The Songs : Watching The Clock

*Finished* 12/00
Music (8-10/00, 12/00) Words (8-12/00)

It's on the hour
I can wait forever
I sit and watch the moments as they tick by
my skin is humid
but your pores will never
get to taste the sweat that comes out of my eye

And it'd be easy
to leave and not look back
I forced myself to watch you
and this is how you react
and it'd be hard
to look me in the face
maybe I could change your mind
but that's not the case

It's a quarter after
and I'm losing time
but how do you expect you not to occupy my mind
and all is wasted
if I say nothing
all I can do is stare at you and think of another line

And it'd be right
to leave you to yourself
if only to fool me
like I have somebody else
and it'd be wrong
to try and keep you here
acting like a lion
dying to take my share

And it would be quicker
if I could just move on
put my tail between my legs
and admit I'm wrong
but it'll take longer
for you to be convinced
that I could give you all my love
you've just had a glimpse

And I see it's half past
as I watch the clock above
you pace around the room with my guts spilled on the rug
I plead my case
but it's much too late
'cuz either way it goes, you'll be gone by a quarter of

* * *

Music: Um.... shit happens, man. I just try to remember it. It's a pretty straight forward little tune. It's punchy... got a little breakdown and then a mellow 'chorus' - the little thing in the middle is pretty little. The song centers around the jammy verse riffs. Finished 12/29/00.
Lyrics: Reluctance is a good word. So is impatience. And maybe denial. Finished 12/16/00. Actually finished the lyrics before the music. Much more of a story than about anything specific.

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