The Songs : You Were There

*Finished* 1/02
Music (1/02) Words (12/01-1/02)

I am drowning in the colors of your ocean eyes and golden skin
and I can't help to say that you have been my favorite sin
how you came to me was like a dream and I can't wait to get to sleep
and all you gave to me that I did lose, now I choose to keep

You were there
she was not
after all
you were there

When I fall into the arms of you and see your face in candlelight
the shadows play with me and tell me that my choice was right
to be lost inside the eyes of someone I can't seem to get my fill
I find it hard to leave, I wanna stay and if I can I will

'Cuz you were there
and she was not
after all
you were there

You were there

* * *

Lyrics: sweet and sincere. and short.
Music: quiet and nice. and short.

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