The Songs : What If

*Finished* 5/99
Music (8-10/98) Words (10/98)

What if... you and I were cousins, would this kissing be cliche?
and what if the leaves were brown, year round, would the trees still be ok?
what if the things I needed to tell you,
I just couldn't bring myself to say?
hey, hey, hey...

I don't mind doing things that might be crazy,
it's alright by me...
yeah, its alright by me

But don't get the wrong idea, baby
I don't want to be more than you see...
more than what you see

What if... the skies were black with ashes from the eruption of my soul?
and what if you tried with all of your might but you still couldn't fill the hole?
what if the things I finally told you,
you just didn't want to believe?
It's all on me...

Do you think that you could take it, honey
cuz I don't ever wanna see you cry...
but is it worth the lie?

I may smile but I don't think it's funny
so let's not play those silly games...
there's no need to blame

But what if, what if...
what if, what if... (x3)

What if the consequences
were easier to see?
what if I was 16 again
and what if you were me?

Lights... down
eyes... red
lines... crossed
and no words said
silence... hurts
wounds... heal
pain... fades
but scars are real

* * *

The music to this song was discovered long before the words were. It's musically based on 3 different jams that I came up with, somewhat far apart. They just kinda luckily fit together... the intro riff is fairly mellow and kinda slow, while the main riff is really jammed and uptempo and the ending riff is almost ska-ish. I think it's really cool. The end of the song is finally actually done, and the completed song rocks out at just under 3 minutes even. Short, sweet and swingin'. It might be a tad repetitive because the main riff dominates the song, but it's way cool, so shut up. ;-)
Lyrically, this song is very much based on an experience I had. It's about something happening that maybe you didn't want to happen, and it did - but not that there's anything wrong with it. And the other person maybe wants it more than you do - and you subsequently struggle with coming to grips with the situation and dealing with it. Something like that. The little "consequences" lyric was added in August of '99.

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