OB's CD List

's (entirely too) Massive CD Collection


Sadly, my entire (800+) CD collection was destroyed by fire on March 29, 2001. I did happen to have about 30 on me or in my car at the time that survived. I plan to keep this list up in its entirety, with those that survived in yellow and those that I newly purchase in white. All CDs lost but as yet not re-purchased are in orange. Any lost but re-purchased will be in white with an asterisk *. Any CDs that I decide to not re-purchase are in black. Confused? You're lucky I didn't use pastels. If I supported the record through a fan-funded campaign, it has a ^ next to it. Total projects I've helped fund: 54

The first CD I ever bought was Redhead Kingpin and the FBI's "A Shade of Red" (December of 1990) - the last CD I bought was Ghost of Vroom's "3" on 9/1/23. Here's my very-not-current list of CDs to buy... and check out what I'm listening to right now (or was, then).

March 29, 2001 total : 811 (800 was The Pharcyde's "Chapter One" - 700 was Weird Al's "Dare To Be Stupid" - 600 was The Monkees' "Instant Replay")

Current total : 2757   (33 + 2378 + *346) ~ [#200 was Soulcracker's "At Last, For You" - #300 was Weezer's "Maladroit" - #400 was Pearl Jam's "Riot Act" - #500 was Travis' "12 Memories" - #600 was Rachael Yamagata's "Happenstance" - #700 was The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night" - #800 was Fleetwood Mac's "The Dance" - #900 was Erin McKeown's "Sing You Sinners" - #1000 was Live's "Radiant Sea" - #1100 was Stephen Lynch's "3 Balloons" - #1200 was Jet's "Shaka Rock" - #1300 was Natalie Imbruglia's "Come To Life" - #1400 was Kenny Wayne Shepherd's "Live In Chicago" - #1500 was Joss Stone's "LP1" - #1600 was Jenny Owen Youngs' "Transmitter Failure" - #1700 was Green Day's "!Dos!" - #1800 was Justin Timberlake's "20/20 Experience (2 of 2)" - #1900 was Gary Clark Jr's "Live" - #2000 was Halsey's "Badlands" - #2100 was Red Hot Chili Peppers' "The Getaway" - #2200 was Prince's "Purple Rain" - #2300 was Rob Thomas' "Chip Tooth Smile" - #2400 was Billy Joel's "Glass Houses" - #2500 was Maddison Cunningham's "Who Are You Now" - #2600 was Eddie Vedder's "Earthling"; - #2700 was CCR's "Green River" I hit 812 and finally went over my "pre-fire total" on 1/21/06; 321+ of these CDs are live shows legally downloaded and burned on self-made CD-Rs; many of these are purchased files. Don't steal music, dipshits.] - Also, since I haven't re-purchased all the ones I lost, in the course of my life I've owned a total of 3,179 different CDs. I think.


Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

Above The Law:
Livin' Like Hustlers
Vocally Pimpin' (EP)
Black Mafia Life

Above The Rim Soundtrack *

All Balls Don't Bounce

Yve Adam:

Bryan Adams:
Reckless [30th Anniversary Deluxe edition]
Get Up
Shine A Light
Live @ Hammersmith Odeon [London, ENG; April 1985]
So Far, So Good [Best of]
Unplugged *

21 (2 CD deluxe edition)
25 (deluxe edition)

Adventure Lost:
Our Now! (as Jack and Our Now!) EP
Going Back To Sleep

African Witchcraft & Ritual Music - Various Artists

The Afros:
Kickin' Afrolistics

Agents of Good Roots:
Where'd You Get That Vibe? *
StraightAround *
One By One *
Seed (EP) *
Needle & Thread
Live @ Jewish Mother [Virginia Beach, VA] 6.3.96 (2 CD-R set)
Live @ TLA [Philly, PA] 7.24.98 (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Blind Pig [Ann Arbor, MI] 12.01.99 (2 CD-R set)
Live @ North Star [Philly, PA] 7.13.00 (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Lion's Den [NYC] 6.23.01 (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Alley Katz [Richmond, VA] 12.22.06 (2 CD-R set)

A Great Big World:
A Great Big World (EP)
Say Something (EP)
Is There Anybody Out There?
When The Morning Comes

Christina Aguilera:
Christina Aguilera
Back 2 Basics (2 CD set)


OK Orchestra

Alice In Chains:
Nothing Safe - Best of the Box *

Alien Ant Farm:
Greatest Hits
3rd Draft
Up In The Attic
E.P. Phone Home
Always And Forever (autographed!) ^
B-Sides (custom made CD-R)

Blake Allen:

Dot Allison:

The Alternate Routes:
Over Your Shoulder
Good and Reckless and True
The Brooklawn Session
The Watershed EP
A Sucker's Dream (autographed!)
Nothing More (autographed!) ^
It's That Time (Holiday EP)
Singles + B-Sides Galore [w/Steven Page & The Monkees mix] (CD-R)
Live... In Seattle [10.24.09]
Live & Acoustic (2 CD-R set; 9.27.13, 1.10.14, 1.17.14 & Pledge EP)
Live In Pawling [NY; 2016]

Anotha Level:
On Anotha Level

Another Bad Creation:
Coolin' At The Playground...Ya' Know!


A Place At The Table Soundtrack - The Civil Wars & T-Bone Burnett

Angie Aparo:
The American

Fiona Apple:
Tidal *
When The Pawn... *
Extraordinary Machine (Brion sessions, 2 versions; CD-R)
Extraordinary Machine
The Idler Wheel...
Fetch The Bolt Cutters

Arachnaphobia Soundtrack

Archis (EP)

The Argument:
Your New Favorite Band
Recess Serenade (Autographed!)
R.S. Bonus Disc
The Argument EP

Acoustic Soul

Billie Joe Armstrong:
No Fun Mondays

Arrested Development:
3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days In The Life Of...

Out Of Exile

The Autumn Affair:
When I See Your Ghost

Avenue Q Soundtrack

Ian Axel:
I'm On To You (EP)
This Is The New Year (original version)
This Is The New Year (re-release)
[see A Great Big World]

Doe or Die


Bad Company:
10 From 6 (Greatest Hits)

Erykah Badu:


Dan Baird:
Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired
Buffalo Nickel

Angie Baker:
The Chick CD

Julien Baker:
Little Oblivions

Band of Friends (Rory Gallagher Tribute):
Live [Evanston, IL; 4.24.18]

Heywood Banks:
Pretending I'm Not Home

Sara Bareilles:
Careful Confessions
Little Voice
Kaleidoscope Heart (deluxe edition)
Kaleidoscope Heart (UK version)
Once Upon Another Time (EP)
The Blessed Unrest (deluxe edition)
What's Inside: Songs From Waitress
What's Not Inside : The Lost Songs From Waitress
Amidst The Chaos
More Love: Songs From Little Voice Season 1
Live Session EP
Between The Lines : Live At The Fillmore [7.12.08; San Francisco, CA]
Gravity Tour 2009 EP [3.2-3.09; Chicago, IL]
iTunes Live From Soho [9.7.10; Apple Store, NYC]
Brave Enough : Live At The Variety Playhouse [5.20.13; Atlanta, GA]
Amidst The Chaos : Live From The Hollywood Bowl [11.2.19] (2 CD set)

Barenaked Ladies:
Gordon *
Maybe You Should Drive *
Born On A Pirate Ship *
Shoe Box (EP) *
Rock Spectacle [Misc Live] *
One Week (single) *
Barenaked For The Holidays
Everything To Everyone
Barenaked Ladies Are Me
Barenaked Ladies Are Men
All In Good Time
Grinning Streak [deluxe edition]
Ladies & Gentlemen [w/The Persuasions]
Stop Us If You've Heard This One Before! [Misc B-sides]
Au Naturale [Live in Denver 8.2.04]
Talk To The Hand: Live In Michigan [Clarkston; 6.15.07 partial]
Extended Versions [Misc. Live]

Dave Barnes:
Three Then Four (EP)
Brother, Bring The Sun
Chasing Mississippi
Me & You & The World
What We Want, What We Get
Stories To Tell
Who Knew It Would Be So Hard To Be Myself

Batman & Robin Soundtrack

Batman Forever Soundtrack

Beastie Boys:
Licensed To Ill *
Paul's Boutique *
Check Your Head *
Ill Communication *
Hello Nasty
The Skills To Pay The Bills (2 CD Set; Custom OB-Made Anthology)

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

The Beatles:
Please Please Me
A Hard Day's Night
Revolver *
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band *
Magical Mystery Tour
Rubber Soul *
White Album (2 CD set) *
Let It Be... Naked (2 CD set)
Abbey Road *
Past Masters (2 CD Set) * (Vol 2.)

The Beatnuts:
Intoxicated Demons (EP)
The Beatnuts *

Beau + Luci:
Fire Dancer (EP; autographed!)


Daniel Bedingfield:
Gotta Get Thru This

The Beeves:
The Beeves (EP)
Adam & Beeve

Before It's Lost
The Noisetrade Exclusive Covers EP

Bell Biv DeVoe:
Poison *
WBBD - Bootcity! (The Remix Album) *
Hootie Mack
Greatest Hits

Andrew Belle:
All Those Pretty Lights (EP)
The Ladder
The Daylight EP

Symphonie Fantastique *

Chuck Berry:
The Great-Twenty Eight

Betchadupa (EP)

Big City Villains:
Suspiciously Delicious

Big Daddy Kane:
It's a Big Daddy Thing
Prince of Darkness
Looks Like a Job For...
Daddy's Home

Jade Bird:
Jade Bird
Different Kinds Of Light
Live (custom mix; misc 2016-2018)

The Bird and the Bee:
Interpreting The Masters Volume 2: A Tribute to Van Halen

Michael Ian Black:
I Am A Wonderful Man

The Black Crowes:
The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
By Your Side *
1972 [Covers EP]

Black Eyed Peas:
Behind The Front

The Black Keys:
The Big Come Up
The Moan (EP)
Rubber Factory
Chulahoma - The Songs of Junior Kimbrough (EP)
Magic Potion
Attack & Release
El Camino
Turn Blue
"Let's Rock"
Delta Kream [covers]
Dropout Bookie

Black Sheep:
A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing *

Black Star:
Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star

Johnny Black and The 22's:
Soul Food (EP)

Blahzay Blahzay:
The Danger Remixes (single)*

Mary J. Blige:
What's The 411? *
What's The 411? Remix Album *
My Life
Share My World

Johnny Blk:
The New BLK

Blood Of Abraham:
Future Profits

Emmy Blotnick:
Party Nights

Bluegrass Wrecks the Music of Tenacious D - This Is Just A Tribute

Blue In The Face Soundtrack *

The Blue Method:
Vol. LIVE!

Blue Oyster Cult:
The Symbol Remains
The Best Of Blue Oyster Cult : Don't Fear The Reaper

Blues Traveler:
Blues Traveler
Travelers and Theives
Save His Soul
Live From The Fall (2 CD Set)

Straight On Til Morning *

...What You Eat (EP)

Tracy Bonham:
The Burdens of Being Upright *
The One (single)
Mother, Mother (single)
Sharks Can't Sleep (single)
The Liverpool Sessions *
Down Here *
Behind Every Good Woman (single) *
Bee (EP)
Blink The Brightest
In The City + In The Woods (EP)
Masts of Manhatta
Wax & Gold ^
Girl From The Golden West ^ (EP)
Modern Burdens [Burdens of Being Upright Re-make] ^
The Lost Recordings (EP; 96-97 demos)
Live Burdens : Live @ Levon Helm's Studio 11.11.16

Boogie Down Productions:
Criminal Minded
By All Means Necessary
Ghetto Music : Blueprint of Hip-Hop

Live Hardcore Worldwide *

Riders of the Storm : The Underwater Album
The Beginning of the End (single)

Boom! Bap! Pow!:
So Heavy

The Record

Butterfly Boucher:
I Can't Make Me (single)
Scary Fragile (pre-release & regular versions)
Butterfly Boucher
Happy Birthday Flutterby (10th Anniversary Re-recording) ^
Luxury Wafers Sessions [live 6/16/09]
Alive Vol. 1 [misc live 2010]

David Bowie:
The Next Day (deluxe edition)

Mutual Friends
We Were Here

Boyz N The Hood Soundtrack *

Boyz II Men:
Cooley High Harmony

Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise:
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise

The Brakes:
EP - Volume I
EP - Volume II
EP - Volume III
Tale Of Two Cities [Live in NYC/Ardmore]
Live @ Jam on the River 5/29/04 [Philly, PA] (CD-R)

Michelle Branch:
The Spirit Room

Brand New Heavies:
Heavy Rhyme Experience: Vol. 1

Brand New Immortals:
Tragic Show (autographed!)

Brand Nubian:
In God We Trust


Brave The Day:
Brave The Day (EP)
Brave The Day (demo LP)
Brave The Day (LP)

Toni Braxton:
Toni Braxton
The Heat

Bishop Briggs:
Church of Scars
When Everything Went Dark (EP+)

Jim's Mix (CD-R)

Leila Broussard:
Waiting On The 9 (EP; Special Edition)
Wolves Are At My Door (EP)
2013 Singles (EP)
Live @ Rockwood Music Hall [1.3.12 NYC] (CD-R)

Marc Broussard:
Momentary Setback
Must Be The Water (EP; autographed!)
Keep Coming Back
Marc Broussard
A Life Worth Living
SOS II : Soul On A Mission [covers]
SOS IV : Blues For Your Soul [covers]
Bootleg To Benefit The Victims of Hurricane Katrina (live EP; ca. 2005)
Live From Full Sail University [2.14.13; Winter Park, FL]

Bobby Brown:

James Brown:
20 All Time Greatest Hits

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown:
My Radio (EP)
From The Sandcastle (EP)
Wild Child
Bombay B-Sides (EP)
The Wayside (EP)
Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown
Truth And Lies
Rust N Roll (EP; autographed!)
Shake The Roots
Dirty Work (EP)

Buckshot LeFonque:
Buckshot LeFonque

Jimmy Buffett:
Songs You Know By Heart

A Bug's Life Soundtrack

The 'Burbs Soundtrack

Kevin Burt:
Stone Crazy
Thank You Brother Bill [Bill Withers Tribute; w/Big Medicine]

Busta Rhymes:
The Coming...

