The Songs : Ten Feet Tall

*Finished 2/00*
Music (1-2/00) Words (12/99, 2/00)

Sweet little thing
long distance fling
I have to scream, baby
you make me sing
out on the line
wasting time
just like a drug to me
you ease my mind

Craziness pays
in the strangest ways
when I just speak your name
I am amazed
could you and I
if we try
I can't foresee the future
just tonight

But I remain too much the same
for you to see the change
and every word that you haven't heard
is killing me to say

You're so sweet, but you're so small
you make me feel like I am ten feet tall
I have to worry about nothing at all
when I am with you I feel ten feet tall

Without a doubt
you turn me out
I'm wishing on the inside
to touch your mouth
just for awhile
to walk that mile
I'll show up at your door
to make you smile

But you deny that I might be right
and everything is fine
if I could be the man you don't see
then maybe you'd be mine

(repeat chorus)

* * *

Lyrics: It began as just kinda a nice little song about a special someone. Or something. Now, it's a story about overcoming shyness. Kinda like Jim Croce's "I'll have to say I love you in a song" thing. There's plenty of real-life inspiration throughout the song, but it's all over the place... nothing really specific is worth mentioning.
Music: It took awhile, but I finally got going with this one... it's kinda uptempo and funky. I have a verse and a couple bridges and a chorus, too. It's pretty much finished at around 3:50 long, no extra jammming. I really enjoy playing this one, it's very percussive.

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