DMB - What Does It Mean?


What Does It Mean?

Disgruntled Meaty Bailbondsmen
Digested Month-old Bologna
Derelict Macho Baboons
Dank Monkey Booty
Delightfully Minty Boogers
Disturbed Midnight Bowlers
Doodoo Markings Bite
Depressed Maniacal Beekeepers
Damn Mute Beaurocrats
Dinky Moth Bowels
Dangerously Masochistic Beauticians
Deliciously Milky Boobies
Directly Mastichated Booties
Dutifully Mortified Bystanders
Dissatisfied Male Bonobos
Dookie Munching Billygoats
Discovering Man Boobs
Dumb Mushy Brocolli
Dulled Man-made Braincells
Docking Miscellaneous Boats
Dirty-ing Many Bathrooms
Delivering Multiple Booboos
Dialing Maligned Bones
Delectibly Miniscule Bikinis
Dismantled Miniature Boomerangs
Divebombing Maniacal Blue-jays
Disturbing Masturbatory Banter
Diluted Macaroni Backwash
Depressing Mongolian Bankers
Darned Male-pattern Baldness
Dancing Maraschino Berries
Dunking Marinated Basketalls
Doofus Mister Bloopus
Damaging Microcosmic Bongos
Dames Make Babies
Dude, More Booze?
Dolly Madison Bakes
Dark Maroon Bruises

Dave Matthews Band

Peace - Chris

(most of these were thunked up during late night IRC runs in '97 and '98)

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