Team Zoo 2014 Team Statisticals


Final 2014 Team Statistic Totals (14 games).
For individual team member stats, check out the roster.

Team Totals :

302 .524 250 30 15 7 .665 0 329 .571
4/14/14 vs TGT* 1
15 .417 11 3 1 0 .556 0 16 .444
W, 1-0
4/22/14 @ FI 1
20 .513 15 2 0 3 .795 0 23 .590
W, 2-0
4/28/14 @ SPN 1
23 .535 17 4 2 0 .721 0 26 .605
L, 2-1
5/5/14 @ SPTR* 1
17 .425 13 0 4 0 .625 0 22 .550
L, 2-2
5/12/14 vs CAT 1
17 .486 16 0 1 0 .543 0 18 .514
L, 2-3
5/19/14 vs ART 1
17 .459 16 0 1 0 .514 0 18 .486
L, 2-4
6/2/14 @ BC 1
25 .568 19 5 0 1 .750 0 25 .568
W, 3-4
6/9/14 vs P&P* 1
23 .511 21 2 0 0 .556 0 27 .600
W, 4-4
6/10/14 vs NCC 1
16 .432 12 3 1 0 .568 0 17 .459
L, 4-5
6/24/14 vs SPN 1
25 .581 20 2 1 2 .814 0 25 .581
L, 4-6
6/30/14 @ TGT 1
29 .604 25 3 1 0 .708 0 31 .646
W, 5-6
7/1/14 vs FI 1
29 .659 23 5 1 0 .818 0 30 .682
W, 6-6
7/8/14 @ NCC 1
29 .604 27 0 1 1 .708 0 31 .646
W, 7-6
7/22/14 vs BC* 1
17 .459 15 1 1 0 .541 0 20 .541
L, 7-7
* denotes an 8-inning game
* denotes a 10-inning game
* denotes a 2nd round playoff game

Team Per Game Averages & Single Game Extremes :

Runs For
21 - 7/8/14 @ NCC
5 - 5/12/14 vs CAT
Runs Against
19 - 6/24/14 vs SPN
2 - 7/8/14 @ NCC
At Bats
48 - 6/30/14 & 7/8/14
35 - 5/12/14 vs CAT
29 - 3 games
15 - 4/14/14 vs TGT
Batting Average
.659 - 7/1/14 vs FI
.417 - 4/14/14 vs TGT
27 - 7/8/14 @ NCC
11 - 4/14/14 vs TGT
5 - 6/2/14 & 7/1/14
0 - 4 games
4 - 5/5/14 @ SPTR
0 - 3 games
Home Runs
3 - 4/22/14 @ FI
0 - 10 games
Slugging %
.818 - 7/1/14 vs FI
.514 - 5/19/14 vs ART
On Base
31 - 6/30/14 & 7/8/14
16 - 4/14/14 vs TGT
On Base %
.682 - 7/1/14 vs FI
.444 - 4/14/14 vs TGT
2 - 3 games
0 - 5 games
3 - 6/10/14 vs NCC
0 - 9 games
Left On Base
12 - 6/24/14 vs SPN
4 - 4/14/14 vs TGT

Team Zoo Fun Facts:

Team Zoo turned 10 double plays [most ever!]:
[1] With a drawn-in short fielder, Kyle fielded a come-backer on the mound, wheeled and threw to 2nd being covered by outfielder Chris O who was practically standing on the bag already, who then turned it to Amy at 1st, for the dreaded 1-10-3 double play! In game 1 vs Tambourine.
[2] Against Franklin in game 2 with the bases loaded (and no outs), catcher AK scooped up a squibber, calmly stepped on the plate for one force out and then threw a strike to Amy at 1st for the 2nd out (and then we got the next batter out to escape a bases-loaded, nobody-out jam with zero runs!)
[3] Joe caught a short liner at the hot corner and then rifled a heads-up shot to John covering 2nd to double up a baserunner who was halfway to 3rd, inexplicably, but hey, great way to end game 2 vs Franklin!
[4] John caught a bloopy liner at short with runners on 1st & 2nd, one out. Both runners took off on the hit and made barely an attempt to return, giving John an easy force at 2nd; had there been nobody out, John probably could have had a slow-pitch softball triple play(!). Game 6 vs Art.
[5] Joe & John combined on an easy 2 in game 8 vs P&P after Joe caught a fly ball in right center and threw a strike to John covering 2nd, who doubled-up the runner who took off with the crack of the bat.
[6] Kyle started the 2nd double-dip of game 8 after fielding a grounder on the mound, making the 180-throw to John covering 2nd, who completed the turn to Andrea at 1st for another 1-6-3 gem.
[7] Mark made a solid catch on a short fly ball in left in game 9 vs NCC, as he watched a base runner leave 2nd base as the ball was not anywhere into his glove yet - some confusion ensued as we bobbled the ball around the infield after a bit of an off throw to 2nd while the runner never made any attempt to return to the base - as John, then Amy, then finally John got it in hand to turn the 2nd out; the runner is probably still wondering, at this very minute, why he was out.
[8] Mike was pitching and caught kind of a dinky pop-up near the mound, but the runner at 1st didn't get back in time before he whipped it to Amy, on the bag, and the double was done in game 13 @ NCC.
[9] Mac raced across the diamond from short to catch a pop-up in no man's land somewhere behind the mound, caught the runner off the bag with a strike to first, and Kelsey doubled 'em up - again - in game 13.
[10] Amy snagged a wicked line drive at 1st and raced to the bag to beat the already-gone baserunner back for the unassisted double-up, in game 14 (playoff game 1) vs Collar.