David Byrne & St. Vincent:
Love This Giant


Ryan Cabrera:
Take It All Away (sampler EP)

Fashion Nugget
Comfort Eagle
Pressure Chief
Showroom of Compassion
B-sides & Rarities

Tevin Campbell:
I'm Ready

Camp Lo:
Uptown Saturday Night

Rob Cantor:
Not A Trampoline

Jerry Cantrell:
Boggy Depot

George Carlin:
Class Clown
A Place For My Stuff!
Carlin On Campus
Playin' With Your Head
What Am I Doing In New Jersey?
Parental Advisory : Explicit Lyrics
Jammin' In New York
Back In Town
You Are All Diseased
Complaints and Grievances
It's Bad For Ya

Vanessa Carlton:
Be Not Nobody
Heroes & Thieves
Rabbits On The Run

Speak In Rhythms
Dan's Hall Sessins (live 2020 EP)

Paul Carrack:
The Paul Carrack Collection [Best Of]

Benjamin Carter:
Black Boys On The Radio Part 1 (EP)

Cartoon Gypsies:
Cartoon Gypsies

Carver Commodore:
Tell Me What You Want
Welcome to The Modern World
Too Much? (EP)
If Nothing Happens... (EP)

Johnny Cash:
The Essential Johnny Cash: Vol. I
The Essential Johnny Cash: Vol. II

Damon Castillo (Band) (fka Jivendirect/JND):
Then When *
Grip *
JND Enhanced (EP)
Revolving Door (EP)
Laurel Lane
Mess Of Me (autographed!) ^
Live @ Concerts In The Plaza (2 CD set; 7.14.06)
Live @ The Mission (2 CD set; 7.17.10)
Miscellaneous Live (self made CD-R)

Dominic Castillo:
5 Hideous Love Songs Plus 2 (EP)

CB4 Soundtrack

Channel Live:
Station Identification

Chicks Rock : Volume 1 - Various Artists (Custom Mix CD-R)
Chicks Rock : Volume 2 - Various Artists (Custom Mix CD-R)
Chicks Rock : Volume 3 - Various Artists (Custom Mix CD-R)

Chuck D:
Autobiography of Mistachuck

The Civil Wars:
Poison & Wine (EP)
Barton Hollow
The Civil Wars

Gary Clark, Jr.:
The Bright Lights EP
Blak And Blu
The Story of Sonny Boy Slim
This Land
Live [misc. 2013/14] (2 CD set)

The Clarks:
After-Show Mint (EP)

Kelly Clarkson:
My December
All I Ever Wanted (deluxe edition)
Stronger (deluxe edition)
Piece By Piece (deluxe edition)
Meaning Of Life

George Clinton:
Atomic Dog (remix single)

Club MTV Party To Go: Vol 1.

Joe Cocker:
The Anthology (2 CD hits set)
Live @ Woodstock [8.17.69]

Code Magenta:
Code Magenta *

A Rush Of Blood To The Head

College Boyz:
Radio Fusion Radio *
Nuttin' Less, Nuttin' Mo' *

Max Collins:
Honey From The Icebox (autographed!) ^

Stacie Collins:
The Lucky Spot
Sometimes Ya Gotta
Roll The Dice
Damn Girl! ^

Color Me Badd:
Time And Chance
Time And Chance (single)

Columbia Records Radio Hour Vol. 2 - Various Artists

Come Wind:
Grow My Roots (EP)
Wanderer, O' Wanderer (EP)
Move In Place

Common (Sense):
Resurrection *
One Day It'll All Make Sense
Like Water For Chocolate

Mary Frances Connelly:
Talking A Blue Streak

Harry Connick Jr.:
Blue Light Red Light *
She *
Star Turtle
Voodoo Mama (single)

It Takes a Thief

Chris Cornell:
No One Sings Like You Anymore, Volume One

Cosmic Fodder Supply, L.L.C.:
Stook's Random Mix (CD-R)

Cougar Fight:
Relapse (EP)

Counting Crows:
August And Everything After * (deluxe edition)
Recovering The Satellites *
This Desert Life
Hard Candy
Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings
Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation) [Covers]
Somewhere Under Wonderland (deluxe edition)
Films About Ghosts (The Best Of...)
AAEA Deluxe Edition Live Disc - 12/9/94 @ Elysee Montmartre, Paris
Across A Wire - Live In New York (2 CD Set; 8/12/97 & 11/6/97) *
Live @ Fox Theatre (8/17/99) - (Promo EP)
New Amsterdam - Live @ Heineken Music Hall (2/03)
August And Everything After - Live @ Town Hall [9.18.07; NY, NY]
Echoes of the Outlaw Roadshow [Misc. Live 2012]
4th of July Spectacular [Misc. Live Summer 2014]
Gimme The Thunder, Gimme The Rain (2 CD-R Set mix)

The Coup:
Takin' These (single)

To Hell And Black

Craig Mack:
Project: Funk Da World
Flava In Your Ear - Remix (single)

John Craigie:
Live In Portland [12.16.15]

(The) Crash Kings:
Crash Kings
Dark Of The Daylight (autographed!) ^
Live Nudes (EP; autographed!) ^

The Crash Motive:

Creedence Clearwater Revival:
Creedence Clearwater Revival (40th Anniversary Deluxe Reissue)
Bayou Country (40th Anniversary Deluxe Reissue)
Green River (40th Anniversary Deluxe Reissue)
Chronicle (20 Greatest Hits) *
Live At Woodstock [8.17.69]
At The Royal Albert Hall [4.14.70]

Crimson Tide Soundtrack

Jim Croce:
The Definitive Collection - Time In A Bottle (2 CD set)
The Lost Recordings

Sheryl Crow:
Tuesday Night Music Club *
Sheryl Crow *
The Globe Sessions *
My Favorite Mistake (single)
There Goes The Neighborhood (single) *
Sweet Child O' Mine (single) * [on Globe Sessions as bonus track]
C'mon, C'mon
100 Miles From Memphis
Feels Like Home
Be Myself (deluxe edition)
Live @ Paramount Theatre 4.12.99 (2 CD-R set)
Live From Central Park* [9.14.99]
The Live Room Sessions [Misc. 2013 live]

Crowded House:
Crowded House (2 CD deluxe edition)
Temple Of Low Men (2 CD deluxe edition)
Woodface (2 CD deluxe edition)
Together Alone (2 CD deluxe edition)
Recurring Dream (The Very Best Of)
Afterglow [unreleased + b-sides] (2 CD deluxe edition)
Time On Earth (2 CD deluxe edition)
Don't Stop Now (single)
Intriguer (2 CD deluxe edition)
Dreamers Are Waiting
Homebrew (Misc Live & Rare; Fan Club mix)
Live in LA [Wiltern Theater 12/17/91; Fan Club release]
Live In Berlin [12.8.93; Fan Club release]
Live '92-'94 Part 1
Live '92-'94 Part 2

Maddison Cunningham:
Love, Lose, Remember (EP)
For the Sake of the Rhyme (EP)
Who Are You Now

Rivers Cuomo:
Alone : The Home Recordings
Alone II : The Home Recordings
Alone III : The Pinkerton Years 1994-1997

Shannon Curfman:
Loud Guitars, Big Suspicions

Matthew Curry [& The Fury]:
Electric Religion
Shine On (EP)

Cypress Hill:
Cypress Hill *
Black Sunday *


Trent Dabbs:
What's Golden Above Ground
Decade Fades (EP)
Your Side Now

Strange Behaviour (EP)

Brown Sugar

Das Efx:
Dead Serious

Andy Davis:
Thinks Of Her
Fine China (EP)
Let The Woman
New History (EP)
Yellow Heartbreak ^

Days of the New:
Days of the New

Daytrotter Sessions - Various Artists (live mix)

Deal Casino:
Nika (EP)
Deal Casino
Woof. (EP)

Dear Stardom:
Same As Ever Was (EP)

Decent Xposure Volume Two - Various Artists
Decent Xposure Volume Four - Various Artists

Deep Cover Soundtrack *

Def Jef:
Just a Poet With Soul *
Soul Food *

Def Leppard:
S.L.A.N.G. (a gift!)

Gavin DeGraw:
Gavin DeGraw
Make A Move
Something Worth Saving

De La Soul:
3 Feet High and Rising *
De La Soul Is Dead *
Buhloone Mind State *
Breakadawn/Lovely How I Let My Mind Float (single)
Stakes Is High *
Art Official Intelligence : Mosaic Thump
First Serve (Plugs 1 & 2 Present)
And The Anonymous Nobody

Del Amitri:

Del The Funky HomoSapien:
I Wish My Brother George Was Here
No Need For Alarm
Both Sides Of The Brain

John Denver:
Take Me Home, Country Roads
Greatest Hits
The Best Of, Live

DGC Rarities Vol. 1 - Various Artists

Neil Diamond:
The Bang Years 1966-1968

Madi Diaz:
Skin & Bone
Ten Gun Salute (EP)
Plastic Moon (Pledge version; autographed!) ^
Plastic Moon (official release)
We Threw Our Hearts Into The Fire (autographed!) ^
History Of A Feeling

No Angel

Digable Planets:
Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space) *
Blowout Comb

Digital Underground:
Sex Packets *
This is an EP Release (EP) *
Sons of the P *
The Body-Hat Syndrome *
Future Rhythm *
Who Got The Gravy? *
The Greenlight EP

The DillyS:
The DillyS *

Dire Straits:
Money for Nothing

Dirty Honey:
Dirty Honey (EP)
Dirty Honey (LP)
Can't Find The Brakes

Holding Bodies (autographed!) ^

The Division Group:
Orange/Apple EP

Dixie Chicks:
Goodbye Earl (single)

Gabe Dixon (Band):
More Than It Would Seem
On A Rolling Ball
Gabe Dixon Band
One Spark
The Christmas EP
Turns To Gold ^
Lay It On Me
Let Me Be Tour Melody (EP)
Passing Through (EP)
Live At World Cafe (EP; 2.05)
True Live (EP; 11.29.13, Nashville)
Live In Boston (9.30.16, solo)
Live From The Soiled Dove [Denver, CO; 8.2.21, solo]
Live From Rockwood [NYC; 10.3.21]
Live Scholes Street [Brooklyn, NY ca. 2021]
GDB (promo EP)
Rare & Unreleased Vol. 1 (autographed!)
Demos & Live (2 CD-R set, custom mix)

DJ Honda:
DJ Honda

DJ Krush:

DJ Quik:
Quik Is The Name
Way 2 Fonky
Balance & Options

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince:
And In This Corner... *


Call Me D-Nice
To Tha Rescue

The D.O.C.
No One Can Do It Better

Josh Dodes Band:
Get Up

Tha Dogg Pound:
Dogg Food

Dog's Eye View:
Happy Nowhere *
Small Wonders (single)
The Prince's Favorite Son (single)
Happy Nowhere Sampler (EP) *
Daisy *
Tomorrow Always Comes

Domestic Problems:
Scattered Pieces *
Play *
A Domestic Problems Christmas
Live At Club Soda (Autographed!)
Live @ Majestic Theater 12/28/99 (CD-R)
Live @ Maxi's 1/26/00 [Unplugged] (CD-R)


The Donnas:
Gold Medal


Double XX Posse:
Put Ya Boots On

Mike Doughty:
Rockity Roll
Skittish/Rockity Roll (Re-Release Combo) [2 CD set w/bonus tracks]
Haughty Melodic [original and re-release w/bonus tracks]
The Gambler EP
Golden Delicious
Sad Man Happy Man
Yes And Also Yes
The Flip Is Another Honey [covers]
Super Bon Bon Circles... [Soul Coughing Reimagined] ^
Stellar Motel
The Heart Watches While The Brain Burns
Live @ The Maintenance Shop 4/28/00 [Ames, IA] (CD-R) Smofe + Smang [Live In Mpls. 2/27/02]
The Mystery Trees EP [Misc. live on air 2005]
Busking [live in NYC subway, 2/16/07]
The Question Jar Show (2 CD set) [Misc. 2009 live]
Live @ World Cafe Live 11/27/09 [Philly, PA] (2 CD set) - I was there!
Live @ TLA 11/16/11 [Philly, PA] (2 CD Set) - I was there!
Live @ Ken's House [Soul Coughing songs, 11/27/13?]

Dr. Dre:
The Chronic *
Presents...The Aftermath (Various Artists)
Chronic 2001

Dudes Jam : Volume 1 - Various Artists (Custom Mix CD-R)
Dudes Jam : Volume 2 - Various Artists (Custom Mix CD-R)
Dudes Jam : Volume 3 - Various Artists (Custom Mix CD-R)

Matt Duke:
Floating Mass Demo / Major Joke (EP)
XYX (Compilation with Trisha O'Keefe & Julia Othmer)
Winter Child
Kingdom Underground
Acoustic Kingdom Underground EP
One Day Die
Love On A Major Scale (EP) ^
singer/songwriter ^
The Phoenix ^
Unfit For Release: Demos and Unreleased Tracks (2005-2013)
Live @ Drexel 4.6.07 [Mandell Theater; Philly, PA] (CD-R)
The Key Studio Sessions [live 6.8.11; Philly, PA] (CD-R)
Matt Duke (custom made live/Xmas CD-R)


Greatest Hits (2 CD set) *

Earsnacks Vol. 1 - Various Artists
Earsnacks Vol. 4 - Various Artists
Earsnacks Vol. 5 - Various Artists
Earsnacks Vol. 6 - Various Artists
Earsnacks Vol. 8 - Various Artists
Earsnacks Vol. 9 - Various Artists

Eazy E:
Eazy Duz It *
5150 Home 4 Tha Sick (EP) * (as bonus tracks on Eazy Duz It reissue)

Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label - Various Artists


Elizabeth & the Catapult:
Elizabeth + The Catapult (EP)
Taller Children
The Other Side Of Zero
Like It Never Happened (autographed!) ^
Keepsake (autographed!) ^
sincerely, e. [w/bonus tracks] ^
Live @ World Cafe Live 7.17.09 [Philly, PA; Free @ Noon] (CD-R)
Live @ World Cafe Live 10.29.10 [Philly, PA; Free @ Noon] (CD-R)
Live @ World Cafe Live 2.21.14 [Philly, PA; Free @ Noon] (CD-R)

The Eliza Letters:
All The Trees Grew Sideways

Elle Macho:
!Es Potencial! (EP)
VOVO (EP) ^ (autographed!)
Lake Fever Sessions [live 12/08 EP] (CD-R)

The Slim Shady LP

New Blood, Old Soul (EP)

En Vogue:
Born To Sing
Funky Divas
Runaway Love

Business As Usual
Business, Never Personal

ER Soundtrack

Noga Erez:
Off The Radar
Kids (Against The Machine)

