At the pool! | June 2007
At the pool!
June 2007

Steph signed us up for a local swim club; they don't have public pools in Philadelphia, you have to pay out the ass to join a club for the priviledge of swimming in their pool. It all seems like an extortion scam, but the pool is nice and close and it's an easy hang with lots of other kids around. I broke out the camera in the sunshine and cranked up the shutter speed and got some great pictures (especially when the water started to fly).

We call this part "getting in", or actually in this case, "getting out after trying to get it".

On the way back to trying again.

Still thinking about it.

Halfway, flirtatiously.

OK, outta here again.

Let's try from the side... sneakin' up on the water!

Stop and pose,

In! And hamming it up!

Still cold... gotta run this way.

Woops, run that way!

Found a buddy!

Buddy and me play with boats on strings!

Put the boats on strings on flotation devices, that also have strings, and pull them around.

Then create your own mini-tsunami.

Watch for flying droplets!

Boat fight!

Tristan figured out that you could throw a healthy amount of water in one fell swoop if you used that cup scooper thing. He just had some trouble with the aim.

Half the time, most of it would come back at himself.

Trying to sit on the tube.

Hey, look!

I'm not entirely certain, but I don't *think* he was trying to water his own backside.

I love globules of water paused in mid-flight.

Tristan loves to throw water on other kids.

Or just throwing it, in general.

But he does prefer other kids.

Or himself... notice that Tristan is throwing like a half-liter of water at a time...

...and this other kid is retaliating with... a paintbrush. and many small droplets of water.

This looks bad, but it's actually not - some other kids showed up and they kinda teamed up to get the other kids wet. This picture is awesome but shows poor persective; I don't think his buddy got hit with any of that water, Tristan was aiming towards the new kids.

New kids fight back!

Buddy finds a scooper! It was around this time that the new kids' mom told them to stop splashing. Buzz kill.

So they're like... ummm... ok, pull me around.

Tristan's turn.

Then this other kid says, hey how bout I pull ya both?

Right on.

Hang on!

I'm losing it!

Boy overboard!

Thanks, buddy.

I don't know what he's doing, but I like the tongue.

And then this girl shows up and totally gets them both soaked and then rules the world, triumphantly.

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