Jeff & Cindy Oberlin - April 28, 2007 - Houston, TX

First, a small handful of pictures of my bro's wedding in Houston. I also added a bunch of official wedding photos at the end. All of the candid photos are by my mom - I didn't bring my camera because I was kinda in the wedding (usher) and I just wanted to chill with my baby the rest of the time. Mom got some good shots, though. We flew in Friday, barely made it to the rehearsal, stayed up too late at the rehearsal dinner (at Jeff's house) and got free accomodations (also at Jeff's house)! Weddding was Saturday and we flew back home right away on Sunday. Pretty quick trip, but a good time.

The day of the wedding, we had some time to kill - so we went to Johnson Space Center, home of NASA! Well, Mom and Dad and Heidi and I did. Steph wasn't feeling so hot, so she stayed back at Jeff's. Here's Heidi and me in front of some old-school rocket. It's big.

This is Dad, Heidi and me in the NASA tour tram. And some other lady in front of us.

Me and big Papa! All silvered up. Someday, I will look like I actually fill out a suit. What am I, a hanger?

I look much better without the flash on. This is my wife and I with Kenny Lynch, one of Jeff's old high school cross-country buddies. Steph was still chewing on dinner when mom started to take this picture and apparently could NOT wait for her to actually finish, hence her strange smirk.

Some strange reddish-orange mood lighting for this shot, and Steph is lookin' hot. With Heidi and Dad.

Steph was getting cold, so I gave her my suit jacket... and secretly got mom to take this incognito photo. And hey, there's Aunt Kay in the back/right with the purple get-up on! And yes, I even shaved for this event - with an actual blade, for the first time ever (because my electric razor battery died).

OK, finally... some pics from the photographer, totally gaffled online free of charge... so they're pretty low-fi, too. Laughlin Photography.

The guy taking the groom's side of the pictures was a real hoot. He was very much in awe of himself and his knowledge of Houston history and his own photography. And he got Jeff to do these awful, "look off into the distance" poses. Hilarious.


Groomsmen and ushers. A great group of guys. There are about 14 different versions of this same photo.

Somewhere in the middle of those, Jeff got a call from "the boss". We laughed.

There are about 17 versions of me & Jeff with our dad. This is the silliest. Or the only one not super serious.

We finally made it into the actual church and took about 6 dozen more pictures with the exact same groupings of people. I call this one "huge, smaller, smallest".

Then they let the girls in, so here's one with mom.

I call this one "anticipation" - and also the first appearance of my baby: the hot brunette, 3rd pew on the right!

Lovely shot of Cindy walking down the aisle, with the whole crowd.

Post-wedding, Jeff & Cindy with all the Oberlins that Texas would allow in for the ceremony.

Jeff & Cindy actually took a picture with every single person who came in to the reception, which must have been exhausting... but here's ours.

Sweet & sexy photo of Steph & I on the dance floor.

I had to include this one of my mom (lower right) doing the YMCA dance... and there's Heidi smack in the middle.

Let's end with the three bulls.