The Songs : The Battle Of Wissahickon

*Finished* 6/02
Music & Words (?/00, 2/02, 5-6/02)

Years ago when I was young
I heard of how a war was won
far too many things gone wrong
love lost at the battle of...

She came with an army of issues and problems
concealed all too well in the bunkers of her head
tempered by the words of a general to her soldiers
leaving none behind and nothing left unsaid

He was none too pleased to be pulled into this war
but once it did begin he was eager for the fight
he enlisted everyone's advice that he thought of
but knowing only he could figure what was right

Love is war
and war is hell
I would like to know
if you could join me there as well

Taking full control of the battle as it raged
she outflanked him on the Ridge and took him by surprise
he brought refinforcements and started up a second wave
ready as he was to expose her disguise

When the fog had lifted the battlefield was vacant
each side claimed the victor but neither truly won
everything was lost, both batallions were depleted
the casualties were great but it was finally done

Love is war
and war is hell
I would like to know
if you could join me there as well

I recall the way it went
different than the way it is
what it came to represent
bigger than the rest of it
but I can't repent
and that, I don't regret

* * *

Lyrics: Love IS war. Title first (actually from Feb '02), then verses when I finally got around to working on it. Got most of the meat of the words during a trip from Philly -> Indiana.
Music: mostly very... strummy. and a wicked ending that goes all over the place and ends up in this coooooool thing that was written eons ago, which ended up being the intro as well. fits rather well. this is my epic... nearly 6 minutes in length.

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