Game 1 vs Tambourine saw us wrap up some sweet outs, namely John who had a great catch running back into the outfield from 2nd, and also a great pickup (in the pickup!) for an out, not to mention nicely digging out a throw for a force at 2nd from Chris O in the outfield on a single.
Chris L had a lovely knee-sliding catch in right field in game 1.
Mark had at least 3 pretty nice catches in game 2 @ Franklin, including a running back, reaching over his head, snag-type thing in foul territory.
Chris O fielded a ball in short center field and quick-threw to John covering 2nd (with a nice REACH) to get another force @ 2nd on a single for the 2nd straight game, game 2 @ Franklin.
Amy had a great grab of a sharp liner at 1st in game 2 @ Franklin.
There were a boatload of superb catches in game 3 @ SPN, with Mark & Josh each nailing a couple (at least) in the outfield, with highlight-worthy contributions from Joe, Kelsey & Mike, as well.
Chris O forced out a runner at 2nd base from the outfield on a short single for the 3rd straight game (with a swell catch from Amy @ 2nd), plus threw a guy out at 3rd on a nice grab & tag from Mac on the base - all in game 3 @ SPN.
Kyle was grabbin' mound-shots all game, knockin' them down with his glove or just bare-handing squibbers, and getting mad force outs at all bases during game 4 @ Tap Room. Not to mention that it was his superbly arced pitching that probably held their batters in check for 6 and 2/3 innings.
Amy made one hell of a reach to catch a line drive rising over her head at 1st base in game 4 @ Tap Room - never saw her jump so high!
The entire infield - Amy, Doug, John, Mac, Kyle - got so many forces and pop-up outs in game 4, it was clinic-level.
Joe had a pretty great sliding-on-his-knees catch in right-center in game 5 vs Catahoula.
John had a damn fine-ass catch at short in game 5, running way back into the outfield on a long, long pop-up, twisting around and finally making the catch way over his head while falling on his keister!
Chris O threw out a guy trying to advance to third from left-center, superbly catched and tagged by Mac on the bag in game 5.
Kyle made a couple nice catches on the mound in game 6 vs Art; running for his life to snag a short pop-up and protecting his life on a line drive blast straight to his face.
Josh gave up his body - twice! - in game 6 vs Art; once going full out to dive for a fly ball and the other to just beat out a tag at 3rd base, sliding and tearing up his leg and clothes. Of course, as went the game, so went Josh's luck... he just missed the catch, and slid for nothing (the hit he ran on was called foul).
Clutch fly ball catching from the outfield early in the game (first inning, all 3 outs) and clutch infield stops and outs later on (a couple late-inning gems from Amy/Mac and Joe/Mac, especially), great catches from Amanda and John, and a particularly nice snag behind the plate from Matt - killer defense in game 7 @ Collar, y'all.
SEVEN scoreless innings out of 10 played in game 8 vs P&P. Damn. Amy, Mac, Chris O, Joe & Mark (multiple) each made some stellar catches. Mark's best was a full-out diver, again. Best team defense of the year so far.
Josh forced out a runner @ 2nd on a single, from right center field, and Chris O made a sweet backpedaling catch on a long fly ball, both in game 9 vs NCC.
Mark made yet another diving catch in game 10 vs SPN, catching up to a really short fly ball just behind 3rd and nabbing it about 2 inches off the ground. Kyle made a similarly awesome (but less painful) catch on the mound, leaping out of his shoes by a long shot to snag a smokin' line drive. Mac, Joe, John & Amy all made solid plays in the infield in that game, particularly early on in the contest, and came super close to turning another twin-killing.
Josh made a couple of great plays in game 11 @ Tambo, including a full-out dive for a fabulous catch. He also forced out a runner at 2nd on a single, with a great throw to John covering.
Mike had a sweet snag of a liner and a great stab at a grounder for another out, all on the mound, all in game 11. Amanda also had a swell scoop of a catch on a low-slung blooper.
Play of the year: in game 11, Mark tracked down a well-hit ball in deep left, threw directly to Mac at 3rd, who was off the bag just a bit for the cutoff, but the dude who had a triple, easy, decided to try to stretch it into a homer. Mac's throw was perfect to Matt covering home, and he stepped out just in front of the plate a full 3 steps ahead of the runner, who chose not to really slide and as a matter of course, took a glove-full of ball straight to the neck, went down for the count and never even got to the plate. OUT. Matt tumbled over the runner after the collision and rolled away to avoid landing on him, held on to the ball because he's badass, and the other team got the whole thing on .GIF! Hells yeah.
Amanda made a heckuva catch at short and Joe made a fabulous sliding catch in right center, sno-coning the ball at the very last second before it hit the ground, all in game 12 vs Franklin.
Amy made a fabulous hustle play at 1st, beating the batter to the bag on the run from a long way out - how you like them ankles!? Also, Chris L made a very nice, back-pedaling, HIGH-reaching out in right field while Joe made a pretty sweet catch on the hot-corner, too, in game 13 @ NCC.
Playoff game 1 (aka game 14) vs Collar, we had a nice mini-set of great plays, including one hell of a sno-coner of a catch by Josh running in hard from the outfield to snag a short fly ball just into the grass, Chris O throwing out a runner at 2nd after backing up a short blooper just past the infield (with a great reel-in from John on the bag from a slightly-wild throw), and Mac was again ruling short with multiple outs (tosses to John @ 2nd or long throws to Amy @ 1st).

