Part 2

What we really came to the Carribean to do was relax, on the beach or at the pool. Being an island in the Carribean and all, they were up to the task. Dig the surroundings.

The water was great, though honestly I'm not much for ocean. Too salty, too wavey. Enough with the motion already, it takes more effort just to keep from choking. But it looks purty. And this is way cloudy, even.

They had loads and loads upon loads of beach activities... many were included with our "all-inclusive" ticket. The ones that weren't free were being peddled on the beach by every single person in town who wasn't already staying in our hotel. I swear. Every 5 minutes... no thank you! We did do the sea-kayak for a little while, and it was kinda fun.

Other than that, we just laid around and looked up and followed the sun under the palm trees so that I could be in the shade while Steph got a tan. Yes, I'm pale and fragile. We had to do that because those little beach huts that actually had some shade were totally hogged up by losers who would put half their hotel room on the chairs and then leave and go back to the bar or their room or wherever, and then come back later. Fuckers.

There were lots of palm trees on the beach.

Yeah, lots. I love how they curve outwards and upwards.

The weather was actually a little tempermental while we were there. I'm guessing this shot is "bad weather", technically. Oh, so overcast! eh? It rained a few times, mostly at night when we didn't want to be outside anyway, or early in the morning before we were alive. We didn't get wet much.

That's my gorgeous wife working on her golden skin.

Back at the beach, it's the Carribean with mostly European clientele, and all the chicks are topless. Some of them shouldn't be, but nobody cares. Steph was very excited. Here's proof that you're allowed to see that shows she joined in. No tan lines = nice.

On the other hand, I enjoy my tan lines. Dude, I told you I was pale. I had to buy those sunglasses that are on the table down there because I left mine at home. Who forgets their sunglasses when they go to the freakin' Carribean?

I enjoyed the pool very much. It felt great, was very well kept, and the water didn't move you. Steph shot these unbeknownst to me.

OK, I knew about this one.

Ping pong by the pool! How sweet is that? We did partake!

They even had these horrible, gaudy, late-80's dance lessons by the pool. We did not partake.


The following four pictures are painful. There was a "sports complex" area on the hotel grounds where they had a little soccer field, tennis courts, another ping pong table, and a miniature golf course. We tried to play some tennis but Steph didn't bring any real sneakers so they wouldn't let us on the court... so we went for the putt-putt and lasted about 2 holes before we had to bail. Just look at this poor, pitiful, all stone, no frill, super generic, crappy miniature golf course. It makes me cry.

Part Three!