Eric B. & Rakim:
Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em

Forever Everlasting
Whitey Ford Sings The Blues

Everything (e:) :
Sol*id *
Everything *
Super Natural *
Father Christmas (single) *
People Are Moving (Autographed!)
In The Juju Underworld
Live @ Alley Katz 2/23/96 [Richmond, VA] (2 CD-R)
Live @ Friends of Georgetown Waterfront Park 7/4/96 [Washington, DC] (CD-R)
Live @ Rafter's 2/2/97 [Crested Butte, CO] (2 CD-R)
Live @ Club Toast 3/5/98 [Burlington, VT] (CD-R)
Live @ Stone Coast 4/14/98 [Portland, ME] (CD-R)
Live @ Brick City Music Hall 9/17/98 [Gainesville, FL] (CD-R)
Live @ The Bayou 12/31/98 [Washington, DC] (3 CD-R set)
Live @ JMU Convocation Center 8/28/99 [Harrisonburg, VA] (CD-R)
Live @ JMU Wilson Hall 8/26/00 [Harrisonburg, VA] (CD-R)

Eve 6:
Eve 6 *
It's All In Your Head
Speak In Code
Grim Value (EP)
Hyper Relevisation
Live Radio Show Promo
Eleventeen & B-Sides (custom made CD-R)
Miscellaneous Live & Demos (custom made CD-R)

The Evil Twins:
Never Look Back (EP)


Boots Factor:
Part Or Execution
Story In There Somewhere

The Overview Effect (EP)
Faintheart (EP)

Nate Farrar:
Shell Shocked

Dionne Farris:
Wild Seed-Wild Flower *
I Know (single) *
Don't Ever Touch Me (Again) (single)
Signs Of Life
For Truth If Not Love
Dionne Get Your Gunn (feat. The Russell Gunn Quartet) [Live @ Churchill Grounds 10.12-13.2012; Atlanta, GA] ^
DionneDionne [duo w/Charlie Hunter] (Dionne Warwick covers)

John Faye:
The JF Power Trip
Meddling Kid

Fearless Records 2002 and Beyond... (Various Artists)

Orenda Fink:
Invisible Ones

Finn Brothers:
Suffer Never (singles 1 & 2)
Angel's Heap (singles 1 & 2)
Everyone Is Here (autographed!)
Won't Give In (single)
Live @ Vic Theatre - Chicago, IL [7.23.04; radio promo]

Liam Finn:
I'll Be Lightning
FOMO (autographed & personalized!)

Neil Finn:
Try Whistling This
Sinner (single)
She Will Have Her Way (single)
One Nil
Rest Of The Day Off (single)
One All
Dizzy Heights
Out Of Silence
7 Worlds Collide - The Sun Came Out [Neil Finn & Friends]
The One All Interview (EP)
Live @ ABC Recovery Studios - Melbourne, AUS [7.7.98; radio promo]
Live @ Irving Plaza - NYC [7.22.98; radio promo]
7 Worlds Collide / Live @ The St. James [April 2001]
Live @ 9:30 Club - Washington, DC [7.18.02; fanclub release]
Live @ Showbox - Seattle, WA [2.16.03; radio promo]
Live @ The Commodore - Vancouver, CAN [2.17.03; radio promo]
Kitchen Sinks (B-sides + live, custom 2 CD-R set)

First Wives' Club Soundtrack

The Flava Unit:
Roll With The Flava

Fleetwood Mac:
Rumours (2 CD deluxe set) *
Rumours Live [LA, 8.29.77; 2 CD set] The Dance [LA, 5.23.97 (partial)]

Welcoming Home The Astronauts
To Madagascar And Back (EP)
Live From Atlanta [9/06]

Deirdre Flint:
The Shuffleboard Queens

Florence & The Machine:

John Fogerty:
Centerfield (25th Anniversary Edition)

Ben Folds Five:
Ben Folds Five *
Whatever and Ever Amen (deluxe edition re-issue) *
The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner *
The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind ^
Naked Baby Photos [B-sides/live/unreleased]
Ben Folds Five Live [misc. live 2012-13]

Ben Folds:
Rockin' The Suburbs
Speed Graphic (EP)
Sunny 16 (EP)
Super D (EP)
Way To Normal
Lonely Avenue (with Nick Hornby)
So There
The Best Imitation of Myself : A Retrospective (Collector's Edition 3 CD set)
Ben Folds Live [misc solo live 2002]
University A Capella [re-worked songs w/vocal groups]
Rarities (self-made mix CD-R; incl. "fake" WTN)

Follow For Now:
Follow For Now (autographed!)

Foo Fighters:
Foo Fighters
The Colour And The Shape (10th Anniversary Deluxe Reissue)
Wasting Light (2 CD Deluxe Edition)
Saint Cecilia (EP)
Concrete And Gold
Sonic Highways
Medicine At Midnight
But Here We Are
Hail Satin [Dee Gees; covers] / Live combo EP
Preparing Music For Concerts [Live EP ca. Spring 2023]

Fooling April:
Fooling April (EP)
Every Good Boy Does Fine
White Pine Sessions EP
In The Now
Nothing Left To Prove (EP)

Foxboro Hot Tubs [Green Day]:
Stop, Drop & Roll!

The Fractals:
BullsEye [as Kevin Hanson Trio]
Heavy Rotation
Lucky Red Shoes (EP)
Sakes Alive! (EP)

Dia Frampton:

Franklin Bridge:
EP Pre-Release

Friday Soundtrack

The Front Bottoms:
The Front Bottoms
Talon Of The Hawk
Rose (EP)
Back On Top

Blunted On Reality
The Score *

Standing On The Verge (Best Of)

Funky Butter:
Made Of You ^
Live @ World Cafe Live 7/15/05 [Philly, PA] (CD-R)

F.U. Don't Take It Personal *
Nervous Breakdown
Greatest Hits

Future Thieves:
Horizon Line
Future Thieves ^ (autographed!)
Emotional Cost (EP)
Exit/In [Live in Nashville; 9.10.18]
Live @ Blue Rock [Wimberley, TX; 3.24.16]


Jeffrey Gaines:
Headmasters of Mine (single)
Always Be
Jeffrey Gaines Live [dual disc] (I was there! 11/6/03)

Coolin' Off
Late For The Future

Gang Starr:
Daily Operation
Hard To Earn
Code of The Streets (single)

Kyle Gass Band:
Kyle Gass Band
Thundering Herd

Marvin Gaye:
What's Going On *

The Gayest Compilation Ever Made [EveryoneIsGay.com] - Various Artists
The Gayest Compilation Ever Made Vol. 2 - Various Artists

Teddy Geiger:
Underage Thinking

Genius / The Gza:
Liquid Swords

Georgia Satellites:
Georgia Satellites [Collector's Edition Remastered & Reloaded]
Lightnin' In A Bottle - The Official Live Album [Cleveland, OH; 12.11.88] (2 CD set)

Ghost of Vroom:
2 (EP)
Improv Set 2021 [Live @ Memphis Magnetic]

Gin Blossoms:
New Miserable Experience
Congratulations, I'm Sorry

Margaret Glaspy:
Emotions And Math
Born Yesterday (EP)
Echo The Diamond

A Thousand Miles Left Behind

Corey Glover:

Good Brother Earl:
Perfect Tragedy
Dog Years

Goodie Mob:
Soul Food

The Gracious Few:
The Gracious Few

Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five:
Message from Beat Street: The Best Of

Without Change *
Hang Around
Live Sessions
My Voice (EP #122/1000 Autographed!)
On My Own Two Feet
Alternate Mixes EP/Misc. Live (custom CD-R)

Green Day:
Insomniac *
Nimrod. *
Warning: *
American Idiot
21st Century Breakdown
Revolution Radio
Father of All Motherf*ckers
BBC Sessions (misc. live 94-01)

Grey Eye Glances:
A Little Voodoo

Christina Grimmie:
With Love

Grohl x Kurstin:
The Hanukkah Sessions 2020
The Hanukkah Sessions 2021

Gary Gulman:
Boyish Man
Conversations With Inanimate Objects
All I Want For Chanukah is Christmas
No Can Defend
In This Economy?
It's About Time
The Great Depresh

Guns N' Roses:
Appetite For Destruction *
Use Your Illusion 1
Use Your Illusion 2
Live Era '87-93 (2 CD set)

Jazzmatazz Vol. 2

The Future


Hall & Oates:
The Very Best Of

Room 93 (EP)
Badlands (deluxe edition)
hopeless fountain kingdom (deluxe edition)
Manic (deluxe edition)
If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power (deluxe edition)

Middle of Nowhere *
This Time Around *
Underneath Acoustic
Strong Enough To Break (Underneath Demos)
The Walk
Stand Up Stand Up (EP)
Shout It Out
Loud (EP)
Play (EP)
Perennial (2 CD set)
Against The World
Red Green Blue
String Theory (2 CD set; Hits w/orchestra)
RNR [Roots & Rock n' Roll] (Covers EP)
The Best Of Hanson : Live & Electric
21 Years Of Music : Live EP

Ben Harper:
Welcome To The Cruel World *
Fight For Your Mind *
The Will To Live
Live (EP)
Burn To Shine *
Burn To Shine Bonus Live EP
Forgiven (single)
Diamonds On The Inside
White Lies For Dark Times [w/Relentless7]
Give Till It's Gone
Get Up! [w/Charlie Musselwhite]
Call It What It Is
No Mercy In This Land [w/Charlie Musselwhite]
Bloodline Maintenance
Live @ Tramps 9.27.96 [NY, NY] (CD-R)
Live @ Vega 11.7.97 [Copenhagen] (CD-R)

Live From Mars (2 CD Set) [misc. 2000]
Live From The International Montreal Jazz Festival [7.12.09; w/Relentless7]
Live @ Granada Theater 9.10.13 [Dallas, TX] (CD-R)
Live @ Red Rocks 9.15.15 [Morrison, CO] (2 CD-R set)

David Ryan Harris:
David Ryan Harris (autographed!) *
Atlanta (EP) (autographed!)
Soulstice (autographed!)
The Indy 5 (limited edition EP; autographed!)
The Bittersweet (autographed!)
Lightyears (autographed!) ^
Songs For Other People (autographed!)
David Ryan Harris + Scary Pockets

Ralph Harris:
Hickey Head (autographed!)

Emerson Hart:
Cigarettes & Gasoline
Beauty In Disrepair (autographed!)

Joe Hawley:
Joe Hawley Joe Hawley
Hawaii: Part II (Miracle Musical)

Steph Hayes:
Dirty Beauty [w/The Good Problems]
Made To Change (2 EP CD set)

Fran Healy:

Greatest Hits

Heart Society:
Wake The Queens (EP)

Heavy D. and they Boyz:
Peaceful Journey
Blue Funk
Nuttin' But Love

Samm Henshaw:
The Sound Experiment (EP)
The Sound Experiment II (EP)
Untidy Soul

Here Come The Mummies:
Terrifying Funk From Beyond The Grave
Everlasting Party
Single Entendre
Carnal Carnival
Bed, Bath & Behind
Cryptic (autographed!) ^
A La Mode (EP)
Pull It Off (EP)
Shocker (EP)
MuertoDiesel (EP)
A Blessing And A Curse
All Excess [all new, misc. live 2018]
House Party [all new, misc. live 2022]
The Tiny Tuts (EP) [kids' album]
Bootay Vol 1. : Live in Chicago 2.18.17
Bootay Vol. 2 : Live in Toronto 9.13.19

Katie Herzig:
Apple Tree
The Waking Sleep
Live In Studio : Acoustic Trio [2009] (CD-R)

Ari Hest:
Come Home (autographed!)
Story After Story
Consistency (Live SAS Bonus Disc)
Someone To Tell (autographed!)
Guilty Hearts EP
The Green Room Sessions (EP; autographed!)
The Break-In
Twelve Mondays
Sunset Over Hope Street (2 CD deluxe edition; autographed!)
The Fire Plays (autographed!)
Best of 52 (self-made CD-R)
Live (self-made CD-R)

Third Eye Vision

Higher Learning Soundtrack

High Fade:
Live In London (EP) [2023]
High Fade (Singles/Live custom mix)

High School High Soundtrack

Lauryn Hill:
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill *

Cliff Hillis:
Be Seeing You

The Hint:
When It Gets Dark Enough...

Will Hoge:
Blackbird On A Lonely Wire
The America EP
The Man Who Killed Love
Draw The Curtains
The Wreckage
Number Seven (autographed!)
Modern American Protest Music (EP)
Never Give In (autographed!)
Small Town Dreams
My American Dream
Tiny Little Movies
Wings On My Shoes
The Living Room Sessions (acoustic EP)
All Night Long - Live @ The Exit/In (2000? [Nashville, TN])
Almost Alone (live 2.18.03 [Atlanta, GA])
During The Before And After (live 7.23.2004 [Birmingham, AL])
Live In Charleston (3.2006 [Charleston, SC])
Again Somewhere Tomorrow (live 9.29-30.2006 [Nashville, TN])
Solo & Live - December 2015 (12.13 [Jackson, MS])

Buddy Holly:
Gold (2 CD set)

Craig Honeycutt:
The Best Way Out

Honor By August:
Drowning Out The Television

Hootie & The Blowfish:
Cracked Rear View *
Fairweather Johnson *
Musical Chairs
Scattered, Smothered & Covered *
Hootie & The Blowfish
The Attachment (EP)
Looking For Lucky
B-Sides (LFL Companion EP)
Imperfect Circle

Hoots & Hellmouth:
Hoots & Hellmouth
The Holy Open Secret
Face First In The Dirt (EP)

Griffin House:
Lost & Found Sampler EP

House Of Pain:
House Of Pain
Same As It Ever Was *

The Hovercrafts:
The Hovercrafts (custom-made "Best Of")

Huge Down Here:
Breaking The Ice
Simple And Bitter
Leave An Impression
Bring It On
Breaking The Demos (demos vol.1)
Simple And Demos (demos vol.2)
Leave An Demos (demos vol.3)
Bring Demos On (demos vol.4)

Hundred Hounds:
Live (EP)
Heroics (CD-R)

Charlie Hunter:
Bing, Bing, Bing! (trio)
Friends Seen And Unseen (trio)
Copperopolis (trio)
Baboon Strength (Autographed?)