Kyle pitched 3 strikeouts.
Mike pitched 2 strikeouts.
We held teams scoreless in 47 innings out of 102 in the field (7 out of 10 in game 8 vs P&P! and 5 of 7 in game 13 @ NCC).
We shut teams down with nine 3-up/3-down innings (three in game 7 vs BC!).
We gave up more than 3 runs in any given inning 15 times in 14 games.
Our worst defensive inning was giving up 9 runs (twice!) in the 4th inning of game 3 & the 1st inning of game 6 (Gonads/Fart).

Our best offensive inning saw us score 9 runs on 11 hits, sending 14 batters to the plate in the 6th inning of game 12 vs Franklin. Three batters had a single AND a double in that inning alone. The exact same thing happened (9 runs/11 hits/14 batters) in the 5th inning of game 13 @ NCC, except only two batters had only two singles each in that inning.
Against Franklin in game 2, all 11 TZ batters had at least one hit (7 of them having at least 2), with 10 of 11 having at least an RBI or run scored.
Game 3 @ SPN saw all 11 hitters hit safely, including 7 players with at least 2 hits, and 7 also racking up an RBI and scoring a run (and another scoring twice).
Every batting-order position tallied a hit & at least one run scored, with 10 of the 12 also having at least 1 RBI (3 batters combined for 2 hits in 3 at-bats in one position); 8 of the 12 had at least 2 hits each, and 11 of 12 had at least 2 runs, 2 RBI or a combination of 2 or more. Game 7 @ Collar.
Against the Gonads in game ten, 11 of 12 players safely reached base, while the only batter who didn't only played half the game; 8 of those 11 had at least two hits each, and 10 of 12 had at least an RBI or scored a run.

