The Songs : Losing My Patience

Music (12/03-1/04) Words (5/03, 7/03, 12/03-1/04)
*Finished* 1/04

We've never met
but I'd bet you think you know me
better than my mother
and I guess that we both know that you'd be right
but I'm losing my patience tonight

Well it has been
about 10 years since 5 months ago
at least it seems to me
with everything I never knew I put you through
I'm losing my patience with you

And I know how much you hate it
when I ask you why you haven't written back
you say you just need a little
but all these things I always seem to lack
I've grown tired of this
I'm not tired of you
but if I can't command your full attention
maybe I'm not supposed to

I'm out of breath
what I have left is just a portion
and I still try to reach
but the color of your hand has turned to grey
your patience is slipping away

I thought we were doing just fine
I thought we were doing just fine

Nearly impossible to face it
I've resigned to embrace it
'cuz I, never thought that I would see
you, lose your patience with me

* * *

Music: One of those random things that ended up fitting with the lyrics. It's a groove. With some added funky stuff. Louds and quiets. Music and lyrics all finished 17 hours into 2004. Just barely over 3 minutes long.
Lyrics: About a friend I really miss. The unofficial sequel to Far Away.

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