Jumpin' In Leaves - November 2007

Last year I took a couple of really nice shots of Tristan playing in our ginormous leaf pile, so this year I upped the ante and even rolled video while I snapped a couple dozen hundred pictures. He's a bit more of a daredevil a year older, so there's more action, too.

He's still a righteous ham, so he'd stop about every 10 minutes and pause - and pose - and wait for me to take a picture of his severely fake smile. And he's in serious need of a haircut, too.

He swore he was gonna do a somersault into the pile, so he walked up to it and did this... stood there a second... got back up and said "no, I'm not".

Pause & pose.

It was all Tristan's idea - I swear! - to climb the tree and jump down into the leaves.

Earlier he had put his hat and gloves on a small branch up in the tree.



Jump again!

Pause & pose.

Jump again, again!

Pause & pose. Yes, that's actually a smile.

I love this one. Because of the angle of the photo and where his hat is and how small the branch is that it's on, this looks like it's flying off his head as he's jumping. Well, sort of.

I asked him to throw leaves up in the air about 27 times, and here's the best three.

*That* was a lot of leaves. Lovely shot.

Leaf angel. All him.

He told me he was gonna hang on the tree like a monkey. Not a bad impression!

Pause & pose.

Jump! From the ground floor this time.