Mike, Chris O & Mark combined in game 1 vs Tambourine for 15 hits and only 1 out, including CO's two doubles and triple, plus 7 of our 9 runs (both RBI and runs scored!)
Kyle & Chris O both ended game 2 going 3-for-4 with a run (all singles, plus Kyle's double) but the real firepower against Franklin was the three dingers racked up by John (solo), Mike (2-run) and Joe (3-run)!
AK had her first career double in game 2 @ Franklin, knocking in 2 runs (with 2 outs!), which also let Mike follow with his first homer of the year.
Chris O was 4-for-5 with 4 singles, 3 RBI & 2 runs in game 3 @ SPN, with Mike, Mac & Josh all each tallying 3 hits, combining for 6 singles, 2 doubles & a triple with 6 RBI & 5 runs.
Josh ruled the bases in game 4 @ Tap Room, going 4-for-4 with 2 singles, 2 triples, 3 RBI and 3 runs; after the 4th inning it was Josh-3, Tap Room-2!
John had a nice game @ Tap Room, going 3-for-4 with a triple and 3 RBI.
Amy was 3-for-3 while Mike, Mark & Chris O each went 3-for-4 in game 5 vs Catahoula. All singles save Chris O's (cheap!) triple.
Mac & Chris O both went 4-for-4 in game 6 vs Art, all singles + Mac's triple - combining for 5 RBI & a run each. Josh was also 3-for-4 (scoring 3 runs) & The Law 2-for-3.
Mike & Amy were a perfect 7-for-7 in game 7 @ BC, with Mike scoring 3 runs with 2 RBI & Amy knocking in 2 and scoring 2 with 2 doubles. Josh & Chris O were each 3-for-4 with a combined 3 RBI and 5 runs, Mark had 2 doubles with 3 RBI and a run and Mac knocked in 4 on 2 hits including his 1st homer, a nasty 3-run shot.
The Chris combo ruled in game 8 vs P&P, with The Law going 4-for-4 & The O going 4-for-5, with an RBI apiece. Matt was also 2-for-3 with 2 big clutch hits (and an RBI & a run) while 6 others had at least a couple each.
Game 9 vs NCC saw 5 of us go 2-for-3 while Chris O was 3-for-3 with a double, with only one of us getting 4 at-bats. Joe (double) & John (triple) each had 2-run extra-base hits.
Chris O continued his hit streak at the plate with a 4-for-4 performance in game 10 vs SPN, including a single, triple and 2 homers, racking up a team season-high 6 RBI with 2 runs. Mark, Mike & Chris L each also tallied 3 hits including a couple doubles, 3 RBI and 6 runs scored among them. Kelsey was also 2-for-2 and finally notched her 1st ribbie as a member of TZ!
Against Tambo in game 11: Mike, Chris O, Josh, Mark, Amanda & Kyle combined for 24 hit and only 3 outs, totaling 12 RBI & scoring 15 of our 18 runs on 22 singles and 2 doubles. Mac also had 5 RBI by himself on two hits, a 2-run triple and 3-run double.
Versus Franklin in game 12, we hit our best as a team this season, including 3 players (Chris O, Mark, Mac) who were 5-for-5 and another (John) who was 4-for-4. Chris O's streak continues and stands at 20 straight hits (yowza) over 6 games, as the Franklin Game Fantastic Four combined for 19 hits in this one, including 4 doubles & a triple, 11 RBI and 10 runs. Not to mention Chris L and Amy, who combined for 5 hits and only 2 outs, knocking in 5 RBI together.
Chris O had his hitting streak end at 23-straight hits in game 13 @ NCC, going 3-for-4. Mark also ended his own streak in that game after 13-straight hits, going 4-for-5 with 4 singles (but 6 RBI), while Josh also went 4-for-5 with 6 RBI, but 3 of those came on a monster 3-run homer, his first as a TZer. Josh also scored 5 runs, Mike went 5-for-5 and scored 4, The Law went 3-for-4 and scored twice, Mac had a righteous 2-run triple, Amy & AK each went 2-for-3 and combined for an RBI and 3 runs.
Mac, Joe, Chris L & Matt combined for perfect hitting in playoff game 1, going 10-for-10 (Mac/J/C each 3-for-3) including Mac's booming triple, Joe's 3 RBI and Chris' 2 runs. Mike was also 2-for-3 with a double and run, but the rest of the team... eh, not so much.
Chris O, Mike, Mac, John & Josh completed the "season cycle" of at least one single, double, triple and home run. Joe was just a triple short and Mark needed a homer.

