Old Gigs & Setlists

I played and sang Stephanie Lynn for Steph. It's her song. Pretty good take, too. Thankfully, she dug it.

Two complete songs, with vocals, live, with an audience of one.

Lightning Strikes Twice
Watching The Clock

Warming up for the first live gig, coming soon...? Chances are good.

Sometime in August 2003, 2 songs with vox were played live @ Rock Spot for another audience of one (a different one). I believe the two songs were Goosebumps & Lightning Strikes Twice, maybe.

HUGE down HERE rocks out, for real. Complete with-vocal performances of two HdH tunes, plus partial with-vocal renditions of a few others, and some instrumental takes of several other originals and covers mark this seminal day in HdH history. December 28, 2001 @ Michelle's Montrose in Fort Wayne, IN.

Goosebumps *
Ten Feet Tall *
The Sound Of You
West River Drive
Watching The Clock
plus several HdH and cover song instrumentals
* complete vocal version

HUGE down HERE played a very short, unscheduled, informal, instrumental, inconsequential opening set for two people prior to Granian's set on December 12, 2001 at The Fifth Row in Philadelphia, PA (yeah, that's my house). The set included :

Family Tree
My Side Of The Story
old jam (untitled)
Day Tripper (The Beatles)
Help Myself (Dave Matthews Band)
Oh, Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison)
Stand By Me (Ben E. King)

Please check back later when we get some real gigs! Thanks.

However, you can still check out all the songs listed from the Tree Farm Sessions of 8/99.

And here is a pathetic list of songs as HdH were in the process of putting together a tracklist to a demo tape that never happened. Side Doesn't Matter - circa 11/4/98 :