The Dog's Eye View E-Mail Discussion List

"With a dog's eye view, it's a world full of hydrants..."

What is it?

Hydrants is an email discussion list for fans of the band Dog's Eye View. It is run by Coollist, which is a free email list server. Note: because of this, every post you receive will contain an advertisement at the end of the message. Don't worry, though, they're short.

Rules of this list : Will be made up as we go along. I don't want to say anything too crazy right away, but if some things get out of hand, actions will be taken. As of now, the list is unmoderated. I do have the option of moderating the list, though. And there is a digested option, but it's all or nothing, meaning all list members are either digested or not. Unless there is a large number of subscribers and a majority vote, this list will remain non-digested. It is always possible that coollist may improve their options at a later date so separate subscribers can make their own choice. If you have an email program that allows you to filter, you can use that, also. Just filter any email to hydrants@coollist.com into its own folder.
Also, from time to time I will make Administrative posts to the list. If you see a post from me with ADMIN : in the subject, it is *imperative* that you read it. It will contain something vital for all listmemebers!

Warning : I don't take any bullshit. If you're an ass, I'll delete you. You'll be given one warning and then after that, see ya. This is a list for discussion of DEV. Personal flames will not be tolerated. Period.

How do I subscribe?

There are 3 ways to subscribe:

1) Simply enter your email address in the form below and click on the button. However, this sometimes takes awhile (depending on the broswer or the traffic on Coollist.) If it works, you will be transported to a page that says you were successful in your request. Then you should hit Back on your browser to return to this page.

Enter your email address here:

2) You can also subscribe directly from the Coollist Home Page by entering the name of the list (hydrants) and your email address. Again, this depends on how the Coollist home page is acting at the time.

3) Or you can email me at oberlin@bucknell.edu with the subject "Sub hydrants" and I can add you. I cannot always add people right away, so this may take a day or two. I will always try to add you ASAP. This is a sure-fire method, however. You can always send me an email if the Coollist page is down or slow, and I can add you when it comes back up.

You will receive an email from coollist after your request, asking you to confirm. Simply reply to that message (without editing or typing anything additional) and you will then receive another message telling you that you are officially subscribed. However, if I add you myself, there is no need for confirmation because you are automatically subbed. You will receive a welcome message shortly thereafter.

How do I post to the list?

All you have to do is send an email to:


Make sure you spell coollist correctly, as that is often a problem. You have to be suscribed to post. No spam!
If you don't receive a copy of the email you sent within ten minutes after sending it, please be patient. Your mail will go through! Do Not send multiple copies. Coollist runs thousands of lists and sometimes return may be slow. The only way it will not be sent to the other list members is if you are not subscribed. If that is the case, you will receive a message telling you so.Please remember, I have nothing to do with Coollist, so I can't help it if there are problems with a post you sent. It sucks sometimes cuz it can be inconsistent, but it's free, so unless we cough up several hundred bucks for a better program, this is the best we can do...

I have no problems with people posting about things that don't necessarily contain actual DEV content. I've been a member of a zillion mailing lists and you can't cut it out completely and I wouldn't want to, anyway. Sometimes you might want to mention another band that DEV fans might like. Or something... but I do ask that if you make a post with No DEV content, to simply put that in the subject line of your post, so people who are strict and only want to read relevant posts can do so. Thanks.

Also, please note : on Coollist, all replies to posts go directly to the list. In other words, if you hit the R button to a post, you just created a post. Keep that in mind when you want to make a personal reply. You MUST change the "To:" in your message. Even though the post is "from" a specific person, any reply to that post will be made to the list.

How do I unsubscribe?

There are two ways to unsubscribe:

1) Send a blank email to unsubscribe@coollist.com and you will be sent another email that explains how to unsub. You just reply to that and tell them the name of the list.

2) Or you can email me at oberlin@bucknell.edu with the subject "Unsub hydrants" and I can delete you from the user list as soon as I can. Again, this may depend on the status of the coollist home page. Please be patient. There is currently no instant unsubbing.

Where do I go for other information?

For more info on Dog's Eye View, check out the groovy official page at http://www.dogseyeview.com
or check out some kick-ass unofficial pages:
Eric Tobias' DEV page : http://php.indiana.edu/~etobias/DOGS.html
Anothe Tribute to DEV : http://copper.ucs.indiana.edu/~akaszyck/owndog.html
And some concert photos : http://members.aol.com/KymAnn/dev.html

That's all I could find on the web, if you have something, let me know!

Who is the list administrator?

That would be me, Chris Oberlin. If you want to find out more about me, visit my homepage.
You can email me at oberlin@bucknell.edu.
There you go. Have a nice day. :-)

Just remember, I am by NO means a DEV expert... I just wanted to start a list. I hope to learn from everybody on this list and maybe add a little light myself. That's the idea, anyway. Should be fun!

1997 oberlin@bucknell.edu

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