Mark was clutch in extra innings in game 1, walking-off the game-winning RBI with a single in the bottom of the 8th against Tambourine, scoring Mike, who led off the inning with a single.
Mark hit the game-winning RBI in game 2 @ Franklin with a 2-out RBI single, scoring Mike with our eventual winning run in the 4th inning.
Mac racked up the game-winning RBI when he scored the game-winning run because it was his 2-out, 3-run homer that won it all, in game 7 @ Collar in the 6th inning.
Mark knocked the game-winning RBI in the bottom of the 10th (!) of game 8 vs P&P, with a walk-off, bases-loaded single, scoring Matt with the winning run.
Mark had yet another game-winning RBI in game 11 @ Tambourine, scoring Chris O with the eventual game-winner on his 2-out single in the 4th inning.
Amy smashed a 2-run single with 2 outs to re-claim the lead and eventually win the game, knocking in Kyle with our winning run in the bottom of the 6th in game 12 vs Franklin.
Chris O belted the game-winning RBI with a 2-out single that scored Andrea with our winning run in the 3rd inning @ NCC in game 13.

Team Zoo was held scoreless in 38 innings out of 102 at the plate.
We hit into 7 double plays.
We batted into thirteen 3-up/3-down innings.
We scored more than 3 runs in any given inning 14 times in 14 games.

[Team Zoo Brings It]
Game 1 vs Tambourine was a dogfight... so much so, it took 2.5 months to finish. Started off ominously enough: 4 batters in, their team captain royally dislocated his knee and didn't move for 20 minutes until the ambulance came and took him away. They played on, and we regrouped after a dodgy start defensively to take a small lead, which we promptly lost in the top of the last. We had the game-winning run on 3rd with 2 outs but couldn't get 'er done and off to extra innings we went. But it was April and by then, too dark to finish, so we picked it back up before our 2nd game with them on the last day of June. We calmly took them out defensively 1-2-3 in about 2 minutes and then took care of business with 3 straight hits at the top of the order to score the game-winner without so much as 1 out recorded. Walk it off, baby.
Game 2 @ Franklin started eerily similar to game 1, in that we gave up 3 runs right off the bat to start off the game at a deficit. This time around the hole was actually bigger, as we only scored 1 compared to 2 in the game prior. But then we rolled off NINE unanswered runs, using THREE home runs (solo, 2-run, 3-run!) before letting off the gas a bit, going scoreless the last two frames and giving up a few runs late to tighten the score. They mildly threatened in the 7th, but we ended the game on a nifty double play (2nd of the game!) and hit the showers with the W.
What a game we had vs Collar in game 7 - everybody hit, we had clutch at-bats with 2 outs all game, made big outs in the outfield early and the infield late, shut them down THREE times 1-2-3 and scored 17 runs over the course of innings 3-6, getting at least 4 across in each frame. Had the lead early, lost it, took it back and never let it go, holding them off furiously to end the game. Took a 6-run lead into the bottom of the last when they had their spirited rally, but we stood our ground, getting the final out with the tying run on 2nd and the winning run on 1st. Yet another 1-run Zoo-Collar classic (6th such game over the past 10 seasons or so, plus 4 more that were within 2 or 3 runs!) This time, we prevail! Big win.

We followed up the Collar gem with a redonkulous 10-inning walk-off thriller in game 8 vs Pen & Pencil. A pitcher's duel! Back and forth for the first 6 innings, tied at only a measly 3-all until the 7th when we lost the lead with their 2-run top of the inning. We tied it up with huge clutch hits in the bottom and kept it tied with 3-straight scoreless extra innings before we got it together and finished it off with a bases-loaded walk-off RBI single. We probably had half a dozen chances to lose the game but pulled off the miracle comeback victory with steadfast stubbornness and persistence. And a bit of luck.
A good start for a change (only the 4th time we've ended a 1st inning with the lead) in game 11 @ Tambourine, in a game we never trailed from start to finish. We broke it open with a big 6-run 4th inning, officially batting around for the first time this year, taking the lead from 2 to 8. We plated 7 more over the last two frames, making sure they never had a chance to keep it close, but solid defense all game long (never giving up more than 2 runs an inning, and never allowing runs in consecutive innings) kept them at bay for a convincing win - for a change.
Quite the comeback vs Franklin in game 12, as we struggled out of the gate to make outs, giving them extra chances which they took full advantage of, to the tune of a lead for 4 of the first 5 innings (culminating in their 4-run advantage going into the bottom of the 6th). We finally pulled that BIG inning out of the ol' hat, and hung a NINE on 'em to erase that lead and create a gap of our own, mostly with 2 outs, and then followed that with a lovely skunk of a top 7, making sure we didn't even need that last ups. We'll take it. The bats save the day in the end.
We were looking for a little revenge, to be honest, in game 13 @ NCC. We felt like we should not have lost our first game with them, and we wanted to be as clear as possible about who we thought the better team was. I think we made our point, to the tune of a 19-run margin of victory. We didn't do much wrong in this one, though it was tight at first - after we went down 1-2-3 in the 2nd, we were only up 2-1 after 2. We kept holding them scoreless even as they got regular base runners, and we broke it WIDE open in the 5th with a big 9-run inning and added another 5-spot in the 7th, while only allowing 2 total runs - 2nd best ever defensive game, with our two pitchers both allowing just 1 run each, and converting 2 double plays. This win was brought to you by the number 2.

