The Songs : Stephanie Lynn

*Finished* 8/05
Music (7-8/05) Words (7-8/05)

Stephanie Lynn, how do I begin?
to define this love I feel within
I resign myself to you again
Stephanie Lynn

Stephanie Lynn, you came like the wind
all around you cause my world to spin
and I have found to be without you is a sin
Stephanie Lynn

If you do
I will
we can
bask in the thrill
Stephanie Lynn

Stephanie Lynn, I've tried to keep it in
but I defy you to remove my grin
you're the prize that I don't deserve to win
Stephanie Lynn

When you do
we will be
and they can
drown in jealousy


Stephanie Lynn
this much in love I've never been
if you were to leave
I'd die a man made of tin

* * *

Music: I envisioned this as sort of a jangly, country-ish, funky ballad. Yeah, right. Started on the chords after I got an idea for the verse vocals. Pretty straightforward and simple, a verse progression, a bridge and a pseudo-chorus, with a funked-out version of the bridge at the end. Barely over 3 minutes.
Lyrics: I had already thought about writing a song with Steph's name in the title - though it didn't occur to me it would work (lyrically/poetically) until I included her middle name, and that was after she told me I had to write a song using her name (sort of in jest, it was right after we heard the song Amie by Pure Prarie League). That got me re-thinking it, and this song happened. Nice little Wizard of Oz reference at the end, eh?

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