Comin' Off (single)

The Hush Money (DRH):
Maiden America

Eric Hutchinson:
That Could've Gone Better
Before I Sold Out
Sounds Like This
Moving Up Living Down
Pure Fiction
Easy Street
Modern Happiness
Class of '98
Before & After Life
Sounds Like This: Bootlegs & Board Tapes [misc live ca. 2008]
Almost Solo In NYC [11.2-3.2012]


I Am Sam Soundtrack

Ice Cube:
AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted *
Kill At Will (EP) * (as bonus tracks on AMW re-release)
Death Certificate *
The Predator *
Lethal Injection *
Bootlegs and B-Sides *
Raw Footage sampler

O.G. Original Gangster

Nate Ihara:
Nate Ihara [OB custom mix CD-R]

Parallel Universe
In Real Life
Where To Begin
Tie The Knot With All That You Got
The Little People, Church & The Steeple (EP)
The Living Room Show [10.21.06 Atlanta, GA]

The Untold Truth
Head or Gut (single)

Natalie Imbruglia:
Left of the Middle *
Torn (single #1) *
Torn (single #2)
Wishing I Was There (single) *
Big Mistake (single #1) *
Big Mistake (single #2)
Smoke (single)
West Of The Center (LotM B-sides Mix)
White Lilies Island
That Day (single)
Wrong Impression (single)
Beauty On The Fire (singles 1&2)
Counting Down The Days
Shiver (singles 1&2)
Counting Down The Days (single)
Glorious: Singles 1997-2007
Glorious (single)
Come To Life
Male [Covers LP]
Firebird (autographed!)

100 Degrees and Rising

Make Yourself
Morning View
A Crow Left Of The Murder
Light Grenades
Monuments & Melodies (2 CD set; hits and b-sides)
If Not Now, When?
Trust Fall (Side A) EP
Trust Fall (Side B) EP
Alive At Red Rocks Bonus EP
Live At Lollapalooza 2003
Live In Japan 2004 (2 CD set)
Live In Sweden 2004 (2 CD set)
HQ Live Special Edition (2011; 3 CD set)

Independence Day Soundtrack

In Tha Beginning...There Was Rap - Various Artists

In Your Ear 4 - Various Artists
In Your Ear 5 - Various Artists *
In Your Ear 7 - Various Artists


Lucas Jack:
Before I Forget (autographed!)
Make It Beautiful (autographed!)

Janet Jackson:
Rhythm Nation 1814
The Velvet Rope

Michael Jackson:
Off The Wall *
Thriller *
Bad *
HIStory Vol. 1 (2 CD Set)

Jade To The Max

Sarah Jaffe:
Suburban Nature

Tyler James:
It Took The Fire

The Jane Anchor:
Sinner Sessions (EP)
Just Wait (EP)
Second Wave

Jason's Lyric Soundtrack

Jazziz October 2004: Ed. 4 - Various Artists
Jazziz November 2004: The Key Players Volume 4 - Various Artists
Jazziz December 2004: Standards Old & New Vol. 1 (Vocals) - Various Artists
Jazziz January 2005: Critics & Readers Choice/The Best of 2004 - Various Artists
Jazziz February 2005: Love... strings, flings and movie things - Various Artists
Jazziz March 2005: Guitars 3 - Various Artists
Jazziz April 2005: Traditions in Transition 3 - Various Artists
Jazziz May 2005: What In The World Vol. 5 - Various Artists
Jazziz June 2005: Cool Summer Vol. 4 - Various Artists
Jazziz July 2005: Women 6 - Various Artists
Jazziz August 2005: A Little Blues In The Mix - Various Artists
Jazziz September 2005: Fall Into Jazz - Various Artists

Jealousy Curve:
Life As An Addict
This Is For Your Own Destruction (EP)
From Under The Vermillion Moon [B-sides, etc.] (2 CD set)

Jerky Boys Soundtrack

Get Born
Shine On
Shaka Rock

Pieces of You

Jimmy Eat World:
Static Prevails
Bleed American
Bleed American Deluxe Edition (2 CD set)
Futures (2 CD deluxe edition)
Stay On My Side Tonight (EP)
Chase This Light
Invented (deluxe edition)
Integrity Blues
Are You Listening? (mostly live EP)

Joe & Leah's Wedding Mix - Various Artists

Forever My Lady
Diary of a Mad Band *
The Show, The After Party, The Hotel

Billy Joel:
Streetlife Serenade
The Stranger
52nd Street
Glass Houses
The Nylon Curtain
An Innocent Man
The Bridge *
Storm Front
River of Dreams
The Complete Hits Collection 1973-1997 (4 CD Set) *
Songs In The Attic
Additional Collected Masters [Rarities]
Kohuept [Live 1987, incomplete]
A Matter Of Trust : The Bridge To Russia [Live 1987] (2 CD set)
The Millenium Concert (3 CD Set)

Tommy Johnagin:
Stand-Up Comedy

John & Brittany:
John & Brittany (EP)
Start Sinning

Jack Johnson:
On And On

Jillette Johnson:
Water In A Whale
All I Ever See In You Is Me ^
It's a Beautiful Day and I Love You

Daisy Jones & The Six:

Matthew Perryman Jones:
Throwing Punches In The Dark
Swallow The Sea
Crash Boom Bang (EP)
The Distance In Between (EP)
Until The Dawn Appears: A Retelling
Land Of The Living ^
Cold Answer

Norah Jones:
The Fall
Little Broken Hearts (2 CD deluxe edition)

Zach Jones & The Tricky Bits:
Rendezvous With A Comet (EP)
Plastic Soul

Montell Jordan:
This Is How We Do It

Greatest Hits *

Juice Soundtrack

Jungle Brothers:
Done By The Forces Of Nature

Junior M.A.F.I.A.:

Just Say Noel - Various Artists



Neva Again
Made In America

Best Of *

Hello (EP)
Leo Rising

Theo Katzman:
Romance Without Finance
Heartbreak Hits
Modern Johnny Sings: Songs in the Age of Vibe
Be The Wheel
My Heart Is Live In Berlin [4.26.19]
Modern Johnny Sings: Songs In The Age of Live [2.21.20; Long Island, NY]

Stephen Kellogg (& the Sixers):
Rain Summer
South of Stephen
Lucky Eleven
Bulletproof Heart
Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers
One Night In Brooklyn (EP; from The First Waltz CD/DVD)
Glassjaw Boxer
The Bear
Gift Horse
Blunderstone Rookery
South, West, North, East (2 CD set)
Objects In The Mirror
Keep It Up, Kid ^ (autographed!)
Live From The Heart: SK6RS' 1000th Show [4.3.10, NYC] (2 CD set)

Ben Kenney:
Distance And Comfort
Burn The Tapes
Leave On Your Makeup (EP)
Must Be Nice
Live, Etc. [oB-made live + misc] (CD-R)

Alicia Keys:
Songs In A Minor
The Diary Of Alicia Keys
As I Am

Kill The Alarm:
Fire Away
Against The Grain (EP) ^
Sleeping Giant (EP)

Cheyenne Kimball:
The Day Has Come

Carole King:

Elle King:
Love Stuff
Shake The Spirit
Come Get Your Wife

King Of The Hill Soundtrack

Kings of Leon:
Only By The Night

K.M.D. :
Mr. Hood

Davy Knowles [& Back Door Slam]:
Roll Away
Coming Up For Air
The Outsider (autographed!) ^
Three Miles From Avalon ^
What Happens Next
Vol. 1 Tributes (digi-EP; CD-R)
Live From Melbourne Australia [10.20.09]
Live @ World Cafe Live 12.31.09 [Free @ Noon] (CD-R)
Best Of The Bootlegs 2017 [misc. live] (autographed!)
Live @ Daryl's House [Pawling, NY; selections from 2017/2019]

Kool Moe Dee:
Knowledge Is King *
Funke Funke Wisdom

Ed Kowalczyk:
The Flood And The Mercy

Lenny Kravitz:

Return of the Boom Bap *
I Got Next

Kuf Knotz:
Boombox Logic

A Constipated Monkey


La Bamba Soundtrack *

L.A. Exes:
Get Some

Johnny Lang:
Lie To Me
Wander This World

Larkin Poe:
Reskinned (autographed!)
Venom & Faith
Self Made Man
Blood Harmony
Paint The Roses [Live; Miami Beach, 12.12.20]

Latin Alliance:
Latin Alliance

Avril Lavigne:
Let Go
Under My Skin
Avril Live Acoustic (EP)
The Best Damn Thing
Goodbye Lullaby (Deluxe Edition)
Avril Lavigne
Head Above Water
Love Sux

Living Room
Hotel TV

Leaders of the New School:
Future Without A Past
The Inner Mind's Eye (T.I.M.E.) *

Led Zeppelin:
Houses Of The Holy

Amos Lee:
Amos Lee
Supply & Demand
Last Days At The Lodge

John Legend & The Roots:
Wake Up! (deluxe edition)

Da Lench Mob:
Guerillas in tha Mist

Shadows (autographed!) ^
The Bright Side

Huey Lewis & The News:
Sports (Expanded Edition)
Hard At Play
Greatest Hits

Juliette Lewis [& The Licks]:
...Like a Bolt of Lightning (EP)
You're Speaking My Language
Four On The Floor
Terra Incognita
Future Deep (EP; autographed!)

No Name Face
Stanley Climbfall
Who We Are
Smoke & Mirrors (2-CD deluxe edition)
Almeria (deluxe edition)
Out Of The Wasteland (deluxe edition)
Goodbye Kanan (EP)

Lilith Fair Volume 2 - Various Artists
Lilith Fair Volume 3 - Various Artists

Dua Lipa:
Future Nostalgia
Future Nostalgia - The Moonlight Edition

Andrew Lipke:
The Way Home...
Motherpearl and Dynamite
The Plague
Siddiqah (EP)
Siddhartha (EP)
Songs From The Quarantine (A Work In Progress)
Second Hand Songs (covers EP)

Jeremy Lister:
The Bed You Made

Sharon Little:
Perfect Time For a Breakdown
First Cut (A Sneak Peek EP)

Little-T and One Track Mike:
Fome Is Dape (single)

+ Live + :
Mental Jewelry *
Throwing Copper * (25th Anniversary Edition)
All Over You (single)
Secret Samahdi *
The Distance To Here *
They Stood Up For Love (single) *
Birds of Pray
Songs From Black Mountain
Local 717 (EP)
Radiant Sea [mostly live compliation]

Live from 6A : Music From Late Night with Conan O'Brien - Various Artists

Live On Letterman : Music From The Late Show - Various Artists

Living Colour:
Vivid *
Glamour Boys (single)
Open Letter (To A Landlord) (Maxi and 3" single)

Time's Up *
Pride (single)
Solace Of You (single)
Biscuits (EP) *
Stain *
Auslander (single)
Nothingness (single)
Bi (single)

Pride *
The Chair In The Doorway
What's Your Favorite Color? Remixes, B-Sides & Rarities
Live From CBGB's - Tuesday 12/19/89
Live August 19, 2005 @ CBGB [The Bowery Collection]
Vivid "25" - Live at the Paradise [Boston; 4.5.13]

Cuz I Love You (Super Deluxe)

Close To The Silence
The World From Here (EP)

L.L. Cool J:
Bigger & Deffer

Walking With A Panther *
Mama Said Knock You Out *
14 Shots to the Dome
Mr. Smith
Loungin' (single)

Lisa Loeb:
Tails *
Firecracker *
Cake And Pie
Hello Lisa
Underdog (EP #236/1000)
The Way It Really Is
Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves (EP)
Camp Lisa
No Fairy Tale

The Lonely Island:

Liz Longley:
Take You Down (autographed!)
Somewhere In The Middle
Hot Loose Wire
Inside This Song (EP)
Liz Longley
Funeral For My Past
FFMP Acoustic EP

Lord Finesse:
Hip 2 Da Game (single)

Lords of the Underground:
Here Come The Lords
Keepers of the Funk

Pixie Lott:
Turn It Up Louder

Love Jones Soundtrack

Lovers Electric:
Lovers Electric
Honey (single)
Anything You Want

A Low Down Dirty Shame Soundtrack

Luscious Jackson:
Fever In, Fever Out

Stephen Lynch:
A Little Bit Special
The Craig Machine
Three Balloons
Lion [2 CD set; incl. 7/10/12 in NYC]
My Old Heart [2 CD set; incl. 3/16/18 in Kalamazoo]


Music (single)

Deva Mahal:
Run Deep

Raul Malo:

Mammoth WVH:

Chosen (EP)
Teatro d'ira: Vol. I
Rush! (Are U Coming?)

The New Gun

Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch:
You Gotta Believe *

Bob Marley:

Marley Marl:
In Control Volume II

Songs About Jane
It Won't Be Soon Before Long (2 CD deluxe edition)
Hands All Over (deluxe edition)
Overexposed (deluxe edition)
V (deluxe edition)
1.22.03 Acoustic (EP)

Demitri Martin:
These Are Jokes
Standup Comedian

Ricky Martin:
Ricky Martin

The Massacoustics:
The Massacoustics
Hit Me Hard
Suburban Songs
Driver's Side Window (EP)
The Banjo EP
Sixty Cycle Hum
Livin' The Dream ['Live From Margaritaville' - Key West, FL; 1/15/09]

Matchbox Twenty:
More Than You Think You Are
Exile On Mainstream (2 CD set; new EP, hits CD)
Where the Light Goes

Dave Matthews Band:
Remember Two Things *
Remember Two Things (Re-release; bonus tracks)
Recently (EP) *
11 Song Sampler RCA Promo
Under The Table And Dreaming *
Under The Table And Dreaming (Re-release; bonus tracks)
Typical Situation (single)
Ants Marching (single)

Crash *
Too Much (single)
So Much To Say (single)

Two Step (single CD-R) *
Before These Crowded Streets *
Don't Drink The Water (single)
Stay (Wasting Time) (single)

Everyday *
Busted Stuff
Stand Up [dual disc]
Stand Up companion disc [B-sides]
Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King (US & UK versions)
Little Red Bird (BW&GGK deluxe edition bonus EP)
Away From The World (deluxe edition)
Come Tomorrow
Some Devil (Dave Matthews solo)
The Batson Sessions (CD-R)
The Summer So Far [Lillywhite Sessions] (CD-R)
Various Demos 1990-1993 (CD-R)
Ardent Studio Sessions June 1992 [Memphis, TN] (CD-R)
2002 Holiday Tour (Encore Trax) [misc. live 12/02, Live Trax Vol. 40 bonus CD]
Live At... [Dave & Tim, misc 2003 dates; Some Devil bonus CD]
Live At... [DMB, misc 2003 dates; Central Park DVD bonus CD]
JPJ Extended (Encore Trax) [misc live 11/20/10, Live Trax Vol. 28 bonus CD]
Greetings From Bader Field [Live in AC bonus CD; misc 6/24-25/11]
2012 Summer Tour Sampler [Away From The World bonus]
Come Tomorrow limited edition companion [misc live]
Rhino's Choice [misc 2018 live]
Three Days In The Ground [Live Lillywhites] (Custom Made CD-R)
Live "Rare" Mix, Various Dates [DMB/Dave & Tim] (CD-R)

