The Songs : My Sister And Her God

Music (12/02-1/03) Words (12/02-1/03)
*Finished* 1/03

Have you heard the one about my sister and her god?
she always seemed to think my viewpoint was flawed
her belief in him appeared to trump her faith in me
flesh and blood superceded by the unseen

Accusations in that condescending tone of hers
my conscious choice wouldn’t let her hear my words
a silent time and for a time, it only seemed to be
until his disease ended my silence for me

We all slip and fall
once in awhile
and do our best to help each other up
if we can
if we're around
if we care

Complications began to slowly take their toll
sensing the consequence, she even planned her own funeral
so keep all your holy bullshit about her winning some race
if I ever meet her maker, I will punch him in the face

mother of two
sister of six

Loving partner
loyal daughter
no reason for this

Faith tested
never faltered
don't understand it

I will
she's certainly missed

All fall down
wheels go round
all fall down
except for me

Have you heard the one about my sister and her god?

* * *

Music: some of it I really like, some is ok. The same riff is in the song and played three different ways. heh. I'm starting to repeat myself a little more than usual. time = 3:45
Lyrics: Need I say more? actually, yeah. there's a whole lot going on in this song. if I were you I wouldn't try to decipher it all at once. I have trouble, myself.

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