[Team Zoo Left It In The Car]
Game 3 @ SPN started with 8 combined runs from both teams in the 1st inning and continued to be a high-powered kind of game, though ironically featured a whole host of stellar defensive plays. We started out slowly, chipped away and tied it up in the 4th (briefly) before giving up an astounding 9-runs in the bottom, from which we could not quite come all the back, though we tried with a late rally, ending with the potential tying run on deck as the game ended. We probably outplayed them minus that one inning, scoring in all innings except the 2nd. Still waiting on that big inning of our own. Thankfully, we get another crack at 'em.
We have never beaten Tap Room in 14 years, and that is still a true statement. We have never come so close, though. We were just ON in game 4, combining superb pitching keeping their hitters at bay, vaccum-style fielding on the infield and mostly big mistake-free outfielding, plus consistently timely hitting - to take an 8-4 lead over arguably the league's best team into the bottom of the last inning. They of course managed to tie it up - mostly with 2 outs, after a magic single (huge, late hop, bouncing over a shoulder) - while we whimpered out of the game at the plate with 7 straight outs, and ended with them walking it off in extra frames. Softball sucks nuts.
Game 5 vs Catahoula started off superbly - a 1-2-3 shut down defensively, followed by 3-straight hits to lead off our half of the inning. Unfortunately, bases-loaded, no outs = just 1 run for us, and we missed more opportunities over the course of the game, and they eventually got their hits (and more). We never quite got it into 5th gear, and you know... they're pretty good.
We shot ourselves in the foot about 27 dozen times in game 6 vs Art; gave up a few runs before having 4 or 5 chances for that 3rd out in the 1st inning and ended up down 9 before we even got to bat. We essentially outplayed them after that, only giving up 4 more runs while scoring 7, though even in giving up those 4 we had chances to remain unscathed. 13 of our 17 hits were by 4 players and we just couldn't string together a good run of at-bats. Sadly, we do not get to play them again... unless it's in the playoffs!
After the 10-inning monster of a game 8, game 9 vs NCC was a bit of a slog. We were missing easy outs. Getting in position to get tough outs and then booting those, too. Not to mention, hitting pretty poorly. And totally petering out after the 3rd inning, taking a 7-2 lead into an 8-12 loss. They just flat-out outplayed us, making plays when it mattered and having one really big inning at the plate, when only one of us even got to 4 at-bats. Nothing like two big wins over upper-level teams followed by a loss to the team (formerly) in last place. At least we get to see them again!
Another great start vs SPN in game 10 that we let slip away, only this one came much later. We really jumped on 'em early, up 4-1 after 1 and 7-3 after 3. They tied it up again briefly before we bounced back ahead 12-9, but we completely stalled over the last two innings with zero runs after plating runs every inning up until then, and they solidly batted around both the last two innings for 5 runs each, making the final 7-run win differential look much more comfortable than it was. We played well in general but just couldn't get the big outs we needed to stem the tide, even as we hit the best we have as a team yet this season. We may very well see them again in the playoffs.
Playoff game 1 vs Collar started slowly, got better slowly, then quickly went to crap. We missed a few easy outs in the early going, but held steady to only be down 6-2 through three innings, found our groove in the field while getting some better at-bats and closing the gap to only 1 run, 6-7, after 6. Feeling pretty good going into the last inning, but they had some really solid hits, including 2 multiple-run extra-base hits (a homer and a triple), to turn our light of hope into a shadow of disappointment, and we limped out of the bottom half of the inning with barely a rally. Definitely not the way we wanted to go out, not playing our best ball, but the game was much closer than the final score, and we had our chances despite not being on top of our game. And Collar made the finals, so there's that.