Warehouse 5 (misc live fanclub EP / CD-R)
Warehouse 7 Volume 5 (misc live fanclub EP)
Best of Caravans 2011 [misc live] (2 CD-R set)
DMB Live 25 (2 CD set, Anniversary Unreleased Misc. Live)
Live Soundchecks 2/5/94, 7/21/94, 2/23/97 (Dave & Tim) (CD-R)
Live @ Trax 11/26/91 [Charlottesville, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Flood Zone 6/17/92 [Richmond, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Trax 7/21/92 [Charlottesville, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Trax 11/11/92 [Charlottesville, VA] (Live Trax Vol. 37, 3 CD set)
Live @ Trax 12/29/92 [Charlottesville, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Trax 1/26/93 [Charlottesville, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Flood Zone 1/27/93 [Richmond, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Corrin Refectory (Salem College) 4/2/93 [Winston-Salem, NC] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ The Muse 8/16-18/93 [Nantucket, MA; compilation] (Live Trax Vol. 30, 2 CD set)
Live @ Wetlands Preserve 8/19/93 [NY, NY] (Live Trax Vol. 20, 2 CD set)
Live @ Van Riper's Campground 10/3/93 [Afton, VA] (CD-R)
Live @ A Car Dealership Parking Lot 10/7/93 [Columbia, SC] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Trax 11/2/93 [Charlottesville, VA] (3 CD-R set) *
Live @ Memorial Field House (Trinity College) 11/13/93 [Hartford, CT] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ The Bayou 11/27/93 [Washington, DC] (CD-R)
Live @ Flood Zone 12/1/93 [Richmond, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Trax 12/7/93 [w/Tim; Charlottesville, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Flood Zone 12/8/93 [w/Tim; Richmond, VA] (2 CD-R set) *
Live @ The Record Exchange 12/28/93 (early, Dave solo) [Charlotte, NC] (CD-R)
Live @ Pterodactyl Club 12/28/93 (late) [Charlotte, NC] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Marriott Ballroom 12/31/93 [Richmond, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Dobson Ice Arena 1/6/94 [Vail, CO] (CD-R)
Live @ Wetlands 1/29/94 [Dave & Tim; NY, NY] (CD-R, 1st set only)
Live @ Georgia Theater 2/4/94 [Athens, GA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Georgia Theater 2/5/94 [Athens, GA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Ziggy's 2/10/94 [Winston-Salem, NC] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Rockafellas' 2/16/94 [Columbia, SC] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Trax 2/22/94 [Charlottesville, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Flood Zone 2/24/94 [Richmond, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Sweet Briar College 2/25/94 [Sweet Briar, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Benchwarmers 3/7/94 [Lawrence, KS] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Fox Theatre 3/10/94 [Boulder, CO] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Schuba's 3/19/94 [Chicago, IL] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Irving Plaza 3/26/94 [NY, NY] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Lafayette's 3/30/94 [Oxford, MS] (CD-R)
Live @ New Daisy Theater 3/31/94 [Memphis, TN] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Georgia Theater 4/6/94 [Athens, GA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Van Riper's Campground 4/24/94 [Afton, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Town Point Park 4/26/94 [Norfolk, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ State Palace Theatre 4/30/94 [New Orleans, LA] (CD-R)
Live @ Prism Coffeehouse 5/7/94 [Dave & Shannon Worrell; Charlottesville, VA] (CD-R)
Live @ Backstage Tavern 7/17/94 [Seattle, WA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Ivory Tusk 7/21/94 [Tuscaloosa, AL] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ The Nick 7/22/94 [Birmingham, AL] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Summer Jam 7/23/94 [Charlotte, NC] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Irving Plaza 7/28/94 [NY, NY] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ The Muse 8/2/94 [Nantucket, MA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Paradise Rock Club 8/5/94 [Boston, MA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Met Cafe 8/6/94 [Providence, RI] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Ziggy's Tavern 8/12/94 [Winston Salem, NC] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Strawberry Banks 8/13/94 [Hampton, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center 8/20/94 [Darien Center, NY; HORDE Festival] (CD-R)
Live @ Fox Theater 8/27/94 [Boulder, CO] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Gerald Ford Ampitheater 8/28/94 [Vail, CO] (CD-R)
Live @ NY State Fairgrounds 8/30/94 [Syracuse, NY; HORDE Festival] (CD-R)
Live @ Jones Beach Ampitheater 9/1/94 [Wantagh, NY; HORDE Festival] (CD-R)
Live @ Waterloo Village 9/4/94 [Stanhope, NJ; HORDE Festival] (CD-R)
Live @ Trax 9/26/94 [Dave & Tim, Charlottesville, VA] (CD-R)
Live @ McIntire Ampitheatre (UVA) 9/27/94 [Charlottesville, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Flood Zone 9/28/94 [Richmond, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Roseland Ballroom 9/30/94 [NY, NY] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ TLA 10/1/94 [Philly, PA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Club-Soda 10/5/94 [Montreal, Canada] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Lee's Palace 10/6/94 [Toronto, CA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Avalon 10/8/94 [Boston, MA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel 10/9/94 [Providence, RI] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Pearl Street Night Club 10/11/94 [Northampton, MA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ The Stone Balloon 10/12/94 [Newark, DE] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Georgia Theater 10/14/94 [Athens, GA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Oak Mountain Ampitheater 10/15/94 [Pelham, AL] (CD-R)
Live @ 328 Performance Hall 10/20/94 [Nashville, TN] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Mississippi Nights 10/21/94 [St. Louis, MO] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Blue Note 10/22/94 [Columbia, MO] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Barrymore Theater 10/27/94 [Madison, WI] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ The Roxy 11/1/94 [Amsterdam, Netherlands] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Lisner Auditorium (GWU) 11/8/94 [Washington, DC] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Anderson Coliseum (VA Horse Center) 11/9/94 [Lexington, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Wait Chapel (WFU) 11/11/94 [Wake Forest, NC] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Legends (ASU) 11/12/94 [Boone, NC] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Electric Ballroom 11/13/94 [Knoxville, TN] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ The Vogue 11/14/94 [Indianapolis, IN] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Fox Theatre 11/17/94 [Boulder, CO] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Fox Theatre 11/18/94 [Boulder, CO] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Paramount Theatre 11/19/94 [day; Denver, CO] (CD-R)
Live @ Fox Theatre 11/19/94 [night; Boulder, CO] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Marriot Vail Mountain Resort 11/20/94 [Vail, CO] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Cat's Paw 11/23/94 [Bozeman, MT] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Roseland Theater 11/25/94 [Portland, OR] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Backstage Tavern 11/26/94 [Seattle, WA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Good Times 11/29/94 [Eugene, OR] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Recreation Hall 12/2/94 [Davis, CA] (CD-R)
Live @ San Jose Event Center 12/3/94 [San Jose, CA] (CD-R)
Live @ Great American Music Hall 12/4/94 [San Francisco, CA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Rockafeller's 12/16/94 [Houston, TX] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Boutwell Municipal Auditorium 12/28/94 [Birmingham, AL] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Grady Cole Center 12/29/94 [Charlotte, NC] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Bender Arena 12/30/94 [Washington, DC] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Marriott Ballroom 12/31/94 [Richmond, VA] (2 CD-R set) *
Live @ Memorial Auditorium 1/26/95 [Burlington, VT] (CD-R)
Live @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel 1/31/95 [Providence, RI] (Live Trax Vol. 33, 2 CD set)
Live @ Palace Theater 2/8/95 [Albany, NY] (CD-R)
Live @ Tower Theater 2/10/95 [Upper Darby, PA] (CD-R)
Live @ Tower Theater 2/11/95 [Upper Darby, PA] (CD-R)
Live @ Roseland Ballroom 2/23/95 [NY, NY] (2 CD-R set) *
Live @ Roseland Ballroom 2/24/95 [NY, NY] (2 CD-R set) *
Live @ Kirby Fieldhouse (Lafayette College) 2/25/95 [Easton, PA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ State Theater 3/8/95 [Kalamazoo, MI] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Cameron Indoor Stadium 4/7/95 [Durham, NC] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ L.B. Day Amphitheater 5/5/95 [Salem, OR] (Live Trax Vol. 12, 2 CD set)
Live @ Yoshi's 5/10/95 [Oakland, CA] (CD-R) *
Live @ Warfield Theater 5/10/95 [San Francisco, CA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ SOMA 8/4/95 [San Diego, CA] (Live Trax Vol. 21, 2 CD set)
Live @ Red Rocks 8/15/95 [Morrison, CO] (2 CD set) *
Live @ Cincinnati Music Hall (Live Trax Vol. 60, 2 CD set)
Live @ Meadow Brook Music Festival 8/23/95 [Rochester, MI] (Live Trax Vol. 5, 2 CD set)
Live @ Tinker Street Cafe 10/4/95 [Woodstock, NY] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Hampton Coliseum 12/31/95 [Hampton, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ CFL Theatre 2/6/96 [Dave & Tim 'Live @ Luther College'; Decorah, IA] (2 CD set) *
Live @ Whittemore Center Arena 2/19/96 [Dave & Tim; Durham, NH] (Live Trax Vol. 23, 3 CD set)
Live @ Sweet Briar College 4/14/96 [Dave solo; Sweet Briar, VA] (2 CD set)
Live @ Classic Ampitheatre 4/30/96 [Richmond, VA] (Live Trax Vol. 4, 2 CD set)
Live @ Virginia Beach Ampitheater 6/4/96 [Virginia Beach, VA] (Live Trax Vol. 18, 2 CD set)
Live @ SPAC 6/8/96 [Saratoga Springs, NY] (Live Trax Vol. 38, 2 CD set)
Live @ Madison Square Garden 10/4/96 [NY, NY] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Cow Palace 11/9/96 [San Francisco] (Live Trax Vol. 54, 2 CD set)
Live @ Hampton Colisuem 12/31/96 [Hampton, VA] (Live Trax Vol. 7, 3 CD set)
Live @ Stanley Theatre 1/25/97 [Dave & Tim; Utica, NY] (2 CD-R set) *
Live @ Veterans Memorial Auditorium 1/30/97 [Dave & Tim; Providence, RI] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium 2/8/97 [Dave & Tim; Spartanburg, SC] (Live Trax Vol. 24, 2 CD set)
Live @ Paramount Theater 2/17/97 [Dave & Tim; Denver, CO] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Meadows Music Theatre 6/8/97 [Hartford, CT] (Live Trax Vol. 47, 2 CD set)
Live @ Shoreline Ampitheatre 7/6/97 [Mountain View, CA] (Live Trax Vol. 17, 2 CD set)
Live @ Victory Stadium 4/18/98 [Roanoke, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Shepherd's Bush Empire 6/23/98 [London, England; incomplete] (CD-R)
Live @ GTE Amphitheater 7/22/98 [Virginia Beach, VA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Meadows Music Theatre 8/1/98 [Hartford, CT] (Live Trax Vol. 57, 2 CD set)
Live @ Nissan Pavillion 8/22/98 [Bristow, VA] (3 CD-R set)
Live @ Nissan Pavillion 8/23/98 [Bristow, VA] (3 CD-R set)
Live @ The Arena 10/31/98 [Oakland, CA] (Live Trax Vol. 39, 2 CD set)
Live @ Boise State University Pavilion 11/2/98 [Boise, ID] (Live Trax Vol. 53, 2 CD set)
Live @ Centrum Centre 12/8/98 [Worcester, MA] (Live Trax Vol. 1, 2 CD set)
Live @ United Center 12/19/98 ['Live In Chicago'] (2 CD set)
Live @ Oakdale Theatre 2/5/99 [Dave & Tim; Wallingford, CT] (3 CD-R set)
Live @ Weis Center 2/7/99 [Dave & Tim; Lewisburg, PA] (3 CD-R set) *
Live @ Studio C 103.1 3/8/99 [Dave solo; Santa Monica, CA] (CD-R)
Live @ Deer Creek 6/24/99 [Noblesville, IN] (Live Trax Vol. 34, 3 CD set)
Live @ Continental Arena 9/11/99 ['Listener Supported'; East Rutherford, NJ] (2 CD set) *
Live @ Deer Creek Music Center 6/22/00 [Noblesville, IN] (3 CD-R set)
Live @ Deer Creek Music Center 6/22/00 [Noblesville, IN] (Live Trax Vol. 58, 2 CD set)
Live @ Riverbend Music Center 6/26/00 [Cincinnati, OH] (Live Trax Vol. 16, 2 CD set)
Live @ Giants Stadium 7/12/00 [East Rutherford, NJ] (2 CD-R Set)
Live @ Veterans Stadium 7/16/00 [Philly, PA] (3 CD-R set)
Live @ Meadows Music Theatre 8/27/00 [Hartford, CT] (Live Trax Vol. 3, 2 CD set)
Live @ SPAC 8/29/00 [Saratoga Springs, NY] (Live Trax Vol. 11, 2 CD set)
Live @ Allstate Arena 12/4/00 [Rosemont, IL] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Alltel Pavilion 4/28/01 [Raleigh, NC] (3 CD-R set)
Live @ Pacific Bell Park 5/19/01 [San Francisco, CA] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ E-Centre 6/23/01 [incl. 6/22&24 compilation; Camden, NJ] (Live Trax Vol. 31, 3 CD set)
Live @ Folsom Field 7/11/01 [Boulder, CO] (2 CD set)
Live @ Deer Creek Music Center 9/29/01 [Dave Solo; Noblesville, IN] (CD-R)
Live @ Paramount Theater 10/14/01 [Dave Solo; Seattle, WA] (CD-R)
Live @ The Gorge 9/6/02-9/8/02 [George, WA; 3 shows] (6 CD set)
Live @ Madison Square Garden 12/21/02 [NY, NY] (Live Trax Vol. 40, 2 CD set)
Live @ Sleep Train Ampitheatre 7/30/03 [Marysville, CA] (Live Trax Vol. 26, 2 CD set)
Live @ Hersheypark Stadium 7/10/04 [Hershey, PA] (Live Trax Vol. 50, 3 CD set)
Live @ "Atlanta" Ampitheatre 7/27/04 [Atlanta, GA] (Live Trax Vol. 43, 2 CD set)
Live @ Alpine Valley Music Theatre 8/7/04 [East Troy, WI] (Live Trax Vol. 8, 2 CD set)
Live @ Golden Gate Park 9/12/04 [San Francisco, CA] (Live Trax Vol. 2, 3 CD set)
Live @ Red Rocks 9/9/05-9/12/05 [Morrison, CO; The Complete Weekend On The Rocks; 4 shows] (8 CD set)
Live @ UMB Bank Pavillion 5/30/06 [Maryland Heights, MO] (Live Trax Vol. 25, 2 CD set)
Live @ Fenway Park 7/7+8/06 [Boston, MA] (Live Trax Vol. 6, 4 CD set)
Live @ MGM Grand Garden Arena 3/23+24/07 [Las Vegas, NV] (Live Trax Vol. 9, 4 CD set)
Live @ Pavilion Atlantico 5/27/07 [Lisbon, Portugal] (Live Trax Vol. 10, 3 CD set)
Live @ Post Gazette Pavilion 8/10/07 [Burgettstown, PA] (Live Trax Vol. 51, 2 CD set)
Live @ Piedmont Park 9/8/07 [Atlanta, GA] (2 CD set)
Live @ Sound Advice Ampitheatre 9/14/07 [West Palm Beach, FL] (Live Trax Vol. 42, 3 CD set)
Live @ Busch Stadium 6/7/08 [St. Louis, MO] (Live Trax Vol. 13, 2 CD set)
Live @ Nissan Pavillion 6/28/08 [Bristow, VA; LeRoi's last show] (Live Trax Vol. 14, 2 CD set)
Live @ Alpine Valley Music Theatre 8/9/08 [East Troy, WI] (Live Trax Vol. 15, 3 CD set)
Live @ Post-Gazette Pavilion 6/20/09 [Burgettstown, PA] (Live Trax Vol. 35, 3 CD set)
Live @ Piazza Napoleone 7/5/09 [Lucca, ITA; incomplete] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater St. Louis 10/4/09 [Dave & Tim @ Farm Aid; Maryland Heights, MO] (CD-R)
Live @ Great Stage Park 6/13/10 [Bonnaroo; Manchester, TN] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Blossom Music Center 6/25/10 [Cuyahoga Falls, OH] (Live Trax Vol. 62, 3 CD set)
Live @ Montage Mountain 7/14/10 [Scranton, PA] (Live Trax Vol. 22, 3 CD set)
Live @ Citi Field 7/17/10 ['Live In New York City'] (2 CD set)
Live @ Dick's Sporting Goods Park 8/15/10 [Mile High Music Festival; Commerce City, CO] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ John Paul Jones Arena 11/19/10 [Charlottesville, VA] (Live Trax Vol. 28, 3 CD set)
Live @ Bader Field 6/26/11 ['Live in Atlantic City'; DMB Caravan] (2 CD set)
Live @ Blossom Music Center 6/1/13 [Cuyahoga Falls, OH] (Live Trax Vol. 29, 3 CD set)
Live @ E-Center 6/29/13 [Camden, NJ] (Live Trax Vol. 45, 3 CD set)
Live @ __ Ampitheater 7/16/14 [Tampa, FL] (Live Trax Vol. 59, 3 CD set)

