The Songs : The Monkey Song

*Finished* 6/02
Music (11/01, 6/02) Words (11/05/01, 6/13/02)

I wish I were a monkey
cuz monkeys swing in trees
they can do anything they wanna do
even pee on the people underneath

If I were a monkey
I tell you what I'd do
I'd run to the store and get a gun
cuz I got a lotta apes I'd like to shoot

But I am not a monkey
my big toe doesn't oppose
I gotta get a job and I gotta make money
cuz I gotta buy food and clothes

Some folks want to buy them
but monkeys make bad pets
they shit all over and chew on the sofa
and you end up having regrets

Swing around
off the ground
I wish I could, too
but you know
I can't go
I'm an ape to you

Do you wish you were a monkey
with a prehensile tail
you can swing from your ass with four hands to grasp
and never have to go to jail

If you were a monkey
I'd take good care of you
I'd give you bananas and carrots if you want 'em
and maybe some peanuts, too

But you are not a monkey
I thank my stars for that
cuz if you were bad I'd have to take my hand
and give your hairy ass a smack

I would never buy you
I'd want you to be free
because I believe in the call of the wild, baby
that's how it's gonna be

* * *

Lyrics: This song has probably been sitting in my subconscious for a few years, waiting for inspiration. I hung out with wild monkeys in Brazil and found some. Both verses (4 4-bar sections each) were written in one sitting in the middle of the forest, waiting on monkeys to show up. finally finished it with a middle lyric thingy 7 months later. kinda goofy, not too serious.
Music: slowly got started... sort of a verse progression. spent some time deciding if I even wanted to finish this song... figured I might as well, though it's short and quick, 2 minutes or so. got a little breakdown thing in the middle and not much else.

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