The Songs : What About Now

Music (11-12/03, 1-2/04) Words (11-12/03, 1-2/04)
*Finished* 2/04

Never is the right time
she said "maybe later"
but what about now?
what about now
I am a man impatient
I know I can't out-wait her
what about now?
what about now

I sure as hell am ready
I just need a green light
what about now?
what about now
a perfect chance presented
everything does seem right
so what about now?
what about now

What about that promise?
and what about your word?
everything you say is suspect
as far as I have heard
what about this feeling?
and what about my pain?
all the blood is rushing down
but was it done in vain?

I don't want to waste your intention
but you taste like perfection
better than anything I know
so far from the preview
when my lungs begin to breathe you
no other place I can go

I know we don't get along
but we can still get it on
what about now?
what about now
tired of your disinterest
we might as well just end this
what about now?

* * *

Lyrics: don't be a tease. actually, let me clarify. this isn't a song about being in a relationship. not that knowing that would make it sound less cheuvanistic, but this is about being in a strictly physical relationship, specifically with someone you don't really like (and the feeling is mutual) but for whatever reason, the attraction is still there so you're kinda just going with it. but, then the other person (who was an initiator and just as interested in the activity as you!) got disinterested and became deceitful and full of crap and led the other person on a bit. ok, yeah. that's enough.
Music: fonky.

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