The Mavericks:
The Mavericks

John Mayer:
Inside Wants Out
Room For Squares
Room For Squares (re-release)
Lenny/Wind Cries Mary (single)
Your Body Is A Wonderland (single)
Heavier Things
Waiting On The World To Change (EP)
The Village Sessions (EP)
Battle Studies
Born And Raised
Paradise Valley
The Search For Everything
Sob Rock
Try! John Mayer Trio Live [9.2005]
John Mayer Trio [misc OB mix]
Live @ Roseland Grill (Portland, OR) 10/6/01 (2 CD-R set)
As/Is [Live 2 cd set; July/August 2004]
Where The Light Is : Live in Los Angeles [2 disc set; 12.8.07]
John Mayer (custom mix mostly live CD-R) *

MC Breed:
The New Breed

Erin McCarley:
Love, Save The Empty
Love, Save The Empty sampler (EP)
My Stadium Electric
The Boys Club (live EP; 7.25.12, Nashville)

Pat McGee Band:

Sarah McGowan:
For Whom They Sing

Erin McKeown:
Small Deviant Things Vol. 1 (1997-1999)
Monday Morning Cold
Queen Of Quiet (EP)
We Will Become Like Birds (autographed!)
Sing You Sinners
Hundreds of Lions
Manifestra (2 CD deluxe set w/Civics; autographed!) ^
According To Us & Mirrors Break Back (2 EPs on 1 CD)
Kiss Off Kiss
F*ck That! : Erin McKeown's Anti-Holiday Album
Live on KCRW 8.16.05 (CD-R) Daytrotter Session [Live 4.23.06, Rock Island, IL] (CD-R EP)
Lafayette [live in NYC, January 2007]

Sarah McLachlan:
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

Jon McLaughlin:
OK Now
Songs I Wrote And Later Recorded (EP)
Forever If Ever (autographed!)
Promising Promises (2 CD Deluxe Edition)

Don McLean:
Best Of
Greatest Hits Then & Now

Jamie McLean Band:
New Orleans Sessions (EP)
Sunday Morning (EP)
Time of My Life (EP)
Live At Gibson [1.12.12, NYC]
Live At The Bitter End [Vol. 1 & 2; 9.7.22 & 8.2.23, NYC]

Colleen McNabb:
Don't Go To Strangers

Tate McRae:
Think Later

MC Ren:
Kizz My Black Azz (EP) *
Shock of the Hour

MC Serch:
Return of the Product *

Mean Wendy Band:
Mean Wendy Band (EP) ^
Live From Five Bathrooms

Medeski, Martin & Wood:
It's a Jungle In Here
Friday Afternoon in the Universe *
Shack-Man *
The Dropper

Medium Build:
Health (EP)
Wild (EP)

Meet Me @ The Altar:
Past / Present / Future

Meg & Dia:
If You're Poor, Find Something to Sue Somebody For. (EP)
Something Real
Here, Here & Here
Hurley Sessions Live (EP)
It's Always Stormy In Tillamook (EP)
Be Careful, I Love You, Stay In Touch (EP)

John Mellencamp:
Words & Music : Greatest Hits (2 CD set)

Men In Black Soundtrack

Alice Merton:
No Roots (EP)
Mint +4 (deluxe reissue)

Death Magnetic
Beyond Magnetic (EP)
Hardwired... to Self Destruct! (3 CD deluxe edition)
72 Seasons
S&M [live w/symphony, 4.99 Berkeley, CA] (2 CD Set)*
WorldWired in Europe 2017/18
Live @ the __ Center 10.25.18 - Philadelphia, PA (2 CD-R set)
S&M2 [live w/symphony, 9.19 San Francisco, CA] (2 CD set)

Method Man:
I'll Be There For You (single)

Method Man/Redman:


Mic Geronimo:
The Natural (single)

Ingrid Michaelson:
Human Again (deluxe edition)
Lights Out

'Da Miilkcrate
Keep It Real (single)

Slow Motion (EP)

Kate Miller-Heidke:
Telegram (EP)
Comikaze (EP)
Circular Breathing (EP)
Little Eve
Fatty Gets A Stylist
Nightflight (2 CD Deluxe Edition)
O Vertigo! ^
The Best of : Act One (2 CD set)
Live @ The Hi-Fi [5.1.09]
Live @ World Cafe Live [7.9.10; CD-R]
Heavenly Sounds Live [Australian Tour May-June 2013] (CD-R)

Steve Miller Band:
Greatest Hits 1974-1978

Darcie Miner:
Down To Earth
Darcie Miner Band (EP)
The Fragile E.P.
Dm (EP)
Loneliness Anonymous
2015 Songs

Kylie Minoque:
Can't Get You Out Of My Head (single)

Mi Vida Loca Soundtrack

The MLMs:
The MLMs
The Corduroy Pants EP

Mobb Deep:
The Infamous
Shook Ones Part II (single)

Janelle Monae:
The Electric Lady (2 CD deluxe edition)

Miss Thang *
The Boy Is Mine

The Monkees:
The Monkees *
More of The Monkees *
Headquarters *
Headquarters Sessions (3 CD set #2723/4500) *
Summer 1967 : The Complete US Concert Recordings (4 CD set #1255/3500)
Live 1967
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Jones
The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees *
The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees (Deluxe Edition 3-CD set)
Head Soundtrack *
The Monkees Present *
Instant Replay
Instant Replay (Deluxe Edition 3-CD set)
Greatest Hits
Then & Now
JustUs *
Good Times!
Listen To The Band (4 CD Set)
Missing Links Vol. 1 *
Missing Links Vol. 2 *
Missing Links Vol. 3 *
Extended Versions (Live)
Live - The Mike & Mickey Show [March 2019]

Ryan Montbleau:
The Friends of Mine Compilation (Ryan Montbleau Band - Live "Bleauleg" Series #2)

Moon Hooch:
Moon Hooch
Moon Hooch (re-release)
This Is Cave Music
Red Sky (autographed!)
Joshua Tree (EP)
Light It Up (EP)
Live At The Cathedral [NYC; 10.23.15] (2 CD set)

Sam Morrow:
There Is No Map
Concrete And Mud
Gettin' By On Gettin' Down
Live [OB mix]

Mos Def:
Body Rock (single)

Motion City Soundtrack:
I Am The Movie
Commit This To Memory (deluxe edition)
Even If It Kills Me
My Dinosaur Life
Go (deluxe edition)
Panic Stations

Motley Crue:
Girls, Girls, Girls
Dr. Feelgood
Decade of Decadence '81-'91

Musical Masterpieces

Jason Mraz:
Waiting For My Rocket To Come

Sleeping Dogs (EP)
Fear & Desire
Everything (autographed!) ^
Live In New York [4.5.07] This Isn't Just Lightning. [Live in NYC, 9.16.11] (2 CD-R set)

John Mulaney:
The Top Part
New In Town
The Comeback Kid
Kid Gorgeous At Radio City

Mumford & Sons:
Sigh No More

Murder Was The Case Soundtrack

Eddie Murphy:
Eddie Murphy *
Comedian *

Keith Murray:
The Most Beautifullest Thing in The World
This That Shit (single)

The Resistance

Mutlu (EP #1)
Mutlu (EP #2)
Livin' It
Live In Concert (EP)

My Goodness:
Shiver + Shake
My Goodness
Pyre + 2X Live (EP + Live 2013/15; CD-R)


Illmatic *
It Was Written

Matt Nathanson:
Some Mad Hope
Modern Love

Naughty By Nature:
Independent Leaders [as The New Style]
Naughty By Nature *
19NaughtyIII *
Written On Ya Kitten (single)
Hip-Hop Hooray (single)

Poverty's Paradise *
Nature's Fury (Nineteen Naughty Nine) *
Naughty's Nicest (Greatest Hits)

Michael Nesmith & The First National Band:
Magnetic South
Loose Salute
Nevada Fighter

The Network:
Money Money 2020
Money Money 2020 Part II

The New Groove: Blue Note Remix Project Vol. 1 - Various Artists

New Jersey Drive Soundtrack Vol. 2 (EP)

Nice & Smooth:
Ain't A Damn Thing Changed

The State

Nicotine Dolls:
Nicotine Dolls (custom mix)

No Doubt:
Tragic Kingdom
Return To Saturn *
Rock Steady

Not Lame Super Charged Flash Light Pops - Various Artists

No Sinner:
Boo Hoo Hoo
Old Habits Die Hard

Notorious B.I.G.:
Ready To Die

Nouveau Riche:
Nouveau Riche

Julia Nunes:
I Wrote These
I Think You Know (EP)
Settle Down
Some Feelings

Nutty Professor Soundtrack

Straight Outta Compton *
100 Miles and Runnin' (EP) * (as bonus tracks on Efil4zaggin Reissue)
Efil4zaggin *
Greatest Hits


No Kidding
Tha Force
Can't Stop
New Day
Two Reel
Vital Signs
Seventh Script
Last Call
As Bestos
Second Bestos

The Joey O. Band:
Bad Habit

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack

Word... Life

O.A.R. (...of a revolution):

Offbeat : A Red Hot Sound Trip - Various Artists

Trisha O'Keefe:
XYX (Compilation with Matt Duke & Julia Othmer)

Ol' Dirty Bastard:
N**** Please

Once Soundtrack

Shaquille O'Neal:
Shaq Deisel
(I Know I Got) Skills (single)
Shaq Fu : Da Return

One Million Strong - Various Artists

The New RockRoll Cosmology (EP)

The Open Sea:
Little Apple (EP)

Beth Orton:
Central Reservation

Joan Osbourne:
Early Recordings *
Relish *
Righteous Love
Bring It On Home
Love & Hate

Julia Othmer:
XYX (Compilation with Matt Duke & Trisha O'Keefe)

Distorted Lullabies (Sampler EP)

Southerplayalisticadillacmuzik *

A Long Story (EP)


Joe P:
French Blonde (EP)
Emily Can't Sing (EP)

Steven Page:
The Vanity Project
Page One
Heal Thyself Pt. 1: Instinct (autographed!)
Discipline: Heal Thyself Pt. 2

Pajama Club:
Pajama Club

The Panderers:
Hotshot's Boy (EP)


Brand New Eyes
This Is Why
Re: This Is Why ("Remix" album)
The Final Riot! [8.12.08; Chicago]
Live @ Red Rocks EP [8.12.14, partial]

Assata's Song (single)

Tear The Roof Off: 1974-1980 (2 CD Set) *

Paste Magazine New-Music Sampler #50 [Feb '09] - Various Artists
Paste Magazine New-Music Sampler #51 [Mar '09] - Various Artists

Scent of Attraction

Mieka Pauley:
Mieka Pauley (EP)
Out of Car Wrecks and Hurricanes (EP)
Album Sampler 2007 (EP)
Elijah Drop Your Gun (autographed!) ^
EDYG B-Sides (EP)
From The Mouth Of Paris (The Mieka Canon EP)
The Science of Making Choices (autographed!) ^
Live @ Rockwood Music Hall 4.10.2009 [NY, NY (CD-R)]

Pearl Jam:
Ten * (2 CD Deluxe Edition re-issue)
Alive (single)
Evenflow (single)

