The Songs : The Beginning's End

*Finished 11/99*
Music (11/99, 12/99 [intro]) Words (11/99)

The masses are caught in between
nature's rage and deadly machines
we mourn and another one crashes
before we can pick up the ashes

The menaces of the earth
are proving their worth

and I can't believe it
Can you see
the end is beginning now

There's no where to turn
children watch their heroes burn
and disaster comes faster
when the quiet outlasts the laughter

Slipping from the holds
we're losing our souls

All sides
and I can't believe it
the end is beginning now

Truth is
can you believe it?
Devil takes
a bow
the end is coming now...

Prophecies and falacies are one in the same
everybody's dying and crying God's name
allies and enemies opposed once again
no one to love, we lose in the end

It's true... but what can we do?

* * *

Lyrics: um... well, it's certainly only a complete coincidence that this apocalyptic song was written less than two months prior to the year 2000. Of course. This is actually a concerned effort on my part to write about something other than "relationship crap". it's kinda scary now that September 11th has happened.
Music: It just came to me... the chorus part, one night while in my car. I think. It's kinda chaotic sounding. Then I built the other parts around it (in quick succession). It was one of those that came together really quickly. Kinda eery, kinda spooky, kinda funky. It had pretty much been musically completed well before the lyrics were finished. Length - about 3:40. [an intro was added that was written post-song, 12/99. it's phab.]

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