The Songs : Sooner Or Later

*Finished* 11/01
Music (5/99, 2/01, 7-8/01, 11/01) Words (6-7/01, 11/01; revised 1/02)

Sooner or later
I'm gonna be around
to try and take her down
to my deserted aisle

Sooner and later
she does the things to me
that you would not believe
and it forces me to smile

Sooner than later
there might just be a way
I'll find the guts to say
kept in secret for awhile

She keeps me warm, when I get cold
she keeps me young, when I feel old
and sometimes, she keeps me in line
but I don't mind, just as long...
as she keeps me

Sooner or later
what you begin to feel
turns into something real
it only does if it should

Sooner than later
I'll need to draw the line
that she'll begin to find
I was hoping that she would

Later than sooner
I think I'll figure out
what my life is all about
until then, you know it's all good

* * *

Music: probably the most ass-kickin' love song ever. This was begun on acoustic, was going nowhere, and found a new rockin' life on the electric and now it really cooks. It's complete with a mellow opera-type intro, which used to be the first part of Ish (an abandoned instrumental song). I thought this song would end up being short... it didn't. But it's very simple. Two rockin' tri-verses and an acoustic breakdown in the middle, intro'd by the opera-ditty from way back (I used to add the intro as an outro too, but that was overkill). aww yeah. Music finished the day after Thanksgiving, before the (other half of the) lyrics.
Lyrics: Revised lyrics changed some of the specifics (and the actual subject of the song) due to changed circumstances, and sorta re-revised them again when recording in Feb 2004. It originally acted as sort of explaining when I was going to propose to my then-girlfriend. it starts off with "take her down to my deserted aisle", a wedding reference.... and then there's the lyric where it says "there might just be a way I'll find the guts to say" - it actually used to be "there might just be a plan to ask her for her hand". heh. it wasn't necessarily true... and it didn't work out so well.

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