Jeremy (single)
Oceans (single) *
Daughter (single) *
Go (single) *
Dissident (single) *
Animal (single) *
Vitalogy *
Not For You (single)
Merkinball (single) *
No Code *
Yield *
Given To Fly (single) *
Wishlist (single)
Last Kiss (single) *
Binaural *
Light Years (single) *
Riot Act
Pearl Jam
Lightning Bolt
Lost Dogs (2 CD set)
Ten Club Singles + (custom made CD-R)
Rarities Unreleased Cuts (CD-R/Promo)
Pearl Jam Twenty Soundtrack (rarities + live; 2 CD set)
Give Way [Melbourne Austr, 3.5.98] (RSD 2023, abridged)
Live On Two Legs [1998] *
Live On Ten Legs [2003-2010]
Let's Play Two Soundtrack [8.16]
Live @ The Academy [NY, NY] 12.31.92
Live @ Mt. Baker Theater [Bellingham, WA] 5.10.2000 (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Manchester Evening News Arena [Manchester, ENG] 6.4.00 (2 CD-R set) *
Live @ Rock Im Park [Nurnberg, GER] 6.11.00 (2 CD set)
Live @ Sporthall [Hamburg, GER] 6.26.2000 (2 CD-R set) *
Live @ Maritime Museum [Stockholm, SWE] 6.28.2000 (2 CD-R set) *
Live @ E-Centre [Camden, NJ] 9.1.2000 (2 CD set)
Live @ E-Centre [Camden, NJ] 9.2.2000 (2 CD set)
Live @ Key Arena [Seattle, WA] 11.6.2000 (3 CD set)
Live @ Spectrum [Philadelphia, PA] 4.28.2003 (2 CD set)
Live @ E-Centre [Camden, NJ] 7.5.2003 (2 CD set)
Live @ Tweeter Center [Mansfield, MA] 7.11.03 (3 CD set)
Live @ Vic Theater [Chicago, IL] 8.02.07 (2 CD-R set)
Live @ E-Centre [Camden, NJ] 6.20.08 (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Spectrum 2009 Box Set [Philly, PA] 10.27,28,30,31.09 (9 CD set)
Live @ The Prudential Center [Newark, NJ] 5.18.10 (2 CD-R set)
Live @ the _ Center [Philadelphia, PA] 10.21.13 (3 CD-R set)
Live @ Ziggo Dome [Amsterdam, NL] 6.17.14 (2 CD-R set)
Live @ the _ Center [Philadelphia, PA] 4.28.16 (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Air Canada Centre [Toronto, CAN] 5.10.16 (2 CD-R set)

Pepper's Ghost:
Opening Night [4.7.01]
Shake The Hand That Shook The World (The $1.03 EP Sampler)

Katy Perry:
One Of The Boys
Teenage Dream
Prism (deluxe edition)
Witness (deluxe edition)
Smile (deluxe edition)
MTV Unplugged (EP) [7/22/09, NYC]

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth:
All Souled Out (EP)
Mecca & The Soul Brother *
The Main Ingredient *

The Pharcyde:
Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde *
Labcabincalifornia *
Chapter One - Testing The Waters (EP)
Plain Rap

Phat Blunts - Various Artists

Phillip Phillips:
The World From The Side Of The Moon (deluxe edition)
Behind The Light (deluxe edition)

Philly File CD - Various Philadelphia Artists

Junta (2 CD Set) *
Lawn Boy
A Picture of Nectar *
Hoist *
A Live One (2 CD set) *
Live @ Glen Falls Civic Center 10/31/94 ['Live Phish 13'] (4 CD Set)

Justin Courtney Pierre:
In The Drink
An Anthropologist On Mars (EP)
The Price Of Salt (EP)
Ghost World (EP)
Permanent Midnight (EP)

Try This
I'm Not Dead
The Truth About Love (deluxe edition)
Beautiful Trauma
Hurts 2B Human
All I Know So Far / Setlist [mostly 6.29-30.19, London]
Funhouse Tour: Live in Australia [7.17-18.09 Sydney]

Joel Plaskett:
Three (3 CD set; autographed!)


Poetic Justice Soundtrack

The Police:
Outlandos d'Amour
Every Breath You Take : The Classics *

Poor Righteous Teachers:
Pure Poverty
Black Business
New World Order

Dummy *
Live Roseland NYC (PNYC)

Grace Potter [& The Nocturnals]:
Nothing But The Water
This Is Somewhere
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
The Lion The Beast The Beat (deluxe edition)
Mother Road
Live In Skowhegan [Maine; 6/27/08] (EP)
Live From The Legendary Sun Studio [Memphis '08 & '09] (EP)
iTunes Session [Live November 2011]

The Presidents of the U.S.A.:
The Presidents of the U.S.A. (10th Anniversary Edition) *
Peaches (single)
II *
Pure Frosting
Freaked Out And Small
Love Everybody
These Are The Good Times People
Kudos To You! ^
Thanks! For The Feedback [PUSAFEST '11 Live; 2.20.11 Seattle]
Get Back In The Van [Misc Live/Acoustic EP]

Tristan Prettyman:

Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich:
Dust to Dust

The Hits 1 & 2 *
The B-Sides
Purple Rain (3 CD deluxe edition)
The Gold Experience
Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic

Plectrumelectrum [w/3rdeyegirl]
Welcome 2 America

Private Investigators:
React Like Ya Knew

Profilin' : The Hits (Various Artists)

The Prophets:
Are You Ready For The Lord? (single)

Prophets of Rage:
The Party's Over (EP)
Prophets of Rage

Red Prysock:
Handclappin' Footstompin' Rock N Roll

Public Enemy:
Yo! Bum Rush The Show *
It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back *
Fear of a Black Planet *
Apocalypse 91...The Enemy Strikes Black *
Greatest Misses *
Muse Sick-N-Hour Mess Age *
He Got Game (Soundtrack) *
There's a Poison Goin On *
New Whirl Odor

Pump Ya Fist - Various Artists


Greatest Hits
Classic Queen *

Queen Latifah:
Black Reign

Queens of the Stone Age:
Songs For The Deaf



The Bends (gifted CD-R)

Corinne Bailey Rae:
Corinne Bailey Rae
The Sea
The Love EP
The Heart Speaks In Whispers (deluxe edition)
Black Rainbows
Live in New York [Webster Hall, 8/23/06]

Built 4 Cuban Linx...

Rage Against The Machine:
Rage Against The Machine *
Evil Empire *
The Battle Of Los Angeles *
Renegades (2 CD set) *
Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium [LA; 9.12/13.2000]

Make The Music 2000

Rain Soundtrack

The Real Slim Santa (KROQ's Kevin & Bean) - Various Artists

Redhead Kingpin and the F.B.I.:
A Shade of Red *
The Album With No Name *

Red Hot Chili Peppers:
Mother's Milk *
Blood Sugar Sex Magik *
Californication *
Scar Tissue (single)
Around The World (singles, 1 & 2)
Otherside (single)

Californication B-Sides EP (custom mix CD-R)
By The Way
Stadium Arcadium (2 CD set)
I'm With You
I'm Beside You
The Getaway
Unlimited Love
Return Of The Dream Canteen
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Covers EP
I'm With You World Tour Sampler EP [misc. 2012/2013]
B-Sides oB-Compilation (2 CD-R set)

Whut? Thee Album?

Keeley Reed:
What If The Stars Fell? (EP)

The Refreshments:
Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy *

Re-Fuel Your Soul - Various Artists (Mo'Phunk Records Comp)

First Breath
Coming Or Going?

The Regrettes:
Feel Your Feelings Fool!
Attention Seeker (EP)
How Do You Love?
Further Joy


Colleen Rennison:
See The Sky About To Rain

How I Do

The Revere:
Ashia (EP)
The Great City

Tim Reynolds:

K.S. Rhoads:
Cannons (EP)

Rhythm & Boos - Various Artists (Halloween Promo)

Damien Rice:
Woman Like A Man (EP)

The Rides:
Can't Get Enough
Pierced Arrow

A Girl Like Me
Good Girl Gone Bad (Reloaded)

Robyn Is Here
Do You Know (What It Takes) (single)

Rockin' Xmas - Various Artists (OB Custom Mix; CD-R)

Rock School Soundtrack

Olivia Rodriguo:

Bess Rogers:
Decisions Based On Information
Travel Back (EP)
Presents Bess Rogers (EP)
Out Of The Ocean (autographed!)
Songs Other People Wrote (EP)

Rolling Stones:
Some Girls (2 CD deluxe edition)

Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack

Linda Ronstadt:
Linda Ronstadt (Starbucks Opus Collection)

The Roots:
Organix *
From The Ground Up (EP) *
Do You Want More?!!???!!
Proceed II (single)
Illadelph Halflife *
Clones (single)
What They Do (single)

Things Fall Apart *
You Got Me (single) *
The Legendary (EP) *
The Tipping Point
Game Theory
Rising Down
How I Got Over
...and then you shoot your cousin
Home Grown! The Beginner's Guide to Understanding The Roots - Volume One
Home Grown! The Beginner's Guide to Understanding The Roots - Volume Two
J.Period's 'The Best of The Roots' Mixtape
Bonus Tracks
The Roots Come Alive [1999]
Live @ Den Haag, Holland 7/11/98 (CD-R)

Live @ Giants Stadium - NY, NY 5/26/99 (CD-R) *

Caroline Rose:
I Will Not Be Afraid

Maggie Rose:
Cut To Impress
The Variety Show Vol. 1 (EP)
Dreams > Dollars (EP)
Change The Whole Thing
Have A Seat
Bill Withers Tribute [Live 2020]
Live [OB Mix]

David Lee Roth:
Eat 'Em & Smile

Bad Together
Space (EP)
Time (EP)

Darius Rucker:
Learn To Live
Charleston, SC 1966
True Believers

Raising Hell *
Tougher Than Leather *
Down With The King

Rusted Root:
When I Woke


Boxcar Sessions
The Hit List

Salt -N- Pepa:
Very Necessary

Sampleslaya (Armand Van Helden):
Enter The Meatmarket

Adam Sandler:
They're All Gonna Laugh At You!
What The Hell Happened To Me?
What's Your Name?
Stan & Judy's Kid

Things That Are Done

Supernatural * (re-purchased as 2-disc Legacy Edition)
Guitar Heaven : The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time

Sgt. Pepper's 40th Anniversary Tribute Show - XPN Radio Broadcast (Various Artists; CD-R)

Untitled (Rise)

Say Anything Soundtrack *

A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die (single)

Scarface Records Beats & Breaks - Various Artists

Scars On 45:
Give Me Something (EP)

Scary Pockets:
SP#1 (custom mix)
SP#2 (custom mix)
SP#3 (custom mix)
SP#4 (custom mix)
SP#5 (custom mix)

School of Rock Soundtrack

John Scofield:
A Go Go

Jill Scott:
Who is Jill Scott?

Sexy Weekend (EP)
Music From The Arch

Scream 2 Soundtrack *

Seamus Browning:
Demo 2.0

Secret Someones:
Secret Someones (EP)
I Won't Follow (EP)
Secret Someones (LP)

Jerry Seinfeld:
I'm Telling You For The Last Time
DVD Bonus CD : Stand Up From Seinfeld Seasons 1-6

Select-O-Hits [Record Store Day 2011] (Various Artists)

Send The Sages:
Send The Sages (EP)

Shadz of Lingo:
A View to a Kill

Maia Sharp:
Maia Sharp
Fine Upstanding Citizen
Eve & The Red Delicious (EP)
Change The Ending
The Dash Between The Dates
Mercy Rising

Laura Shay:
Stories of My Life
To A Place

Ed Sheeran:
X (deluxe edition)

Kenny Wayne Shepard [Band]:
Ledbetter Heights *
Trouble Is... *
Trouble Is... 25 (re-recording; autographed!)
Blue On Black (single) *
Live On
The Place You're In
10 Days Out - Blues From The Backroads
How I Go (deluxe edition)
Goin' Home (deluxe edition)
Lay It On Down (autographed!)
The Traveler
King's Highway (EP; misc live 2004]
Live! In Chicago [4.12.07] (autographed!)

The Show Soundtrack

Michael Showalter:
Sandwiches & Cats

Paul Simon:
So Beautiful Or So What
Stranger To Stranger (deluxe edition)

Scott Simons:
The Start Of Something (EP)

Singles Soundtrack *

Sister Act 2 Soundtrack *

Dara Sisterhen:
Boom (EP)

Look at All This Junk Food...

I Wish

Apocalyptic Love [deluxe edition; feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators]
World On Fire [feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators]
Living the Dream [feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators]

"Slo-Mo" Mike Brenner:

Alice Smith:

April Smith & The Great Picture Show:
Songs For A Sinking Ship

Colin Smith:
The Wilderness
It Only Took A War [Part 1] (EP)
The Candles EP

Mindy Smith:
Stupid Love

Snoop Doggy Dogg:
Doggystyle *
Tha Doggfather

In November Sunlight *

Songs of the Siren - Various Artists (Starbucks Compilation)

Sonic Sessions Volume 5 - Various Artists

Son of Bazerk:
Son of Bazerk *

Sons of the Sea:
Sons of the Sea

Soul Coughing:
Ruby Vroom *
Irresistable Bliss *
Hello Recording Club (EP)
Made Especially For You (EP) *
El Oso *
Live in Berlin/Amsterdam 1997 (2 CD Set)
Live @ Rose Garden Amphitheater (Portland, OR) 8/30/97 (CD-R)
Live @ 9:30 Club (Washington, DC) 10/25/98 (CD-R) Live in New York 8/16/99 (2 CD Set)

Nowhere Fast
Let It Bee
At Last, For You

Souls Of Mischief:
'93 Till Infinity
No Man's Land *

Sound City : Real To Reel Soundtrack - Various Artists

The Radio Sessions (Live EP)

Spider-Man Soundtrack (Various Artists)

Split Enz:
Spellbound (2 CD set)

Lucifer On The Sofa

And Tales Begin To Spin (EP)

Bruce Springsteen:
The Rising (single)

Billy Squier:
The Best Of

George Stanford:
Simon Stanford (EP)
The EP
Big Drop
Roll Away (EP)
Las Palmas (EP)
Something Better
Alone At The Pilgrim (live EP, August 2018)

Stargazer Lily:
Pixie-Led [as Cory]
That's OK, I Can Sleep At Work

The Lift & The Drag
Young Professionals
Big In Texas [Starlazer Gilly]
Etc. [misc live + b-sides] (2 CD-R set)
Live @ Grape Street 1/8/02 (CD-R)

Star Wars Soundtracks:
A New Hope (2 CD set)
The Empire Strikes Back (2 CD set)
The Empire Strikes Back (Symphonic Suite)
The Phantom Menace

The State:
Comedy For Gracious Living

Bury Me

Steph's Mix Volume 1 - Various Artists (OB made CD-R)
Steph's Mix Volume 2 - Various Artists (OB made CD-R)
Steph's Mix Volume 3 - Various Artists (OB made CD-R)
Steph's Mix Volume IV - Various Artists (OB made CD-R)

Blood Sweat & No Tears

Stillwater (EP)

Stolen Moments : Red, Hot & Cool - Various Artists (2 CD Set)

Allen Stone:
Allen Stone
Radius (deluxe edition)
Building Balance

Joss Stone:
The Soul Sessions
Mind, Body & Soul
Introducing... Joss Stone
The Soul Sessions Vol. 2 (deluxe edition)
Water For Your Soul (deluxe edition)

Sly and the Family Stone:
The Essential (2 CD set)

The Soundtrack To My Minneapolis
When The Needle Hit The Wax

Street Figher Soundtrack

Striking Matches:
Nothing But The Silence Retrograde (EP)
Shameless (EP)
Acoustic (EP)
Morning (EP)
Noon (EP; autographed!)
Night (EP; autographed!)

