for not yelling at me when I was still getting used to driving her car, and everything else. I loves ya, baby.

Peace - Chris

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