Poetry and Stuff

Alright, then. Here are some of my poems that were actually written to be poetry, as opposed to songs. The most recent one is first, in descending order. The last one was an English Class assignment in 10th grade, and my inspiration to begin my "rap career". Peace.

corner of my eye
(4-5/99, for me)

So I'm chasing down a memory
living in the harmony
singing with the melody
and dying from the destiny
I'm laughing from insanity
smiling at the appletree
lost in my philosophy
and hiding from the rest of me
I'm reeling from hypocrisy
and waiting for my life to be
silent from the anarchy
with nothing left for me to see

* * *

(6/8/97, for may)

The sun sets
It rises and sets again
Clouds unroll
Too quickly, it seems
It's all surreal

Sometimes I wish
I didn't feel the way I do
But what good would that be
for anyone?
I think I'm losing
But I don't know what its like
To win

You're ahead of me
You're behind me
You're beside me
And sometimes
I wonder to myself
If I fall
Will you catch me?

* * *

(6/4/97, for may)

What am I having for lunch?
I think my finger hurts.
Damn its hot in here.
I wish it was nice outside.
I need to sit down.
Susi needs to get outta here.
Craig is being an idiot.
I need a haircut.
I wonder what the guys will play tonight.
I hope they break out something new.
Can't wait till I get to meet you.
I miss you.
I love that song.
That chicken was pretty good... a little on the mushy side though.
I'm so tired.
My feet are cold.
I wish it was Thursday.
Damn why doesn't Susi hurry up?
These trash cans are heavy.
Where did all this dirt come from?
Ah.... break time is almost here.
I think we need a riding lawnmower...
My mom makes some mean spaghetti.
What, no garlic bread?
Why aren't we watching Seinfeld?

It seems no matter what I'm doing lately...
My thoughts always seem to return to...

* * *

(1/94, for tina)

The touch of a hand, the wink of an eye
Thoughts stir, memories spark, dreams fly
A look, a glance, a stare, a gaze
It was real, true, not a stage, no phase
Palms sweat, muscles tighten, hearts race
Fingers lock, lips touch, bodies embrace
Dawn, day, dusk, the sun
You, me, us, one

* * *

full of surprises
(1/94, for tina)

My nose caught a whif of her shampoo;
I knew she was close
The sight of her beauty is like medicine;
I needed another dose
The hall was narraw and my feet slow;
I searched for the light
Around a corner came a glow so golden;
I dreamed of this night
It was a place I was not expected;
I arived without word
But there she was, resembling a goddess;
I tried not to be heard
She sat still and knew not of my presence;
I stared into her eyes
Deep blue, beautiful, intoxicating;
What a wonderful surprise

* * *

(6/93, for emily)

Still is my heart as I try to stand on my feet
Mentality weak, because I feel incomplete
Two a.m., I see your picture upon wich I gaze
Memories of what was leave my mind in a daze
Though I canot comprehend how much you meant to me
Inside my soul, I feel we were meant to be
Day after day I do suppose I heal and I grow
But what I felt for someone so special, again I will never know
In my prayers and dreams, someday we will return as one
Until that day, I do not feel the sun
Forever in darkness, in need of your light
I cry out in despair but refrain in fright
Is this too much, will I just make things worse?
Thoughts in my head haunting me like a curse
I shun my mind and using this pen, write with my heart
Telling myself I can do no more, I depart

* * *

the pleasure trip
(2/90, for mrs. webber)

My mom and dad always went on vacation
But I stayed home while they toured 'round the nation
When they left, grandma was on location
And I came home late with no irritation
I turned on the tube to my favorite station
Then what I saw gave a great sensation
They went to Japan to do some translation
But they crashed into the Toyota corporation
Now I was on the floor laughing with elation
When they were walking through heaven's civilization
Gramma walked in and gave congratulations
Then the tube said they had wrong information
And that there were a few miscalculations
My parents had landed in some vegetation
It was smack in the middle of a man's plantation
They came out of the wreck and gave salutations
But the guy was mad with much exclamation
He asked my folks for some identification
They had none and there was a confrontation
He got out his gun with determination
And shot 'em right there with no consideration
I gave the insurance man an explanation
And I got a cool million in compensation