The Tree Farm Sessions

Note: The master tapes of these recording sessions were lost in the fire on March 29, 2001. Fortunately, one copy of the sessions that included at least one good take of each song was made and recovered by the band (with special thanks to long-time fan Robin Will).

What started out as an initiative to record one song turned into an all-out, free-for-all, studio recording session that lasted nearly two weeks. These are the results...

Goosebumps *
She Looked At Me *
Far Away
That's What They Say
Difference of Opinion
What If
Up & Down
Times Like These *
(Location Change)
Small *
At The Half
Feel Free

Also included were an untitled partial new song (eventually part of Sooner Or Later) and a slew of DMB cover snippets (Help Myself, Crash, BOWA, Nancies, DIDO, STJL).

* With Vocals

Where: The Anderson Tree Farm - Vicksburg, PA & The Half - Lewisburg, PA
When: Tree Farm : July 30 - August 9; The Half : August 10 - 12 / 1999

A total of four hours of tape were used to record these 13 songs. A completed version of each song listed on the tracklist was recorded at least once - some songs were recorded multiple times. (The outtakes were intended for the box set). When funding was cut short (i.e. the Andersons came back home), the band had to move the recording to their home studio (The Half) to finish the last few tracks. All songs were recorded on a Sony 8mm camcorder in the living rooms of each respective studio, er... house. Copies of the sessions may or may not be available in the future. Check out the old sounds page to see what Tree Farm Session clips used to be offered (but are unavailable due to Yahoo! bullshit).