Team Zoo 2008 - Philadelphia Zoo Softball

Boys in the back: Mike, Todd, The Law, Chris O, Bill, Ken, Joe
Girls in the front: Jenna, Tara, Amy, Martha, Liz
Girly boy on the ground: Doug
Not pictured: Bridget

We are a team of mostly Zoo staffers - primarily keepers, but we'll throw in some vet techs & education staff and gosh, even some upper management once in a while. We also welcome family and friends (and former employees!) to the team if they want to come out. We've been in this league (CCSL) since 2001 and have yet to make it to the finals, but we finished in 3rd in 2005 and lost to the eventual champion by 1 little run in the semi-finals. We love the spirit of battle, the camradarie, the challenge. We need the exercise. We're competitive, but we keep it pretty loose - I'm proud to say none of us are obnoxious jackasses. We certainly don't like to lose but the world will not end if we do. It's supposed to be fun and we'd like to keep it that way. We usually have a good time. Right on. See you on the field.