The Songs : The Sound Of You

*Finished 9/01*
Music (11/99, 1/00, 9/01) Words (10-11/99, 2-4/00, 10/00, 3/01, 9/01)

You used to brush your teeth, in rhythm to the songs on the radio
and every time you'd sleep, your breath whistled endlessly in the air
during sex you'd scream, loud enough for the neighbors to hear
and whenever you'd sing, your perfect pitch would ring in my ear

Climbing up my stairs, with every step I knew that it was you
if ever unaware, I'd find a gentle whisper to let me know
the timing of your sighs, the quietest of which I always heard
and the voices in your eyes, that told me everything without a word

I don't miss your attitude
or the way you always came off rude
admit this, I hate to
but I really miss the sound of you

But why can't I get you out of my head?
like a pop song, you're never dead
I recall every word you said
'cause you're so catchy
but you still couldn't catch me

In time, I'll forget your kiss
but your laughter is what I'm gonna miss
at last, it fell apart like this
you had to leave
and I had to believe
we were not what we need

The tide has finally turned, and we can rest assured it's for the best
if anything I've learned, to not forget to listen to myself

If you look at years past
we both knew we would not last
but 'til my days are through
I'll always hear the sound of you

* * *

Lyrics: This is kind of a nice (!?) little song about someone you don't really miss a whole lot, and maybe you have a little ill will towards!, but you remember certain things at certain times and are reminded of them by certain sounds. So there you go.
Music: This song has a cool little intro thingy, with single notes (which is loosely based on the verse riff). Then the verse riff is very... um, well kinda punchy. The first bridge is high and funky. Then there's a breakdown which is kinda slow, and then the verse bridge is pure pop genius. It's way strange to me that this song began in '99 and is only now finished in late 2001. That's probably why the parts are so different. It's also nearly 5 minutes long!

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