The Songs : Feel Free

*Finished* 3/99
Music (2-3/99) Words (2-3/99)

You can feel free
to take what you want from me
and feel free
to leave me like I am
you've taken liberties
in saying what I want to hear
so keep me in the palm of your hand

You feel free
to stop yourself from giving in
and feel free
to not send me on my way
I try to drawn that line
to step into reality, but
you notice not what I say

I think you're the only thing I need
You hold my heart so tight I bleed
You can't conceive the way I feel
I can't believe you can't be real
I always seem to crash and burn
You wonder if I'll ever learn

I think you like to bring me down
You know you love keepin' me around

I feel free
to put you on that pedestal
but I don't feel the need
to see who you are
I think I know you so well
I could even love you
but I wonder how we've gotten this far

You wear that crown around your head
I worship on the ground you tread
I throw these roses at your feet
You tell me love's a one-way street
You say you want me in your life
I'm tired of hearing I'm so nice

These words are holding me down
All the while, the world keeps turning around...

* * *

Music: Believe it or not, the main riff was based on the bassline to a rap song by The Beatnuts called "Props Over Here". hehehe. I tried to copy the bassline, funked with it a little and said, hey... that's a fun riff. It could be a song! bada-bing. I added a *really* cool bridge and I have an end jam and pseudo-chorus as well. I began jammin' on it in mid-Feb and liked it so much and it just flowed, so I finished the damn thing in barely a month. This jammy jam runs about 3:45 long.
Lyrics: This is a song about being taken advantage of and being led on to falsely belive in something and not wanting to know the truth or being caught up in it. I had a couple people in mind when thinking about lyrics... and ironically, they both already have songs written about them. :-) The title is actually a play on words if you think about it.

The lyrics to this song were initially conceived on 2/25/99 and finished on 3/16/99.

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