FWCZ Orang Keepers '96-'97

Check us out! High in the treetops of Orangutan Valley in the...

The Dillys in the front row are Craig Bonham & myself.
The hotties in the back row are Susi Bollinger-Eloph (former head keeper/Indo supervisor extraordinaire),
Kim Marsh (who later had our former boss's baby), and Michelle Lemberg.

Ask yourself, why am I the only one who looks alive in this photo?

Ok, here's another one where we're all kinda into it. Dig it.

Woo! I got some more group shots courtesy of Michelle, so here they are... a little bigger, but better quality. Pat Hebert the orang-groupie shows up in photo #1 and Dan Eicher (former zoo supervisor) is in the other two:

Photos (mostly) taken by Pat Hebert, November '96.

Interestingly, none of these people currently work with orangutans at the Ft. Wayne Zoo.

Click on the pics for much, MUCH larger versions of 'da O's!

Janji (R.I.P.), Melati and Tengku!

And check out Lucky while you're at it (R.I.P.)

Here's Jacquie, a really cool person who worked at the zoo the year before we got the Orangs, or she woulda been an O-Keeper, too. She's groovy as hell, and last I heard she got married, but I haven't talked to her in probably 7 years. Doh!

This is a siamang (small ape in the gibbon family) who is the coooolest primate I've ever met. His name is Gus. Say hello. I have this picture in my wallet.

This is a spectacled langur monkey named Lee who shit on me. Really.

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