The Songs : Given

Music (5/98) Words (6/98)

I love the way you've
given me what I want and what I need
how I long to return
all of the things that you have given me

But I can't forget those
hurtful words that you said
the pain I feel inside me
is much more than I deserve to have

* * *

Not much to say, this was the first melody that I wrote on the guitar. It's really simple, and I had hoped to expand on it with some more parts and make it into a song, but it never grew. I'd been sorta half-singing those words along with the main melody, but that's as far as I got. They don't really mean anything specific, except for what they say on the surface. FYI, the music is all single notes, no chords here... It was never officially *finished* but I sort of like the brevity of it, now. I always said that it would end up as a last track or hidden song on an album, somewhere. Bingo.

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