The Songs : My Side Of The Story

*Finished 5/01*
Music (4-5/01) Words (4/14/01-5/13/01)

Could you be
as green as me
and take me down
to where I belong
can't you see
how easily
I'd be persuaded to
believe in you...

All my time is spent on thinking
how I could've done things differently with you
but you always end up drinking
away the pain
if you tell me what you've lost
I'll show you what I've gained

You leave out
you have doubts
that I could take a stand
to show I'm a man
I can't hide
my face inside
the well of your belief
'cause I'm not a thief

All these lies you keep speaking
condascend my own reality
but you always leave me blinking
my eyes in vain
if I tell you what I've done
will you bow your head in shame?

Have you seen my pride lately?
did you ever hear my side of the story?
the effort was clear, but you never came near
the words that got me here

I might die
but I should try
to prove my case
right to your face
Do you know
which way to go
to find your blood and flesh
'cause it's all a mess... to me
and as far as I can see
you'll always be less than free

After all, you keep sinking
deeper into the hole that is your grave
and I always end up leaving
with just my name
the hardest thing to find
is someone else to blame

Have you seen my pride lately?
have you ever heard my side of the story?
when your mind was set, I'll never forget
the words that got me here

Have you seen my pride lately?
did you want to hear my side of the story?
my instinct was dead, but you never said
the words that got me here

* * *

Music: Nothing spectacular... but I think it goes very well with the vocal arrangement. there are a couple nice little jammy sequences and neat bridges. I think. The end is at least definitely sorta cool.
Lyrics: yep. there are lyrics. took me awhile to figure out what I wanted the title to be. this is a long song, one of the longest in the catalog... a little over 5 whole minutes.

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