Peter Stuart:
A Few Songs From Songs About You (EP)
Songs About You


Studio C Volume 13 - Various Artists

Greatest Hits

Sublime *
Second Hand Smoke

Sugar & The Hi-Lows:
Sugar & The Hi-Lows
High Roller
Shangri La
Wild Desire (live Johnny Cash covers sessions)

Sugarhill Gang:
The Best of Sugarhill Gang

Summer Of Soul Soundtrack

Super 8:
Super 8

Challenger (autographed!)

Super Scary Monster Party - Various Artists

Kiefer Sutherland:
Down In A Hole
Reckless & Me

Taylor Swift:
Fearless (platinum edition)
Speak Now (deluxe 2 CD set)
Red (deluxe 2 CD set)
1989 (deluxe edition)

It's About Time
The Remix EP


Talking Heads:
The Best Of

Tally Hall:
Complete Demos
The Pingry E.P.
Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
Good & Evil

Dave Tamkin:
If You Will... (w/PPC)
Only Traffic (EP)
Cedar (EP)
Live @ Gengis Cohen - Los Angeles, CA
Let Me Hear You Scream (Dave Tamkin & Co. Live)

Out Of The Garden

Poetry & Aeroplanes
Stay Under The Stars (autographed!)
Kata Hornio
The Singer
Let The Dog Drive Home (mini album EP)
Let The Dog Drive Home

Tenacious D:
Out Of The Sidehatch (misc. custom made CD-R)
Tenacious D
The Pick Of Destiny
Rize Of The Fenix (Deluxe Edition)
Live [misc. live 2012-13]

Tenacious D/Sum 41 & South Park Xmas Tunes (self made EP CD-R)

Black Empress

Ten14 : Music from the MTV VMA 1984-1997

Ten Out Of Tenn Compilation - Volume 2 (Various Artists)
Ten Out Of Tenn Christmas (Various Artists)
Ten Out Of Tenn Compilation - Volume 3 (Various Artists)
Ten Out Of Tenn - We're All In This Together : Benefit For Flood Relief (Various Artists)
Ten Out Of Tenn Compilation - Volume 4 (Various Artists)
Ten Out Of Tenn - 2011 Fall Tour Live Album [Birmingham, AL] (2 CD set) ^
Ten Out Of Tenn - 10 Years (Various Artists; 2 CD set)

Ten Years Of Mad Dragon Records (Various Artists)

Terminator X:
& The Valley of the Jeep Beats

Terrible Things:
Pre-Transmission (EP)

When I Stop Running

That Thing You Do! Soundtrack

Them Crooked Vultures:
Them Crooked Vultures

They Might Be Giants:
Flood *
Factory Showroom
Mink Car (autographed?!)
The Else
Cast Your Pod To The Wind
Join Us
Phone Power
Songs About Coffee (CD-R)
Flood Live In Australia [May 2013] First Album Live! [Oct/Nov 2013]

Robin Thicke:
Blurred Lines (deluxe edition)

3rd Bass:
The Cactus *
The Cactus Revisited *
Derelicts of Dialect *
Pop Goes The Weasel (single)

30 Rock Soundtrack (2 CD deluxe edition)

Rob Thomas:
...Something To Be
The Great Unknown (deluxe edition)
Chip Tooth Smile

Thompson Brothers (Band):
Cows On Main Street
Blame It On The Dog
The Late Late Late Show
Old State Road
New Orleans

George Thorogood & The Destroyers:
The Baddest Of

Greatest Hits '93-'03

Thug Life:
Volume 1

Tilae Linden:

Justin Timberlake:
The 20/20 Experience (deluxe edition)
The 20/20 Experience [2 of 2] (deluxe edition; 2 CD set)

Tinted Windows:
Tinted Windows

Oooooh...On The TLC Tip! *
CrazySexyCool *
FanMail *

Lemon Parade
Live & Enhanced (EP) (autographed!)
Sugar (single)
Head On Straight

Tony Toni Tone:
Sons of Soul

Too $hort:
Get In Where Ya Fit In *

Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues:
Cambria Hotel

Townhall (EP)
Live At The Point (2 CD set)
The New Song
Kick The Can (EP)
American Dreams (versions 1&2)
Live @ Tin Angel 7/13/01 [Philly, PA] (CD-R)
Live @ Penn's Landing/Jam On The River 5/25/02 [Philly, PA] (CD-R)
Live @ Grape Street Pub 6/4/02 [Philly, PA] (CD-R)
Live @ Electric Factory 11/8/02 [Philly, PA] (CD-R)
Live @ Grape Street Pub 1/13/03 [Philly, PA] (CD-R)
Live @ WVIA Studios 3/25/03 [Pittston, PA] (CD-R)
Live @ Sellersville Theater 5/6/05 [Sellersville, PA] (CD-R)

Totally Hits (Various Artists)

Tragedy (Intelligent Hoodlum):
Saga of a Hoodlum

CD Sampler Promo

Drops Of Jupiter
My Private Nation
For Me, It's You
Save Me, San Francisco
California 37
Bulletproof Picasso
A Girl A Bottle A Boat (deluxe edition)
Alive At Last [live 6/04 (Birmingham, AL) w/b-sides]
Custom Mix CD (B-sides & Live - Band Sanctioned)
Live @ North Star 4/8/04 First Set (Band-Issued at the show!)

Meghan Trainor:
Title (deluxe edition)

2 Wreck-n-Roll Tracks (single)
Trainwreck (EP)
The Wreckoning (autographed!)
Live @ Beat Garage [LA, Spring 2023]

Good Feeling
The Man Who * (20th Anniversary 2 CD set)
Writing To Reach You (single) *
Turn (single) *
Driftwood (single)
The Invisible Band
Sing (single)
12 Memories
Re-Offender (singles 1&2)
The Boy With No Name
Ode To J. Smith
Something Anything (single)
Where You Stand (deluxe edition)
Everything At Once
10 Songs
Live At Glastonbury '99 [6/26/99 England] Fran & Andy 2009 Acoustic Tour Official Bootleg [10/9/09 Los Angeles, CA]

Trespass Soundtrack

Ralph Tresvant:
Ralph Tresvant

The Trews:
Den Of Thieves

A Tribe Called Quest:
People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm *
The Low End Theory *
Revised Quest for the Seasoned Traveler (remix album) *
Midnight Marauders *
Beats, Rhymes & Life *
The Love Movement
We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service

Tristan Alexander:
Tristan Sings The Blues

Elise Trouw:
Unraveling (autographed!)

The Truth About Cats & Dogs Soundtrack *

KT Tunstall:
Eye To The Telescope
Drastic Fantastic
Tiger Suit
The Scarlet Tulip EP
Invisible Empire / Crescent Moon (deluxe edition)
Golden State (EP)
Wax (autographed!)
Untamed, Etc [custom made B-Sides]
Acoustic Extravaganza
Acoustic Extravaganza 2
Live in London [3.8.2011] (2 CD set)

Turning Violet Violet:
Double Cure

Shania Twain:
The Woman In Me
Come On Over *
Up! (2 CD set)
Queen Of Me (deluxe)

OB's Twelve Inch Mix - Various Artists

2776 - Various Artists

Sugarcane (EP)
Something Good
B-sides & Demos
Live @ Lion's Den [NYC] 12.28.02

Live In The Studio '93

2Pacalypse Now *
Strictly 4 My... *
Papa'z Song (single)
Pain (single) [re-acquired on Warren G's "Regulate" as b-side]
Me Against The World
All Eyez On Me (2 CD Set)
How Do U Want It (single)

Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights:
Pardon Me


UnderCovers - Smash Hits Volume 1

Unleashed 2 from Mad Dragon Records - Various Artists

Uptown MTV Unplugged - Various Artists

Songs of Innocence
The Best of 1980-1990 (2 CD Set) *


Ritchie Valens:
Come On, Let's Go (3 CD set) *

Van Halen:
Zero [Gene Simmons demo sessions]
Van Halen *
Women and Children First
Fair Warning
Diver Down
1984 *
A Different Kind Of Truth
Live Tokyo Dome In Concert [6.21.13] (2 CD set)

Eddie Vedder:
Into The Wild (Soundtrack)
Ukulele Songs

Suzanne Vega:
Solitude Standing *
99.9 F *
Nine Objects of Desire *
Songs In Red And Gray
Beauty & Crime
Tales From The Realm of The Queen of Pentacles
Tom's Album (w/various artists)

Allison Veltz:
Welcome To Wonderland (EP)
The White Room (EP)

The Veltz Family (fka Cecilia) :
It Just Doesn't Matter
Kitchen Mix
Live @ Zig's
Off The Record
Live @ the Source
This (pre-release version)
This (autographed; #75/200)

Velvet Revolver:

Vertical Horizon:
Everything You Want

A Very Special Christmas 3 - Various Artists

Zach Vinson:
Cracked Open
The Streets Will Turn To Streams
How We Spend Our Days (EP)
And Yet

Vintage Trouble:
The Bomb Shelter Sessions
1 Hopeful Rd.
Chapter II - EP I (2 EP set)
Chapter II - EP II (2 EP set)
Juke Joint Gems
Heavy Hymnal (autographed!)


Ali Wadsworth:
Ali Wadsworth

Wake up UP UP!!! - Various Artists (CD Baby Compilation)

Walk The Moon:
Walk The Moon
Talking Is Hard
What If Nothing
Live [OB Mix]

Tim Warren:
Somebody's Child

Warren G:
Regulate...G Funk Era
Regulate (single; b/w 2Pac's "Pain")

Wedding Mix - Various Artists (5 CD-R custom set)

The Weeds:
The Faraway Flying of Broken Beating
What Was And Will Never Be

The Weeks:
Twisted Rivers (EP)
Two Moons
Buttons (EP)
Dear Bo Jackson
Gutter Gaunt Gangster
Rumspringa (EP)
Comeback Cadillac
OurVinyl Sessions (Live 2017 EP)

Weezer (Blue) *
Weezer (Blue; 2 CD deluxe edition)
Pinkerton (2 CD deluxe edition)
A Tribute To Pinkerton (Engine Room Recordings Presents various artists)
The Good Life (single) *
El Scorcho (single)
Weezer (Green)
Hash Pipe (single)
Island In The Sun (single)
Maladroit (#343887)
Make Believe
Weezer (Red; deluxe edition)
Raditude (2 CD deluxe edition)
Raditude ...Happy Record Store Day! (EP)
Hurley (deluxe edition)
Death To False Metal [B-sides]
Everything Will Be Alright In The End
Weezer (White)
Pacific Daydream
Weezer (Teal; covers)
Weezer (Black)
OK Human
Van Weezer
SZN: Spring
SZN: Summer
SZN: Autumn
SZN: Winter
The Lion And The Witch (Live, EP #28345)
Weezer 100 Vol. 1-5 (100 tracks; Demo/Unreleased/Live OB Custom Made 5 CD-R Set)

Weird Al Yankovic:
Dare To Be Stupid

Allison Weiss:
New Love

Welbilt (Blue EP)
A Beautiful Mess
Due To The Current State of Things (EP)

Jay Wells:
Pacific (2 CD set)

We're All In The Same Gang - Various Artists

We Were Kings:

When Rivers Meet:
The EP Collection [The Uprising + Innocence of Youth]
We Fly Free
Saving Grace

Where The Sidewalk Ends:

White Men Can't Rap (Jump) Soundtrack

White Man's Burden Soundtrack

Who's The Man? Soundtrack

Steve Williamson
Journey To The Truth

Daphne Willis:
What To Say
Because I Can
Live To Try (autographed!) ^
Get It (EP)
Freaks Like Me (autographed!) ^
Awake Now
Come Together (Beatles Covers)

Andrew Winn:
Chester Charcoal's Suitcase

Winter Songs (Presented by Hotel Cafe) - Various Artists

Bill Withers:
The Best Of... Lean On Me
Live At Carnegie Hall [10.72]

WMMR Local Shots Vol. 1 - Various Artists

Stevie Wonder:
Music Of My Mind
Talking Book
Fulfillingness' First Finale
Songs In The Key Of Life (2 CD set)
Song Review: A Greatest Hits Collection (2 CD Set) *

Live @ World Cafe Vol. 26 - Various Artists

Wu-Tang Clan:
Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers *

Rain and Laura

Spreading The Gospel of Good Times (EP)


To The East, Blackwards

The X-Files:
Songs in the Key of X - Soundtrack *
The X-Files : Fight The Future - Soundtrack *
The X-Files : Fight The Future - Score

Hummin' Comin' At'Cha

Paparazzi (single)


Rachael Yamagata:
Live on KCRW (EP)
Loose Ends (EP)
Elephants... Teeth Sinking Into Heart (2 CD set)
Chesapeake (autographed!) ^
Heavyweight (EP)
Tightrope Walker ^

Walk Through Fire
Stand For Myself

Young Black Teenagers:
Young Black Teenagers *
Dead Enz Kidz Doin' Lifetime Bidz *

Young M.C.:
Stone Cold Rhymin' *

Jenny Owen Youngs:
Batten The Hatches
Transmitter Failure
An Unwavering Band Of Light
Slack Tide (EP) ^
Last Person [Live 2010] (EP)

Young Samuel:
Young Samuel (custom made CD-R)

Black Pearl


Zapp & Roger:
All The Greatest Hits

Pronounced Jah-Nay

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