The Songs : West River Drive

*Finished 8/01*
Music (5-8/01) Words (6/5/01-8/15/01)

On West River Drive
I can't believe my eyes
everything I see
is right in front of me
in front of me

On West River Drive
the Schyulkill by my side
you inside my head
and everything's alright
it's alright

I take a right on Falls Bridge
closer to my home
and when I make it to Ridge
I'm almost not alone
I'm not alone

And I'll be
your connection
turn to me
I'll be the one to love you like you've never been

After all my time
lost inside my car
I finally did find you
to stay right where you are
right where you are

And you'll be
my selection
and I believe
I'll see the world in my life but through your eyes

And you changed
my direction
you are the light that shines through my clouded sky
to need you, no need to try

* * *

Music: Actually, this sorta started like the song That's What They Say. I was listening to a John Mayer song (Great Indoors) and trying to figure out how to mimic it. I wasn't succeeding, but whatever I was trying wasn't bad in its own right - hence this tune (after some royal messing around). It starts quite differently than it ends, as it has basically two halves - the progression goes : verse verse bridge1 verse bridge1 refrain verse bridge1 refrain bridge2 refrain. There isn't really a chorus, per se. Deal widdit, hah! Length tops out at around 4:50 (on the demo) - another marathoner!
Lyrics: The city of brotherly love inspired this song, which in turn developed into a story about another love, sorta.

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