The Songs : Going To

*Finished 9/02*
Music & Words (8-9/02)

I've never been to Los Angeles
someday I'm going to
you haven't ever seen me lose my temper
one day you're going to
and I have never jumped out of an airplane
someday I'm throwing you
I'm throwing you

I can't say I've ever been complete
someday I'm going to
I've realized that I could never be yours
one day you're going to (too)
and I have yet to sink down to your level
and I hope I never do
I never do

I won't lie
I won't hide
I can't hide

I don't need to rule the world
but I would like to rule mine...

...And someday I'm going to
but you believe that I still cater to your whims
yeah, I'll see what I can do
just for you

I won't deny
I won't try
you can't slide
I don't mind

* * *

Lyrics: kinda sarcastically angry. sorta turned into a song about controlling your own destiny. nothing very specific.
Music: started about a day before the lyrics were, and completely not intended to be for this song - just some random thing. I had to change some chord lengths to make it fit. then a killer bridge. no chorus, really - just a few funky changes.

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